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Second Chance At Marriage. PS: I Still Love My Husband

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Reema
  • Chapters: 14
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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(RATED 18+) I had a perfect life until I did not. Being married to Lucas was everything I had always wanted until Derek came along. Derek was yet, another thing I wanted. Choosing between Lucas and Derek was a hard choice but I made my decision ever so easily and I regretted it just as quickly.

Chapter 1 Introducing Macie Cornfield

A/N: This is not like your regular and extremely long novels. This is a short novel with about 50, 000 to 60, 000 words count (I am not sure yet). Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it!



My name is Macie Cornfield and I am 24 years of age. I am a mother of two sons who have- had- two different fathers. You see, my life has not really been the one I had imagined it to be. I had a perfect life at first, yes, but it all changed a few months ago. How? I am about to show you.


Finally, the house is free and back to the way it has always been. It has been a month since I gave birth to Caleb and for the whole month, Lucas's mother has been here to support and help in taking care of the child.

Sincerely, I believe she just does not trust that I would be able to take care of the child properly and I slightly agree with her. This is my first time giving birth, this is my first time having a child and that is normal, considering the fact that I got married to Lucas early last year.

"How is he?" I asked Lucas as he walked out of the baby's room.

"Asleep," he replies as he walked into the kitchen.

I let out a sigh before taking my seat on one of the couches in the sitting room. Lucas and I are not the rich married couple but we are pretty okay.

I work as a teacher in an elementary school while Lucas works on small building contracts. He keeps telling me these days that the contract he recently got was going to change our lives for the better and I am looking forward to it.

"Here," Lucas says to me and I snapped out of my thoughts to look up at him. He has a cup of water stretched towards me and a smile immediately appeared on my face.

"Thank you," I say as I collected the glass of water from him.

"Mm," he replied positively with a smile on his face before taking his seat next to me on the couch.

I drank a little bit of water from the glass before dropping the half-filled glass of water on the center table. I shifted away from Lucas on the couch before lowering my upper body to lay my head on his lap.

His fingers pressed a few strands of my hair behind my ear lightly and I turned my head up to look at him. I missed him.

"I miss you," I finally let out. Ever since I gave birth to Caleb, we both have been focusing on the little child.

It's been a month and I believe we are getting back to the way we were sooner, just with a child. But still, we could always be the sweet married lovers we had always been.

"I miss you too," Lucas replies as he dropped his right hand lightly on my left cheek and strokes my left eyebrow with his thumb. I smiled sweetly at him and he smiled back. His head drooped low as he placed a kiss on my forehead and my smile broadened at his simple gesture.

"I love you," I whispered passionately to him, and his head raised to look into my eyes.

"And I love you too. Always," he replied and I chuckled.


We had dinner and Caleb woke up at some point. I fed him breast milk and when he was full, he went back to sleep. I placed him gently in his crib before making my way back to me and Lucas's room.

Lucas is lying down on his back on the bed while he typed away on his phone. I made my way into the bathroom and had a quick shower.

I got back into the room, just as Lucas places his phone down on the bedside table. I walked to the wardrobe and got into my nightwear before going to join Lucas on the bed. He turned to lay on his side as he faced me and I smiled at him.

"Do you remember that contract I talked to you about?" He asked and I gave him a playful roll of my eyes.

"The one that is going to change our lives forever?" I asked sarcastically and he chuckled.

"I am serious, it would" he replied and I nodded and chuckled.

"I know, I am only playing around with you," I told him as I dropped my left hand on his right cheek.

"Well, we are making progress with it already," he stated and I groan.

"What?" He asked with surprised eyes.

"Why wouldn't you tell me what the contract is about?" I asked, faking a pained expression.

"You will see, it's a surprise," he replied with a sigh and I rolled my eyes again.

"After everyone has seen and known about it? I don't like that," a true frown came onto my face this time around and I looked away from Lucas's face.

He pressed my face back down lightly so that I am looking at him. His face moved forward until his lips touched mine. His kiss is so feathery, it went as soon as it came.

"You are so childish," he commented with a grin on his face. His face is so close to mine, I can feel my cheeks getting hot. God, it is like I am falling in love once again.

"Oh really?" I whispered back and he nodded. I moved from my position in a swift movement and landed on his lower abdomen.

I lowered my upper body to his and gave him a deep kiss like my life depended on it. Lucas is quick to react to the kiss- one of the things I like about him. Our kiss became fervent and dangerous and I felt that want in between my thighs. I broke our kiss as I breathed heavily and went for his cheeks. I kissed his cheeks, his neck, and his collarbone as my hands roamed all over his body.

My hands went down to his abdomen and I pushed my hands under his top. His bare body feels so warm against my skin. God, it's been long since I felt his bare body against mine but that's not what I want. I want something much deeper than this, more dangerous than this. I kissed his lips again before moving my hands lower on his body.

My right hand fingers raised the band of his shorts and I sighed in contentment into his mouth. My hands were about to travel lower when Lucas's left hand suddenly came on my right hand, stopping my movement. I raised my lips from him as I searched his eyes.

"Do you want to do this?" He asked and I nodded immediately.

I dropped my lips back on his again as I continued with my hand and he stopped me- again.

"Are you sure?" Lucas asked and I groaned.

"Yes," I replied before tugging his hand away and pushing my hand into his shorts. He is bare underneath. My fingers grazed lightly on one of his balls and his voice came again.


"What?" I asked in frustration as I pushed my hand out of his shorts. My hands dropped on his stomach as I raised my upper body from his.

"I am worried," he says, raising his body slowly. I ended up sitting on his lap while his body was raised a bit from the bed.

"I don't understand," I replied with a confused look on my face.

"You only just gave birth not long ago, does it not hurt?" Lucas asked and I got more confused.

"Does what not hurt?"

"Your-," he trailed off as his eyes looked down at that part in between my legs and I finally understood what he meant.

"Oh, you sweet thing," I replied proudly with a grin on my face as I kissed him.

"Macie," his voice was a little bit strong and I was starting the get annoyed.

"I want this, okay?" I replied with a frown and he sighed in defeat.

"Now, make me feel loved," I demanded in a playful tone and Lucas chuckled before descending his lips on mine.

Lucas and I made wild love that sent the bed creaking loudly that night and I enjoyed every bit of it. I missed it- doing it with him- and I was very well satisfied.

Now, the morning after brought different news.

* * *

Chapter 2 Ache In Between My Legs

MACIEI awoke, feeling a harsh ache in between my legs. I looked to my side and Lucas was no longer on the bed. I pushed the duvet away with my hand before turning my body, so my feet were almost touching the wooden floor. The door to the bathroom clicked open and I looked up to see Lucas walking out of the bathroom in a bathrobe. "Hey, good morning," he greeted me with a smile on his face as he walked over to where I was. He kissed my forehead, then my lips and I forced a smile. "Good morning," I replied as a sigh escaped my lips. Lucas stood rigid in front of me for a short while before his ever so caring voice asked, "Are you okay?" "Yes, I am fine," I said immediately as I pushed the bed down with both hands and stood up from it. "Pstt," I hissed sharply when that pain came in between my legs again. "You are not okay!" Lucas's voice is worried this time around. His h


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