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  • Author: Reema
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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(RATED 18+) "Veronica is pregnant!", Mother said loudly I stopped dead in my tracks. The realization of that hit me suddenly like I was unaware of it before. "Your younger sister, Veronica is pregnant, Adele! She is", mother said the last two words in a very soft tone I turned my head to look at her. I s*ck*d in a very sharp breath, trying to keep myself in control and perfect order as I turned to face mother and spat those words out. "I am not getting married. I am not getting married to someone I do not know. No, that is not going to happen", I said very clearly this time and I saw a tear drop from my mother's right eye. "Do you not get it? You have no choice in this. You have no say in this!" "And I wonder why that is", I replied with gritted teeth as I glared at mother murderously. ----------------- Adele Woods; a despaired, pessimistic and brokenhearted lady found herself agreeing to an arranged matrimony after much persuasion and convincing talk from her parents, especially her mother. She had no say in it and that made her angry. Being a rebellious person, Adele refused to even take a look at her betrothed's picture. She had a thought on her mind. Her husband would want one thing from her; to procreate. And that is one of the things she would never do. But is it possible? When her husband is Christopher Marvin; a young, handsome man who would do no other thing than to make her laugh. He was the most flirtatious, lively, cheerful, and manly person she has ever met. He was definitely not what she imagined her husband to be like. Will Adele be able to pull herself out of her 'annoying' marriage? Or will she find herself changing because of a certain hot man?


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