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Kannah Chatriz is a simple girl who grew up in an orphanage with her best friend, Soraya. When she met Luther, she thought he would provide the happy and harmonious family she had always dreamed of. However, her ordeal only began when she married Luther. He divorced her after he got his inheritance and her liver - for free. She thought that once he agreed to divorce Luther, she would be able to move on, but she didn’t when he found out that she was pregnant with his child. In order for her and her child to survive, she thought of a way. She seduced Luther’s uncle, Richwealth Morada, and became Mrs. Morada in no time. But as time goes by, Kannah falls in love with Richwealth for his kindness and understanding. But she didn’t realize that her love for him would complicate more things. Will Kannah succeed in her revenge? Will she be able to escape from Richwealth and achieve her wish of having a happy and complete family?

Chapter 1

“RAYA, look! Luther Myles is the new cover of Bachelor’s Magazine as one of the most eligible bachelors in the country!” Kannah said over the video call.

Luther Myles, aside from his good looks, he also received his broker’s license this year and works for a real estate company start-up called Myles’ Homes.

She saw him one time at the restaurant where she used to work, and she was starstruck by his physical appearance. He even defended her from a rude customer who insulted her before.

So, from then on, she started collecting magazines and newspapers where he was featured. But Luther Myles already has a girlfriend. Nevertheless, she continues to admire him.

“My gosh, KC! You spent your money again on another magazine?”

“Hey! This is not just a magazine. Can’t you see? It’s Luther Myles! He’s my knight shinning armor.”

Soraya shook her head on the video. “What so special about him that you’re so obsessed with him?”

Kannah prepared herself while talking to Soraya because they needed to open the cafe early where she worked since it was a holiday. “Aside from his good looks, he’s also a gentleman, a hardworking and a kind man.”

“But he’s taken, right?”

“I know! I’m just admiring him, okay? I know that he will never like someone like me.”

“Hey! You’re too harsh on yourself. You’re beautiful inside and out, okay?”

“Yeah. Yeah. I’m off to work. I’ll see you later, okay? Bye!” Kannah said as she ended the video call when she saw that she was running out of time for her work.

And she doesn’t want to hear all sorts of negative comments about Luther from her friend.

She also placed the magazine in her bag so she could read it during her break later. She looked at herself in the mirror one last time and decided to leave her rented apartment after ensuring everything was in order.

“KC! Table 2, please!” one of her co-workers instructed as he handed the tray to her.

She works at a coffee shop as a waitress.

“Right, away, Richard!” she said and was about to deliver the order when her attention was caught by a suspicious man.

He was wearing a black hoodie and a black cap. She also noticed that he was glaring at the old man at table 2, where she was supposed to deliver the orders. Her eyes widened when she saw the man pulling out a knife and slowly approaching their customer. Without hesitation, Kannah acted swiftly, positioning herself to protect their customer, and the next thing she knew, she woke up in the hospital.

“How are you feeling, Ms. KC?” the old man asked the moment she opened her eyes.

“S-Sir? Y-you were one of our customers a while ago right?” she asked, not minding her situation.

“Yes, indeed.”

“A-are you okay, Sir? Did the culprit—”

“You have nothing to worry about because the culprit is now in jail.”

Kannah was about to get up when she remembered that she still had work at the cafe, she knew she wouldn’t be paid if she stayed longer in the hospital.

“Ouch!” she groaned when she felt a sudden pain in her belly.

“Hey, don’t move. You should rest. The stab wound was quite deep,” the old man said.


“If you’re worrying about your work, I settled everything. I asked my secretary to get your belongings from the restaurant so you can rest. Don’t worry about your salary, I’ll cover it until your wound heals. I owe you my life, so let me help you.”

“T-thank you, Sir.” The old man smiled.

At least, even though she was hurt, something good still happened on that day.

“It’s nothing compared to what you did to me.”

A moment of silence enveloped them until Kannah noticed the old man’s peculiar gaze directed at her. It wasn’t romantic, but it seemed like amazed or something like he recalled a happy memory from his past.

“What’s wrong, Sir? Is there something on my face?” she asked.

“Oh, sorry! Did I make you uncomfortable?”

She shook her head. “No! I’m just curious. You look happy.”

“Oh, am I that obvious?”


“Well, ahmm... Do you happen to know Elizabeth Jones?” he finally asked.

She frowned. “No, Chairman. Actually, I don’t know who my parents are. I grew up in an orphanage.”

The old man’s emotion changed abruptly after hearing her answer. “Oh, I thought you’re related to her because you’re quite similar to her.”

“Really? Was it your wife, Sir?”

“No. My first love. We didn’t end up together because her parents wanted someone else.”

Kannah could sense the regret in his voice.

She was about to say something when the Chairman’s right hand entered.

“Chairman, here are Ms. KC’s belongings that you asked me for.”

“Thank you, Walter. You may now leave. Just wait me outside.”

The man just bowed his head and left.

The old man was about to hand Kannah’s bag when suddenly the magazine fell out of her bag. The old man picked it up and saw the man on the front page.

“This guy in the magazine, are you admiring him that’s why you bought it?” Kannah nodded.

“That guy is my inspiration. He’s the reason why I wake up every day. He became my knight and shining armor when one of my customers insulted me back then. Why, Sir? Do you know him?”

“Well, he’s my grandson.”

Kannah’s eyes widened in surprise. “C-Chairman Myles?”

The old man smiled and nodded while Kannah’s face turned red.

So that’s why he’s kind of familiar to him. She also read one of the magazines she collected about Chairman Myles.

She covered her face with her hand. “My gosh! This is so embarrassing, Chairman Myles.”

Chairman Myles laughed. “It’s okay, KC. You wanna meet him? I can arrange a candlelight dinner for the both of you if you want.”

“Ahm... I-I don’t think it’s a good idea, Chairman. He’s taken and others might misinterpret it. Being with him in a photo will do.”

“Okay! If that’s what you want.

One week later...

“RAYA, you wouldn’t believe this! Chairman Myles gave me a VIP ticket for the Cosmo Fashion Show next week. I will finally meet Luther!”

Soraya snatched the ticket. “Really?!”

“I used to dream about watching Cosmo Fashion Show, but now it’s finally happening, and I even get a bonus. I’ll get to watch it with Luther,” Kannah said, daydreaming.

“I think, you better not go.” Kannah looked at Soraya, disappointedly.

Kannah’s mood changed abruptly. “Why not? Aren’t you happy for me?”

Soraya returned the ticket to her. “Of course, I’m happy for you, but I feel something is off.”

“I can’t miss this, okay? I’ve been wanting to attend this. This is my dream. I’m just watching this online.”

“I know! But I’m not really worried about the fashion show itself, but more about Luther. You know that he’s in a relationship right now, what if he ignores you? What if his girlfriend gets jealous, huh? Do you want to get bald?” Soraya said, worriedly.

“Amira? Will get jealous of me? No way! She is undoubtedly more beautiful than me. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

Soraya rolled her eyes. “Alright! Just text me if something unusual happened, okay?”

Kannah just gave her a nod and a thumbs up.

Another week had passed, the Cosmo Fashion Show arrived and Kannah didn’t expect to be seated next to Luther in the VIP section.

She was even surprised when he suddenly struck up a conversation with her. “Kannah, right?”

“Y-yes!” her hands are sweating for pete’s sake.

“I heard about what you did for Grandfather, and I’m extremely grateful for what you did, so I hope you enjoy this Fashion Show.”

“I will, t-thanks!” she said shyly.

“Luther Myles? Oh my gosh! Is that really you? Can I have a photo with you?” the woman asked who was sitting behind them.

“Sure! Come on.” Luther agreed as he stood up.

The woman glared at her. “Can you move?”

Kannah stood up but the woman didn’t wait for her to move. She rudely pushed her shoulder, making her lose her balance.

“KC, are you, alright?” Luther asked as he helped her stand up.

“Y-yes, I’m fine. Go ahead, have a photo with her.”

“She’s right, Luther.” The woman prepared her phone as she began counting. “One. Two. Three. Smi—”

“No!” Luther said and moved away from the woman.

“You don’t deserve a photo with me,” he added.

The woman crossed her arms. “Why not?!”

“Because you’re being rude to my friend.”

The mean girl scoffed. “This girl is your friend?” She looked at her from head to toe. “I thought she was just a fan.”

“Well, she’s not just a friend. Her name is KC. And she is a very special friend, so you better stay away from us!”

The girl rolled her eyes and walked out.

At that moment, Kannah felt like she was in the clouds. She never expected that Luther would come to defend her for the second time.

“Hey! Why are you crying? Are you sure you’re okay?” Luther asked after the fashion show.

“S-sorry. I just couldn’t help but get emotional. I still can’t believe that I got to watch the Live Cosmo Fashion Show.”

Kannah wiped her tears with her hands. “This had been my dream. I had been dreaming of being here. And now, it has come true. You know that feeling? I’m so happy.”

“Yes! I can see it in your eyes that you’re happy.” Luther took out his handkerchief from his pants pocket and handed it to her. “Here, wipe your tears.”

“T-thank you,” Kannah said but before she wiped her tears, she smelled it first. God! The scent was so manly.

“I’ll just return your handkerchief once I’ve washed it.”

“No need. It’s yours now.”

“Thank you!” she said as she looked around.

“People are starting to go home. I need to head back as well. Thank you for accompanying me here. I thought I would feel out of place, but I didn’t because of you.”

“Actually, I’m heading home too. Would you like to ride with me? It’s late, and it’s difficult to find a cab now.”

“Really? Won’t I be bothering you?”

“No, I told you, didn’t I? This is the least I can do for what you did for Grandpa.”

Kannah smiled. “Okay.”

“WHAT happened? You seemed upset,” Kannah asked when they got stuck in a traffic jam.

“It’s Amira. We had a fight. She saw me on TV with you and she felt embarrassed in front of her friends. She’s blaming me for inviting you here instead of her.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know you had a fight because of me.”

Luther held her hand. “You didn’t do anything wrong, KC. Don’t feel guilty because I invited you here to come with me as my way of saying thank you for saving my Grandpa.”

“It’s not a big deal.”

“But it means a lot to me. You didn’t hesitate to sacrifice your life for someone you’re not even related to,” Luther said without breaking his eye contact with her.

Kannah smiled. Her heart is pounding so fast. It feels like she’s dreaming. Amira is so lucky to have this man in her life. Kannah hopes that she also finds a man who will love her like Luther.

“Thank you for coming with me again, KC. I hope you enjoyed the show earlier,” Luther said after he opened the passenger seat door for her.

“Yes! I really enjoyed it. Thank you!”

“You’re welcome. I have to go.”

Kannah nodded.“Drive safely.”

Luther waved at her before he started the engine.

Kannah was about to go inside her apartment when she saw a familiar girl, making out with a guy inside the car, parked across the road.


“I SHOULD really tell Luther that Amira is cheating on him before it’s too late,” Kannah said after showing Raya the video she took the night she saw Amira in front of her apartment.

“Stay out of it, KC! I know he’s the love of your life but it’s their problem. You will be the bad guy if you tell him the truth,” Raya explained while eating pizza.

“I get your point. That you only want to protect me, but Luther is already my friend.”

“So, are you trying to say that your concern for him is now more important to you than my concern for you?”

Kannah put her arm on Soraya’s shoulder. “Raya, you know that you are more important to me, but this is a different matter when it comes to Luther. His happiness is at stake. It doesn’t seem right for him to live in deceit.”

She also filled her glass with juice. “My conscience will hunt me if I won’t tell him something I know will affect his life. I can’t sit still and do nothing. Especially now that I know what kind of woman that girl he wants, so Luther deserves to know the truth,” she reasoned out.

Soraya rolled her eyes. “Whatever, KC! Do whatever you want. What’s the point of my words if you won’t listen to me anyway?”

Kannah hugged her. “Just understand me, okay?”

Soraya didn’t respond, she just finished her drink instead.

After their conversation, Kannah received an invitation from Chairman Myles’ seventieth birthday. Kannah hesitated at first because she couldn’t buy any present, but the Chairman insisted that she still come, emphasizing that her presence was more important than any gift. Kannah also thought that it would be the perfect time for her to tell Luther the truth.

“Happy birthday, Chairman! Sorry if I didn’t bring any gift for you,” Kannah greeted as she hugged Chairman Myles.

“KC, presence is more important than a present, so come inside and enjoy the party. Make yourself feel at home.”


Kannah didn’t finish her gratitude when their attention was diverted to the commotion inside Myles’s mansion.

“What’s happening here?” Chairman Myles asked when they saw Luther and Amira had a fight.

“Is there something you wanna tell me, huh, Mira?” Luther asked his girlfriend without minding his grandfather’s question.

Amira rolled her eyes. “My god! Luther, I’m not a psychic!”

“Who’s the man you were kissing last night?”

Amira was stunned while Kannah covered her mouth in shock.

Luther was already aware of the scandal?

“Oh my gosh! Amira made out with someone last night?”

“So, embarrassing!”

Whispered by some of the guests.

Luther pointed a finger at her. “Someone saw you last night, so don’t try to deny it.”

“Luther, I was with my friends the whole night. Whoever told you that, then they’re lying!”

“Oh, really? Then how will you explain this?” Luther shows the video from his phone.

“That’s not me, okay?” Amira denied.

“Maybe it’s just edited or something,” she added.

“Stop fooling me, Amira! How could you do this to me?!”


“Two years! I’ve been faithful to you for two years! And for what?! I thought you were serious with me?”

Amira stayed silent.

“Do you know that I was supposed to propose to you now? In front of Grandpa?”

Amira tried to hold Luther’s hand but he didn’t allow her. “Babe... Babe... I-I will marry you. Let’s just forget about the video. That’s nothing, okay?”

“No! You’re nothing to me now, Amira. No proposal will happen because I’m already done with you!”

“I’m sorry, babe! I’m s-so sorry...” Amira sobbed.


“I’m sorry, okay?”

“No! Because we're done! I’m breaking up with you!”

Amira held onto his arm and pleaded. “N-no, babe! Please, don’t do this to me... I’m begging you... I don’t want to break up!”

Luther didn’t listen to Amira and just walked out.

Kannah chased after him.

“Luther, wait!”

Luther looks back at her. “I want to be alone, KC.”

“O-okay. But if you need someone to talk to, I’m just right here.”

Luther was about to go when he came back and dragged Kannah to his car. “I changed my mind. Come with me.”

Luther brought her to the nearest beach resort.

“I’d been blind for the longest time,” Luther said while having a drink with her by the seaside.

“Actually, I don’t understand Amira at all. You’re good-looking, and you love her so much. I don’t know why she’s not contented with it.”

Luther bought a can of beer and drank it. “I don’t know where did I go wrong.”

“Hey! You didn’t do anything wrong, okay? You’re giving her love more than you should. If she didn’t see it, then something was wrong with her.”

Luther looked back at her and the familiar feeling was there again. The way he looked at her, it was like a knife, piercing through her heart. Until their lips touched.

The night where everything began. Kannah just woke up one day, and he was already her boyfriend.

Chapter 2

“SERIOUSLY?! Are you out of your mind, KC? You’ve only known him for six months, and you’re already getting married?!” Soraya, Kannah’s best friend, reacted when she gave her the wedding invitation.“Raya, you can’t blame us if we don’t want to let go of each other,” she replied.“But don’t you think you’re rushing things too much?!”Kannah smiled and looked at the sky. “Timing doesn’t matter when it comes to love. Besides, he’s really a great guy. He accepted me even if I didn’t have anything to offer.”“And that’s what I’m worried about! I feel like something is wrong.”She frowned. “What do you mean?”“In dramas, when a rich man falls in love with a poor woman, the whole family of the guy is against it,” she explained.“Then stop watching dramas from now on because this is the reality. And my reality turned out like this! The total opposite of the dramas you’ve watched,” she proudly said.“Raya, his mother is very kind to me. And his sister, she se


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