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Bound By A Red Thread
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Meredith, a new member of a Cooking Club, has grown up always feeling like she is waiting for someone. Being plagued by sad dreams that always left her waking up with a wet face, fear of loud noises, and a birthmark on her temple, she has always felt as if she is missing someone. Randall, her classmate and the new member of the BSU Swimming Club, has also spent his life looking for someone whose faces he cannot recall. Until fate brings them together due to some circumstances that force them to pretend to fulfill Don Warrick dying wish which is a fixed marriage. Meredith accepted it because her mother wanted her to get marry as soon as possible for reasons she didn’t know and at the same time, to pay off all the debt left by her late father. And Randall to get its inheritance. The pretense that led to a beautiful love story. But when they finally love each other, their bad dreams about the two people they've been looking for for so long will disturb them. Would Meredith and Randall accept it if they knew that the person closest to them was the root of the tragedy in the past?

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Kannah Chatriz is a simple girl who grew up in an orphanage with her best friend, Soraya. When she met Luther, she thought he would provide the happy and harmonious family she had always dreamed of. However, her ordeal only began when she married Luther. He divorced her after he got his inheritance and her liver - for free. She thought that once he agreed to divorce Luther, she would be able to move on, but she didn’t when he found out that she was pregnant with his child. In order for her and her child to survive, she thought of a way. She seduced Luther’s uncle, Richwealth Morada, and became Mrs. Morada in no time. But as time goes by, Kannah falls in love with Richwealth for his kindness and understanding. But she didn’t realize that her love for him would complicate more things. Will Kannah succeed in her revenge? Will she be able to escape from Richwealth and achieve her wish of having a happy and complete family?


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