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*COMPLETED* Rated 21+🔞🔞🔞 Sara, an ordinary college girl, was forced to marry Adrian, the heir to the largest mafia group, in order to pay for her parents' debts and her grandfather's surgery. Adrian's father offered Sara her freedom and the cancellation of her contract if she lived with Adrian for 30 days and neither of them fell in love at the end. Adrian was a handsome, domineering and strange man who set four rules for Sara, and if Sara broke one of them, then Adrian had the right to claim a part of Sara's body and use it. In the process of breaking the rules over and over again, Sara reaped pleasures she had never experienced before.

Chapter 1

“Find him and bring him here!” Bryce thundered to the men in black, and they scurried away like little squirrels. I flinched at his voice and raised my head a little. I stole a glance at him, and my blood ran cold. Suddenly, I couldn’t recognize him anymore. Bryce, my father-in-law, just didn’t look like the helpless, handsome man I saw a day ago.


I had never seen this version of him. I looked around and wasn’t oblivious to the numerous pairs of eyes on me. Yes, I could see the invisible question marks on their heads, but I too didn’t have answers to some of their questions.


“Oh my, was she so horrible that she had to stand up on her wedding day?” I heard someone say, It was as loud as a gong, but only to my ears, I guess. I turned my head in the direction of that whisper. It was an older woman talking to her friend. To be honest, I never dreamed of having to be dressed in the most beautiful wedding gown I have ever seen, only to be stood up by my groom. It was not part of my plans, but life has a way of overturning our plans.


“Mr. Gilbert, if your son doesn’t arrive any moment from now, I’m afraid I will have to call off the wedding,” the priest said to Bryce. Bryce walked to the priest smiling, but the look I saw on his face was that of horror. 


Something was wrong. I looked down at Bryce’s trousers, and my eyes caught a gun hanging down. I froze. He wouldn’t. Bryce wouldn’t even try it. It wouldn’t be right. I thought to myself, but at the same time, what has been right since I came into this church? If the priest was threatened with a gun, what would be my case if I made the wrong move? He would probably blow my brains out. I shuddered at that thought.


“Just what have I gotten myself into?” I remembered when I had agreed to get married to Bryce’s son. I looked from left to right. Maybe there was a secret door or something, but there was none. Deep down, I prayed that Adrian wouldn’t show up. Maybe I don’t need to marry him, as he doesn’t want to get married either, but one look at Bryce told me otherwise.


Bryce was the one who called the shots here, and from our earlier conversation, I dared not run from our agreement. “Sara?” I turned to find Bryce staring at me with a soft expression on his face. “Do you need to sit? Do you need anything to eat?” he asked as he examined me.


“No, I'm okay, thank you,” I replied politely. I didn’t want to give up on him because I didn’t know what he had in store for me. He nodded and beckoned for one of his men to come. I stared at his suit. It was screaming affluence. It was then that I remembered what the internet said when I decided to look him up.




It had been said that the Gilberts were a mafia family lineage, known to be the most powerful mafia gang. The government couldn’t arrest them because they were part of the government too, hence their prolonged existence. My line of thought was suddenly interrupted when I heard shouts.


“Adrian!” I heard Bryce say this as he smiled and clapped his hands like a little child. I whipped my head around, and my jaw came crashing down to the floor. Standing in front of me, though supported by two men, was the most beautiful man I have ever seen. 


God! Were people still allowed to be this good-looking? He had this coal-black hair with dark brown eyes. He was six feet tall and leanly muscled. I remembered Bryce and then knew where he got his looks from. Suddenly, I wrinkled my nose. There was a strong smell of alcohol coming from him. Adrian. He reeked of a strong smell of brandy or whisky; I couldn’t place my hand on which it was. Wow, he also loved his bottles. Now I was getting married into a family of guns and alcohol.


Adrian refused to stand, no matter how the men who held him tried. He fell to the floor, and everyone gasped. We waited for him to stand, but he didn’t move a muscle.

“Mr. Gilbert, we can’t perform this ceremony if he is not conscious,” the priest said as I saw the fear in his eyes.

"Wait,” Bryce said, and he walked out of the altar. Bryce stood up and gritted his teeth, but Adrian didn’t move.


“Adrian!” This time, his voice was louder as he stooped to Adrian’s level. His anger had gotten a hold of him, and he only managed to keep himself in check. 

“I want to get married to Annie!” Adrian growled. Bryce stood up calmly and beckoned two of his men; they stood Adrian up with each of his arms on their shoulders.

“Arghhh!!” Adrian groaned in pain as he fell to the floor. Everyone gasped in shock. I, too, was not an exception. I couldn’t just believe it. Bryce had just punched his son in the face.

“Stand Adrian!” Bryce growled, but Adrian stood his ground. The men carried Adrian up again, and then Bryce made it rain punches on Adrian’s face. 


Adrian had a blood smear on his white shirt, and he was smirking at his father with blood-stained teeth. I was visibly shaken. I had to hold my hands together to stop it from shaking. How much worse can this get, I wondered? Suddenly, I saw Adrian glare at me, and my heart skipped a beat. He looked at me like a hungry animal would look at his meal.


“Who the fuck are you?” he growled.


Chapter 2

Just so you know, I had never seen or met my husband until today. So I wasn’t surprised at his question. Although I thought that he would have done the math in his head, I was the one wearing the white gown, but Adrian just wanted me to go through the pain of explaining myself to him. 


I opened my mouth to speak, but no words made it out of my mouth. I had suddenly lost the ability to use my brain. Maybe it wasn’t my brain, but what my eyes were seeing. The mere sight of Adrian all bloodied up made me shudder. I feared for what would become of my life when I got married to this violent drunk. Adrian stared at me from top to bottom. He didn’t even try to hide the disgust in his eyes.


I wanted the ground to open and swallow me. I lost the bare minimum of confidence I had gathered while standing there. Luckily, Bryce saw through my ordeal and came to my rescue.

“She is your wife, Sara. Now walk to the altar!” Bryce said it in a low growl. 

He hel

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