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Ebenezer Writes

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About me

I am a writer, a passionate reader and most importantly, I'm one ofbtyd nicest person you'll ever meet. Kindly read my books and trust me, you'll love them. Thank you.


Wrong choice for a Luna
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In all fate of Life, Briana had had it lofty and all rosy in her entire life. She had maintained the status quo of the luna of a large pack until she was one day banished and chased out after a great allegation was laid against her. While racing to an unknown destination to avoid being killed, she ran into a one eyed alpha who helped her and later named her Briana. Fate played out such that she betrayed him after getting herself entangled in a web of deceit. Now one thing isn't so sure and that's if she was going to remain enemies with the alpha or patch things up.

Bewitched by me
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Their father knew very very well that Roger was like a ticking time bomb. He knew Chris had a great personality and would take the company up to great heights. But now, Roger finds it so hard to understand their father and believes that it is his birthright to inherit the company and he must take out his brother either by hook or by crook. The battle for the inheritance begins with Mina as the love interest between both brothers. Who gets it all and who loses it all. Love plays an important role while strategy also does the same.

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She exuded strength and control, like a rare, once-in-a-lifetime enchantress-wolf named Lucia. Her life took a thrilling turn when she fell for a billionaire human, but soon, a chain of extraordinary events unfolded. She transformed from a sweet, gentle girl into a formidable, perilous force. Love drove her to fight relentlessly, sparing no one in her path. Yet, her very existence was on the brink of doom as Roberto's mother uncovered her true identity.


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