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Naked Desire

Naked Desire

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MATURED CONTENT (18+) Read at your own risk... If there is anything i find pleasure in making apart from money, it is definitely getting a woman on my bed. In our gang we share everything down to even my wife, she knows i really don't care about her loyalty towards me and she knows i also go around sleeping with other women. It would have continued like this if i had not met HER, Brie. she had stirred up something inside me, something i couldn't put to words, for the first time i didn't want to share something in my life. I wanted her all to myself, the sight of another man even looking at her for more than a second irritated me. She was mine.

Chapter 1


This book is not a slow burn romance novel and contains steamy contents, drugs, killings and abuse. If you know you don't like things like this, i advice you don't read it, if not, read at your own RISK.


"STRIP," Ace ordered.

Brie stared at him with confusion in her eyes but she didn't let him catch sight of it, she had thought she would be able to talk her way out of this situation but the more she stared into his hazel blue eyes there was something telling her he wasn't planning on listening to anything that she had to say at the moment.

She decided to comply, it was just a bloody contract and it had an expiry date.

Ace remain sited on his chair in the dark but from the faint light from the moon peeking through the window, one could see him taking a drag from his cigarette as he blew the puff into the air staring at the young lady in front of him with no desire in his eyes.

He was hard and looking for who to fuck as hard as possible, it was a good thing she had already signed that contract.

He watched her reach for the hem of her gown as she pulled the gown over her head, he caught sight of her matching set of undies.

was that a cat woman themed set or was his eyes failing him in the darkness?

He watched her unhook her bra as her plum breast fell out with a swell then her hands reached her panties as she pulled them over her leg tossing them to the side.

"COME HERE," he ordered pointing at the front of his toe as he took the last puff on his cigarette pressing the burnt part on his astray and leaving it there as the young lady obeyed his command walking towards him slowly.

He stared at her pink nipples as they pointed towards making him more harder than earlier, he bit his bottom lips slowly sinking into the chair.

She stopped right in front of him as her eyes remained glued to his like she was trying to tell him that she wasn't afraid of him or what he was about to do to her but Ace could see deep into her soul.

He could smell the fear in the air.

She was afraid, she just didn't know it yet.

He rose up slowly from his chair as Brie swallowed her spit as her eyes trailed his until she was looking above her head and at the ceiling.

He was far too tall than her, she wasn't sure she was going to be able to keep this eye contact for much longer with this height.

Ace cupped her chin in his hand as he leaned in and placed a kiss on her lips slowly, taking her off guard as he eyes widened in shock.

His lips felt really cold on hers and his breathe felt like the smell of cigarette, she was supposed to be disgusted but she felt drawn in as her eyes nearly found itself closing but remained widened when she felt him withdrawing his lips.

"Go to the bed and lay on your tummy," he ordered yet again on her lips as he lets go of her chin watching her walk off and do as she is told immediately without a repulsive look on her face.

Brie laid on the bed quickly, she wanted to get this over and done with as soon as possible, it was a good thing she wouldn't have to see his face while he does what he has to do to her.

She wasn't new to this but not this way, she didn't know what to expect, she didn't know how it would feel or how thick his length would be, why was she even thinking about his length, she tensed up brushing the idea off her head as she laid belly facing down and spreading her legs opened on the bed.

She had barely laid properly when she felt a dip on the bed and then his grip on her leg as he tossed her to the side with her back now on the bed as she caught sight of his lustful face as she trembled at his touch as she placed her hands over her breast and closed her eyes.

He had finally broken her wall.

He was also stark naked, she had been busy trying to compose herself she didn't notice when he had gotten naked but because of the dim light in the room, she couldn't really see him properly just his figure that was now hovering over her naked body.

She had sworn she would never act terrified in front of him but when she felt his cold hand on her legs and his dark gaze, she had folded without thinking it through properly.

She suddenly felt his cock inside her as she gasped in pain from the thrust.

Her eyes tightened in fear from the sudden pain at how thick he was and how he had filled her with just one push, her hands immediately found his chest trying to push him off her but he grabbed her hands instead in one of his left hand and placed it over her head immediately locking it in place right there as he withdrew and sank into her yet again this time with more force than the first time.

Her eyes widened this time as she caught sight of his eyes looking straight at her with no desire at all.

Why was she expecting to see desire in his eyes, he didn't give a fuck about her and neither did she care about him, the sooner they got this over with the better.

He withdrew yet again and this time yanked her over with her belly facing the bed as he packed her hair in his left hand yanking it back as she gasped in pain rising up with her back nearly touching his chest as he thrust into her immediately grabbing one of her breast with his right hand and tightening his grip on her hair.

She felt his length in and out of her repeated without giving her the opportunity to breathe in between as her left breast started to jiggle without control.

Sounds of his butt slamming into hers could be heard in the room as the bed squeaked slowly.

She slowly felt tears forming in her eyes.

She sniffed in, she could do this she reassured herself.

Chapter 2

Gina stared at herself in the mirror brushing her teeth and dancing to the music playing from Brie's phone, today was their final exams and then she would have one more year to be done with this school. She couldn't wait, she was super excited about next semester.

"Why do i feel like you are trying to make us get there late today?" Brie cried out as she entered the bathroom also brushing her teeth as she gave Gina an eye roll in the mirror.

She had wanted to wait for Gina to be done bathing in the bathroom but with the way she was spending more time brushing her teeth than actually getting ready, she was sure they would get there late and she wasn't planning on getting late to her final papers

"We still have time, i was thinking we should head to that mini bar down town afterwards, what do you think?"

"Of course we are heading to that goddamn bar, do you think its easy being in school for three whole years and having t


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