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My Mate From Another World

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Adeline Galdur is a 20-year-old alpha’s daughter who doesn’t believe in a mate bond. She has a boyfriend and plans to get married, and mark him. She’s smart, strong, and also the pride of her pack, the Nightingale Pack. Kaiser Heroux is the fierce, strong, and powerful alpha of the Blue Moon Pack who enjoys intimate relations with different she-wolves, even as he waits for his mate. During one of his encounters, a witch placed a curse on him, decreeing that he would only find his mate in another world. Initially dismissing it, he continued with his life. When he encountered Adeline and suddenly disappeared, he remembered the curse the witch had placed on him. However, he chose to ignore it, attributing Adeline’s vanishing act to her intentions, which left him infuriated. Despite his feelings for her, he engaged with other she-wolves even more when he felt her infidelity. Adeline wasn’t sure what was happening—being pulled and pushed into Kaiser’s world. She couldn’t smell him yet, so she remained unaware that he was her mate. Consequently, she continued her relationship with Mike, causing Kaiser's unbearable pain. Although he started getting used to it, he still sensed it whenever Adeline was intimate with her boyfriend. When the Blue Moon appeared in Adeline’s world, she found herself back in Kaiser’s realm and finally smelled him. However, the sight of him engaging intimately with another she-wolf sparked her anger. How will they navigate their interdimensional bond when they have no idea when and how Adeline will come and go from Kaiser’s world? What challenges will they face when Kaiser’s counterpart in Adeline's world is an adversary she must confront, and when Adeline’s counterpart in Kaiser’s world is being used to separate them? Why do their paths cross when they hail from two different worlds?

Chapter 1

In a world full of differences a twenty-year-old alpha daughter of the Nightingale Pack, Adeline Galdur known for her intelligence, vigorous and bravenes steps the limelight out the shadow of the night. Adeline grew up with her brother Daniel, who taught her self-defense, which she took seriously. For her, being a woman was never an advantage however couldn’t say it was a disadvantage either. She joins the warriors and fighters whenever necessary and will never run to the bunker for safety. She was outgoing and wild; her defiance toward her father was evident and known to the pack. None of the pack members disliked her, no matter how hard-headed she was. Her helping hands were known to the folks that made her well-loved. Luna's duties had been on Adeline's shoulder since her mother died and she had done really well.

Although she loves her pack and was happy about her pack members who successfully found their mates, well perhaps she just disliked the idea of mates. Adeline wants the feeling of falling in love, it's crucial, vulnerable and sincere. Unlike what was occuring, the "match-making" of their Moon Goddess called — mate bond. 

As Adeline and her brother, Daniel, stood in the vast training hall of the Nightingale Pack, the scent of sweat and determination spread throughout the vicinity. The room echoed with the rhythmic clash of training blades and the grunts of werewolves engaged in combat practice. Adeline, with her dark hair pulled back into a tight braid; was in the midst of a sparring session with her brother as both of them demonstrated remarkable agility and strength. Daniel swung his practice sword but Adeline skillfully parried his blows, her amber eyes focused and determined. They exchanged quick, calculated strikes; their movements were fluid and well-practiced.

As they spar, their conversation flowed easily. "You're improving, Adeline," Daniel acknowledged as they circled each other. She grinned, her blade raised. 

"That's because I have the best teacher." Her brother chuckled before his expression grew more serious. 

"I've heard about you and Mike, Adeline. Father wasn't happy about it." With that, her expression tightened as she blocked her brother's strike. 

"He needs to understand that I can choose my own partner in life. I don't believe in the whole 'mate' thing. It's archaic." 

Daniel sighed, lowering his sword. "Adeline, listen, it's our tradition and Father is just concerned about the pack unity." 

Adeline frowned, lowering her blade as well.  "That doesn't mean I should have no say in my future. I love the pack and everyone in here. But I also love Mike, and I don't want to be forced into a loveless mating." Before Daniel could respond, Ringo, their father and the Alpha of the Nightingale Pack entered the training hall. Ringo's commanding presence ecoe throughout the room, his silver hair streaked with age and his piercing eyes held a mix of authority and concern. 

"Adeline, Daniel," he called, beckoning them over. They approached him with tense expressions. "I've heard about your relationship with Mike, young lady." Adeline met her father's gaze with defiance in her eyes. 

"Yes, Father. I love him and I want to be with him." 

Alpha Ringo's face darkened with disapproval. 

"Love?" Alpha Ringo makes a provoking laugh. "Adeline you're too young to understand the difference, what you should be focusing on is the importance of mating with your true mate. It's a bond that strengthens our pack, Adeline. You must wait for your mate, as our traditions dictate." 

Adeline's frustration boiled over. "I don't believe in mates, Father. I believe in choosing the one I love. I won't let anyone dictate my happiness." Alpha Ringo's voice grew stern. 

"Your defiance could fracture our pack. We cannot afford that." Adeline turned away, her jaw clenched. She had always been a fiercely independent spirit, and the idea of being told who to love was intolerable to her. Without another word, she left the training hall, her heart heavy with anger and disappointment. 

Daniel stopped his father, Alpha Ringo from following her. He knew that no matter what their father would say, his little sister would not listen to him. Everyone in their pack was mated to their fated mates. It was the old alpha's strict rule and it would be a humiliation for him if his daughter did not follow it. Although he wasn't ashamed that Adeline disobeyed him, it was just that he knew she was better off with her fated mate. Ringo did not want her daughter to waste time and invest all her feelings on the man who wasn't hers, to begin with. 

"You're always on her side; that's why she's acting like that," Alpha Ringo said angrily. 

"Let her be for now. She'll understand what a mate is when she finds him. I'm not the one to talk, but according to mated pack members, they couldn't help but get pulled closer to each other." 

"I hope she'll find hers soon. The year is almost over and it's the Blue Moon. I hope she won't take the whole year to find her mate," Alpha Ringo said. 

"We still have four more months, Father," Daniel reminded him. 

"You think it was still long?" Alpha Ringo snarled at him, which made him scratch the back of his head. "And don't think that I already forgot about you. You must find your mate soon. Go and attend some gatherings outside the pack and bring Adeline with you right after the Blue Moon!" He added before he left his son, rolling his eyes at him. 

The alpha was worried because they could only find their mates the whole year after a blue moon occurred. If they fail, they will have to wait a year and a half, or the next blue moon, to get another chance. Ringo was excited to see his beloved daughter in the hands of her fated mate but Adeline is different from the others. She was not excited to find her mate, and she thought a mate would only restrict her from doing something she wanted to do. She saw how mated couples are and thought that they were very possessive; she didn't like it. 

Adeline went back to the pack house. Upon entering, she went straight to her bedroom, ignoring the omega that greeted her. She wasn't like that to anyone. She was very close to every pack member but because she was mad right now, she ignored the poor omega. Still Adeline has a mental note to apologize to her later. 

She took off her training clothes and got in the bathroom. She cleaned up and decided to go and see Mike after. They haven't seen each other for a week due to the training she has been doing, caused by the hunters that target supernatural beings. 

Alpha Ringo got worried and asked everyone to train with weapons that were intended for the lefty hunters. They were those who did not acknowledge the idea of humans and supernaturals living in harmony. Just a week ago too, an Alpha's daughter from another pack was kidnapped when she was with her human friends and found dead. For only a fourteen year old girl and has not had her wolf yet; that was beyond tremendous. With her dead body, a note written using her blood saying, "Your kind is not welcome in our world", gives them the idea that it was the hunters who did it. And Alpha Ringo didn't want that to happen to Adeline or any of his pack members, combatants or not. 

Adeline thought that there may be some humans who were just like those lefty hunters who didn't want supernatural beings to get acquainted with them. For her, it wasn't impossible since she knew that, whether supernatural or human, there are some in their kind who think superior to others. She also thought that their kind had something to do with it and was only framing the humans and the hunters to lose their trust and confidence in each other. Adeline shook her head thinking about the incidents in the past week, and she felt frustrated thinking her father still had time to look after her love life. Her mind was back on Mike. She misses him so much and even if her wolf, Elda, gets mad at her because of him, she doesn't care. As long as she's with her boyfriend, she's fine. 

Adeline was in the woods, as it was the fastest way to Mike's; who lives just outside their border, when her wolf said, 

‘Stop, I don’t like him. He’s not our mate.’ She rolled her eyes at her and replied, 

‘Elda, stop it. I like Mike, and I know that you can feel that he loves us too.’ 

‘But he is not ours, Adelle.' 

‘He’ll be ours, once we get married and we mark him.’ Adeline replied, feeling annoyed. She loves her wolf, but whenever she acts like this, she feels like they are enemies of some sort. 

‘I’ll ask the moon goddess to bring us to our mate.’ Elda said before she retreated to the back of Adeline’s head. But before she hid herself, Adeline heard her say, 'I want to see our mate.’ 

Adeline just shook her head. The moment she said yes to Mike and had s*x with him, Elda started to feel annoyed with her as well. Her wolf tried to stop her from getting intimate with the man, but she was too stubborn to oblige. She continued running but noticed that the surroundings seemed different from what she remembered. She stopped and looked around before she sniffed the air. 

‘Elda, it’s weird.’ Adeline said to her wolf but didn’t receive any replies from her. The rustling of leaves and breaking of branches were heard next, and a rogue appeared before Adeline. Then the warriors chasing the rogues came next, and they were now looking at Adeline, probably wondering who she was or whether she was with the rogue or not. 

“Mineee…” A yell from behind a warrior was heard, which made Adeline look at where the yelling came from; there she found a masculine and huge man in his shorts. 

The rogue smirked and said, "Lucky," thinking he was able to get his hands on Adeline. But she was so fast that she grabbed the rogue's hands with her right hand and then sidestepped as she stretched her arms, making the rogue lay in the air facing down before Adeline used her elbow and hit him on the back. Just before the rogue’s body touched the ground, she readied her foot and kicked him, which made him fly a few meters away from her. That’s when the warriors around them grabbed the rogues. While the man who yelled “mine” was now approaching her. 

“Mine, you are mine!" the man said, pulling her closer to him. Adeline was confused since she had no idea who the man who was claiming her was. She creased her forehead and pushed him away. 

“I don’t know what you are talking about, but I am not yours.” 

“What?” the man asked. 

“Are you deaf?” she asked back. “I am not yours!” she repeated, shouting. 

“You are mine; you are my mate!” The man shouted back that made her frown.

What is this one talking about? Is he out of his mind? 

“In your dreams, moron!” Adeline replied arrogantly. 

“Alpha,” one of the warriors interrupted them, which made him growl at him. “We’ll go ahead," the warrior said in fear and left with the rogue. 

“You! Whether you like it or not, you are mine, and I am going to bring you into my pack.” 

“What! No way!” Adeline replied. 

“Why are you fighting the mate bond?” 

“What mate bond are you talking about? I don’t feel anything towards you, moron." She replied, which made the man even angrier. He approached her and was about to grab her, but to his shock, Adeline vanished. 

“What the—!” the man exclaimed.

Chapter 2


“Alpha!” my beta Ryan said as he entered my office. I was keeping myself busy with paperwork that piled up while I was away on vacation. I felt like I was exhausted and wanted to find release because of the previous incident in the pack. Now I had to deal with these reports from my patrol guards that don’t give me anything but headaches.

“What is it?” I asked angrily. I didn’t want to be disturbed, especially when I didn’t like doing what I was doing, yet I had to.

“The patrol mind linked me and told me that we were needed at the southern part of the border. They found the dead body of one of our own," he said. In an instant, I got up from my seat and ran to where he said the body was found. We ran out of the pack house and shifted so we would be able to get there a lot faster.

“Alpha,” the patrol greeted me and made way for me so I and Ryan could pass as the other patrol


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