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Mandy's Desire

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Heading to college has been Mandy's dream, this dream was about to be shattered when Mandy's father suddenly passes away, the chairman of Omega farms and grains. Mandy has always been protected by her father, but now he is gone. How will she sustain this large farm and it's employees, the bank is also on their neck to pay back a loan. Mandy will do whatever it takes, even if it means taking Bosey's hand for help. Bosey has always been an excellent farm hand who is in love with the Chairman's daughter. He is willing to help her keep the farm, if she will let him help. They will do whatever they can to protect the farm from the bank and from Frank.

Chapter 1

Thinking back, Mandy has never left the comfort of her home. Her father has always been there, her mother passed away after birthing her, or so she was told.

Mandy's father suddenly passes away, the chairman of Omega farms and grains. Mandy has always been protected by her father, but now he is gone. How will she sustain this large farm and it's employees.

The bank was also on their neck to pay back a loan.

Bosey has always been an excellent farm hand who is in love with the Chairman's daughter, but he has never spoken to her. He watches over her like a hawk and Mandy is not aware.

He is willing to help her keep the farm. They will do whatever they can to protect the farm. Mandy will do whatever it takes even it meant taking Bosey's offer for help. She has never asked anyone for help before, she was trying to protect her ego, but her ego was nothing compared to their farm which has been her father's all and legacy when he was alive.

" Good day miss, Bosey greeted but Mandy was lost in thought, she should be mourning the death of her father, but instead ways to protect the farm and it's employees occupied her thoughts.

"I will protect the farm at all cost father, I will never let you down" Mandy said to herself.

"Miss are you doing okay? It seems you are lost in thought, Bosey said".

Mandy slowly looked up to see Bosey staring at her.

" I am sorry I didn't see you come in Bosey, how can I help you?.

Bosey needed Mandy's signature for a document before he could deliver some items to a customer, he had come into the chairman's office which was now occupied by Mandy, but seeing Mandy lost in thought gave him a picture of how he hates to see her sad or cry.

Bosey wished he could go to her, give her a hug and tell her everything was going to be fine, but how could he do that when she has never as much as looked his way or see him as nothing but a farm hand.

Mandy has never been rude or insulting to ranch hands, no matter their rank. She sees everyone as equal because that was what her father had taught her. Everyone including Bosey, has been amazed as to how a rich man's daughter like Mandy could be so nice and respectful instead of being a rich spoiled brat who has been sheltered all her life.

Mandy told Bosey to keep the papers that needs her signature on the table, and that he should come back for it in few minutes time.

Bosey could see she needed some time to pull herself together, he had no option than to give her that space, he kept the paperwork on the table and left.

Mandy was yet to come to terms with the death of her father, now the bank was threatening to take everything her father worked hard to build,but she wasn't ready to let that happen.

" I have a lot of things to look at, Mandy thought to herself, but first I need to know how much we owe the bank.

"Bosey! Mandy called, "Please come in, I have a lot of questions to ask." She said.

Bosey opened the door and walked in.

" Bosey, you know how everything is done around here, I know I have been here my whole life, but I have never had to run this place with my father around, now I have to run the farm and I have no clue where to start or what to do.

"Please calm down miss. Bosey said to Mandy. "I know you are hurting and still mourning your father but there are things we need to start with at the moment so we don't loose the farm, I promise to help you to the best of my knowledge, you can do this"

Being able to get assurance that everything was going to be okay from someone was what Mandy needed at the moment.

"Thank you for your kindness Bosey, I appreciate it" Mandy said.

"Any idea how much money my father owes the bank? Mandy asked Bosey, but he couldn't give a definite answer until they speak to the farm accountant.

Mandy instructed Bosey to send the accountant to her office.

Bosey left the office immediately to fetch the accountant.


Immediately Bosey stepped out of Mandy's office, he could see a group of people approaching her office, it was the bank officials. He had to meet them half way to inquire what they wanted.

"We are bank officials, said one of them, bringing out his identity card and showing it to Bosey.

Bosey didn't know what to say or do but all he could think about was Mandy and how she would feel if she saw the bank officials right now, she will definitely be devastated, but they were here already, and there was nothing he could do to stop them. But he could inform her, before they get to her office.

He pleaded with the officials to give him a few minutes to alert the young miss as she was still mourning her father and didn't want her to be shocked with their presence. The officials understood and gave Bosey five minutes to do so.


Mandy could see Bosey heading towards the office, but what she found weird was that he wasn't coming with the accountant, she could see the worriesome look on his face, she knew something was about to happen and she could feel it.

"Bosey is everything okay? Where is the accountant?

"I am sorry miss. I haven't had the chance to get the accountant. Miss, I need you to please sit down, there is something I want to tell you"

"Oh no! I can't take anymore bad news, Bosey" she said.

Mandy couldn't find her stand and almost fell, but Bosey was fast enough to hold her hands, then led her to a seat.

"What is wrong? Mandy asked again.

"Miss, the bank officials are here and they want to see you, I have no idea why they have come but I have a feeling it's about the loan. I will go outside and bring them to your office. I didn't want you to be so shocked and that's why I wanted to give you a heads-up"

" I appreciate it Bosey, I really do. But how am I supposed to face them. I know nothing about the farm" Mandy said to Bosey.

Bosey didn't want her to feel she was alone. This fragile beauty was shattered and lost. He didn't want her to feel lost. He would do everything in his power to make sure she is well guided about the farm's activities. And if she permits him, he will love her with the most passionate heart he ever had and also give her the love she deserves, he will make sure of that. Bosey thought, while staring at a clueless Mandy.

"If she even looks your way. You are nothing but a farm boy, quit dreaming!" Bosey heard his father's voice in his head. He shook it off and focused on Mandy.

"You don't have to worry about anything miss, I will be here with you, every step of the way, please trust me" he said.

"Okay Bosey, I am ready to face them now. Send them in" she said.....

Chapter 2

The officials came into Mandy's office and she had to put on the most courageous look ever, because a lot was at stake.

"Welcome, gentlemen how may I help you" She said.

" We are here on official assignment ma'am. The bank has been waiting for the farm to pay up on the loan that was taken. Our hands are now forced to take action. We will be taking over the mansion as the Chairman used the house as a collateral for the loan. For the mean time we will place tags on every valuable asset in the house pending when the loan is cleared, we give you six months to pay up. If by six months you are not able to clear the debt, the bank will have to take over the house completely. We are sorry it had to come to this, we have no choice"

Mandy felt her whole world crashing down before her, and couldn't as much as form words in her mouth. Tears filled her eyes waiting to drop, she just sat on her chair watching the officials like someone who was


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