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Mafia Warrior

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Mafia Warrior is book number three of the Mafia Queen series. Lindy is a country girl who hates being stuck in her hometown and can't wait to get away from all of it. The pressure of taking over her families legacy and escaping all the gossip of the town is her main focus. Until she meets the mystery man that just got into town on business. He won't tell her what his business is or even his name but he will tell her exactly what he expects from her physically. After a very persistent mystery man won't leave her alone and even stalks her she fears for more than her life. His business has asked him to remain in her small town and he's also wanting her to stay behind with him. But, that would mean giving into everything she's worked so hard to run away from while he refuses to give her what she wants most. Loyalty and love. Will the trials of her stalker come in between them and make her leave for good? Or will it actually bring them closer?

Chapter 1 - Rude As Hell


Good God there is absolutely nothing to f*ck*ng do is this Godforsaken town that Nicole has decided to run away to. Why the f*ck did she pick the smallest town in Alabama to run away to? There is absolutely no appeal to this kind of living. Especially since I am so use to living in a city where you can find a bar around every corner. But here, the closet one is around a fifteen minute drive away. Which is exactly where I am headed now.

I just got the sh*t beat out of me for disrespecting Dimitri, my superior. I disrespected him by putting my hands on his woman. I warned her that if she hurt any of my men then she would regret it. I wanted to make her regret it but I also knew that Dimitri would kill me.

She hurt Dimitri. He wouldn’t ever admit it to anyone but her. But, I could see it all over him. He moped around like a puppy looking for its owner after being dumped off on the side of the road somewhere. Dimitri has saved my life more times than I can count and I look at him more like a brother than a superior in my world.

I am fourth in command for the Bratva, the Russian Mafia. My boss is Konstantin and his wife Elizabeth. The second in command is Dimitri and he’s the head of the Bratva militia. Then right above me is Ivan. He is third in command and handles all of the tech stuff that the Bratva needs. Now, that leaves me. I am the hitman. The stalker and the sniper. My skills are untouchable. Konstantin uses me to his full advantage and I love it. He even gets offers from other people throughout the country to contract me out when they need me. He gives me a hundred percent of the money as well. I would never be taken care of like that anywhere else I was.

I have finally made it into the closest town with a bar. It’s a different lifestyle down here too. They have a lot of stuff. There is a WalMart, several gas stations, shopping, and restaurants. Why couldn’t Nicole pick this place to stay instead? It’s so much better than what she is wanting now. All that empty space and quietness is f*ck*ng miserable.

My phone tells me to take the next left at the light ahead and I will arrive at my destination. I just want a bar where I can sit down and f*ck*ng think and relax. When Dimitri and I fought I didn’t hit him back. I couldn’t. I knew that I messed up by putting my hands on her and I would never hit him unless he was actually trying to kill me. Which would never happen.

I pull into the parking lot and there aren’t a lot of cars here. Which is just fine by me. I need the quiet to get my head together. I park the car and make sure that I have my phone and wallet on me then head inside.

It’s d*mn near empty in here. Seems like most of the cars outside this place must be just for the workers. I stop at the entrance to look around and see what the layout of the place looks like. Simple enough. I made my way to the bar and I was stopped by a female.

“You’re new here.” She says and I just roll my eyes at her. That’s what she’s going to go with?

“Okay.” Was all I said back to her. I didn’t want to mess with her.

“Here on business?” She asked me next and I exhaled heavily through my nose.

“Something like that.” Was all I said and I just walked around her to head straight to the bar. I didn’t have the desire for pleasantries.

I held my hand up to the barkeep to order two shots of Vodka. She starts pouring the shots and then a mess of red, curly hair sat down next to me on a huff of breath.

“Hey, when someone is talking to you it’s extremely f*ck*ng rude to just walk away without a parting shot!” She said to me when she sat. I just cut my eyes at her as I took a swig of my shot.

“What happened to your eye?” She asked me.

“Why are you so nosey?” I shot back at her.

“I don’t know. I just am.” She said as she shrugged her shoulders. How f*ck*ng annoying. I just went ahead and asked the barkeep for the bottle. I am going to need to get drunk to deal with this girl or I will snap and hurt her feelings to make her leave. Who knows.

“What’s your name?” She asked me.

“Alexei.” I told her as I poured another shot.

“I’m Lindy, nice to meet you.” She said to me and held out her hand for me to shake it.

No f*ck*ng thank you. I don’t want to touch her and entertain this sh*t show that she is putting on. She’s trying way too f*ck*ng hard and it’s a huge turn off. I look at her hand then back up at her. I took another sip of my vodka and didn’t take her hand.

“Jesus, you’re so d*mn rude.” She said with a growl and jumped up off the barstool.

She pulled out her debit card and handed it to the barkeep. Evidently she knew this woman because she told her she would see her later and she left. Thank God.

“That was brutal.” The barkeep told me.

“It is what it is.” I said back to her and shooed her away from me.

I didn’t need her judgment or want it. I wasn’t here to make friends. Just here to do a job and get the f*ck back to the city. I was better than this place. Now my phone is ringing. So much for peace and quiet.

“Alexei.” I answered.

“We need you here. Can’t tell you over the phone. It’s happening now. Head to the barn we discussed.” Then the call ended.

I sighed and let out a deep breath. I downed my drink and took the bottle with me out to the car. I paid for it. I am going to drink it. I started back up the mountain and headed straight to the house that Nicole was staying in.

Once I got there everyone and their f*ck*ng brother was here. D*mn. They didn’t waste any time getting here and I knew this wasn’t even all of them. I made my way towards the house when Konstantin caught me before I entered.

“Don’t go in there right now. Dimitri is still pretty heated and I need you to set up somewhere around here where you will be able to see everything that goes down. We are going to need your eyes in the sky.” He said and I nodded at him letting him know I understood the assignment.

“But, before you do that - head to the barn that we discussed. When we capture the Italians that’s where Nicole will need to make her stand against the ones who won’t join her. It’s the furthest place from the road. Less noise for wandering ears.” He said and I nodded.

I understood the assignment. I had to get the barn ready for executions. Last time I looked in there it was just full of hay. So, yay. F*ck*ng farm boy for the next however many hours this takes. I walked off and started making my way towards the barn. I didn’t even bother with a car since I didn't know if it would make it through the pasture.

I got up to the doors of the barn and they were already open but the lights were off. I heard someone laughing and froze. It was a girl. So, I snuck around the side where I saw the glow of light coming from and I still couldn’t see her. Just her backside and what was on the phone.


I left the bar early since the new guy in town completely went *ss hole on me. I don’t know what it was about him the drew me straight to him. Like, the hairs on my arms stood up when he walked into the bar. He gave off this dark energy and I was like a moth to his black flame. But, he let me know, real quick, that he wasn’t interested in any type of company. I really wanted to talk to him too. He was different and everyone else in that bar was a regular. So, since I don’t want anything to do with the other people there I am going back home. Yay.

I swear I hate this place. There is one red light and maybe a total of three thousand people in this town. If that. We do have a Dollar General and a Mexican restaurant though. I have lived here my whole life. On the same road that my whole family lives on. I can walk to my cousins house, my Grandparents house and my Uncle's house.

I don’t have friends. I left them all behind when we graduated high school. They all wanted to get married right out of school to their highschool sweethearts and I wanted so much more than this place could give me. I only had one boyfriend in highschool for about a year, maybe. He’s the one I lost my virginity to. Which was absolutely horrible.

He is now the manager of the local grocery store that we have here. If I wouldn’t have ended that relationship then I would be married to him now with however many kids. That just doesn’t sit right with me. I need and want more. More than this town could ever offer.

I hate having these thoughts. But every time I come home from visiting my aunt in Tennessee and have to stay here for a few weeks at a time, I have them. So, since they are deciding to come back to me now - I will go get drunk in the barn like the good ole days.

I walk in the barn and go to my usual spot in the corner where I always make sure I have a makeshift bed made with hay. I also hide my whiskey here too from Dad. He has never liked me drinking. I didn’t bother with glasses. I just drank straight from the bottle.

I got on social media and started looking at my profile. I went down that rabbit hole of looking up some people that I graduated with. I saw girls that were still gorgeous with kids that were just as beautiful as their Momma. The popular boys were married to these girls and had these beautiful kids. But, that just isn’t me. I would have been miserable.

As I was looking at all of this stuff on social media I was just taking drinks of my whiskey like it was water. It went down smooth and always made me sleep like a rock. Once I started feeling myself getting drunk I switched over to another app on my phone to watch videos that people post. Mine are mostly funny animals. A little bit of book suggestions and a ton of music. Music is part of my soul. I could get lost in it for hours and I play some instruments as well. That’s another reason I love going to Tennessee to visit my Aunt Cindy. Music was everywhere.

I am in my own little world just giggling at these videos on my phone and feeling great when all of the sudden I was snatched up really fast and a big *ss hand went over my mouth and across my waist. I started screaming and throwing myself around like crazy. No matter how hard I tried to get out of the persons grip who had me, I couldn’t do it. They were entirely too strong.

“Are you going to scream when I move my hand? If you are, I am going to have to gag you.” Was whispered in my ear. The voice from that person sent a shiver down my spine. I started shaking my head ‘no’ when he asked me that. I wasn’t going to because I was scared whoever it was would hurt me. The hand came off of my mouth and I spun around really fast to meet the intruder.

“You!” He said to me and narrowed his eyes on me.

“What the f*ck are you doing here?” He asked me. Seriously?

“What the f*ck am I doing here? I f*ck*ng live here you stalker!” I said to him and his eyes went wide.

“The real question is why are you here?” I asked him.

“Working.” Was all he said.

“You aren’t someone who works for my Dad.” I narrowed my eyes on him.

“I am not. I am here for something much bigger.” He said to me and I was so d*mn confused!

“Why are you in the barn though? Who sent you?” I asked him trying to figure out his reasoning for being on my family's property.

“Nicole.” He said and it just confused me even more. Why would Nicole hire him to work for us? That makes no sense.

“What the hell do you have to do with Nicole?” I asked him.

“I can’t tell you that.” He told me and just started slinging the hay bales across the barn. This is getting more and more weird by the second.

“What are you doing?” I asked him.

“Why do you ask so many questions?” He shot back at me.

“Because I want to know!” I yelled at him. D*mn. How else are you supposed to start conversations with people or find out more about them if you don’t ask f*ck*ng questions?

He just kept slinging hay bales around and I finally caught on to the pattern that he was doing. So, I just started helping him. I didn’t have anything else to do but drown my f*ck*ng sorrows in whiskey all night. Alone. I hate being alone.

“You don’t have to help. You can go back to doing what you were doing and I will leave when I am done.” He told me.

“I don’t really know what you are doing but I have nothing else to do. I am wanting to get drunk but I can’t because I am alone. I am also extremely frustrated because I haven’t been laid in God knows how long. So, this kind of work helps me relieve that frustration. Got it?” I spat at him and immediately realized what I had done. That filter that most people have between their brain and mouth - I don’t have. At all. Sh*t.

He stops slinging hay bales immediately and just stares me down. The way he’s looking at me makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I keep my mouth shut. He’s absolutely terrifying but beautiful at the same time.

“How frustrated are you?” He asked me.

“Pretty d*mn.” I said without looking away from him. I won’t bow down to him or let him know how much he affects me.

“Hmm..” He said as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“Drop your pants.” Was what came out of his mouth next and I think I misheard him.

“What?” I asked him.

“You want to relieve frustration and you want to get laid, right?” He repeated my words back to me and I propped my hand on my hip and stared him down,

He thinks that he is calling my bluff. He has no idea who he’s dealing with. Fear is not a part of my vocabulary. Ever since I was a child and went through the sh*t that I did - I refused to give in to my fear. Because the last time I did - someone died.

“Well, drop your pants and bend over this hay bale.” He said and I gave him a wicked smile. He thinks this is going to scare me but this is the most excitement I have had in years with another man.

I took my hands off of my hips and started undoing my belt buckle. As soon as I popped the buckle free I looked up at him through my lashes. His eyes immediately went hooded and they grew dark. This excited me more than he will ever know. I started walking over to him as I popped the belt out of their loops on my pants.

“Good girl.” He told me and I paused for a half second and let that wash over me. I’ve never been called that before and I didn’t know how much I would like it.

“What do you need love?” Came out of his mouth next and I didn’t answer him. I just showed him.

I ditched my boots and kicked them over to the side. I unbuttoned my pants and started pulling them down my legs slowly. He was going to get a show. I would meet him head on with this. He wouldn’t intimidate me. I kept my legs straight as I pulled my pants down to make sure that he could get a good view of my *ss as they came down.

“Come here.” He said.

I walked over to the hay bale that was sitting right in front of his feet. I put both of my hands on it with my *ss stuck in the air for him to get a good view of. I spread my feet apart for him making sure to make my *ss wiggle as I moved. I looked at him over my shoulder and scrolled his body up and down.

There was no warning whatsoever. He just pulled himself out of his pants and moved my underwear out of his way. He entered me in one thrust and it took my breath away. I had to hold my breath so I could work through the pain and adjust to him. He wasn’t ginormous but he was so d*mn thick. I arched my back even more to give him better access to me.

He took from me with no remorse. I also knew from the start that he would be a selfish lover. He seemed to be the type that would only ensure his own release instead of his womans. Which was fine by me. I could get the job done myself. So, I took my hand and placed it between my own legs. With me attacking my bundle of nerves and feeling so full with him in me I got close very fast.

I closed my eyes and got completely lost in the feelings that were rushing through me. Stranger s*x, in the middle of the night, in my barn and no commitment to be upheld afterwards. I let myself get so lost that I didn’t realize that he had stopped moving entirely and I was now riding him taking what I needed.

I finally felt myself getting tight all over and I knew that I was fixing to explode. I took a deep breath and let out my cries. Every single muscle in my body went tight and then there was a sharp slap to my *ss that just added to the ecstacy. As soon as I arched into that slap I felt the immediate emptiness from where he pulled out of me and came all over my back.

When he was done I stood straight up and pulled my shirt over my head. Once it was off I cleaned my back up of his c*m with it then walked back over to where I had ditched my clothes. Neither one of us spoke as I put myself back together. Once I got my jeans and boots back on I snatched my belt and shirt up not bothering to put those two back on and walked up to him. I patted him twice on the cheek and gave him the most wicked smile I could.

“Good game, bud.” I said and turned around to walk back to the house.


Once I made my way back to my parents house I noticed that all of the lights were off when I got there. Which is really weird because my Mom was usually always home. I unlocked the door and went straight to the bathroom to shower.

“Mom?” I called out loud with no answer. So weird.

I walked into the bathroom and started the shower. I was letting the water warm up and checked myself out in the mirror. I couldn’t help but smile at myself. It was like what I just did was my own little secret and it was such a good time. I haven’t done anything like that ever in my life. But, something about him made me want to do it and I loved that. I could still feel him inside of me and I was already missing the full feeling that he gave me. But, for now I am satisfied and happy.

I touched the water with my hand and was happy with the temp of it and started stripping off to get in. Once I got in I wasted no time washing the hay off of me and going ahead to condition this mess on my head. My hair curled so right that it was down to the middle of my back normally. But once it was wet it measured right above my *ss. I straighten it sometimes but it’s so much work that it’s not worth it.

I run the brush through my hair in the shower and start rinsing everything off. I want a quick shower because I am ready for bed. With the alcohol, excitement, and orgasm - I am ready to crash. Once my hair is cleaned and my *ss is washed I turn everything off and reach for my towel. I start drying off and wrap myself up. I make a spot on the mirror for me to be able to see myself in it and my phone lights up on the counter with a notification from my aunt.

She is wanting to know when I will be back visiting so she can make a grocery run if she needs to. I text her back really quick telling her that I am not sure but I would give her a decent heads up before I return. I exit out of her messaging and click on my mom’s name to text her.

Me: Where are you? I just got home and no one is here.

Mom: You’re home? You’re supposed to be out tonight with friends!

Me: Well, I was but it got cut short. When will you be back?

Mom: You need to get out of there, now!

As soon as she sent that message I heard the motion sensor go off from the camera on the porch. Someone was here. But, I knew it wasn’t Mom or Dad. Maybe it was the guy from the barn. So, I stick my head out of the hallway entrance to see if I can get a good look at whoever was here. It’s none of them. However, it was several masked men with guns. What the f*ck?

I run back into my bedroom and grab a pair of jeans and a tshirt and peek out of my bedroom window. I don’t see anyone out of it so I creep it open and run back to my bed. I grabbed my gun that I kept under my nightstand and back to the window then jumped out. I take off running back to the barn I just came from in nothing but a towel. Praying that my stranger was still there.

Chapter 2 - Sunflower


I am running as fast as my bare feet will take me. I can feel the small cuts that I am getting on the bottom of my feet from doing this. I am still in nothing but my towel. I have a death grip on that, my clothes, and my gun. I just want to get to the damn barn where I can hide. I have no idea if mystery man will be there or not but it would be a damn good plus if he was.

I can see the barn getting closer and my adrenaline is the only thing that is keeping me from just losing my shit. I am so pissed off. Who the hell is trying to rob us? This has never happened before. It pisses me right the hell off too. If I wasn’t butt ass naked then I would have waited on them. I would have tried my best but I knew I was also severely outnumbered.

I finally make it to the barn and there is no one here. I run to my hiding hole where I sleep and drink and start throwing on my clothes. I didn’t even think to grab any panties or bra either. Dumb ass. Whatever


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