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Love in Deceit: Mafia Boss's Enigmatic Wife

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: zavieda
  • Chapters: 112
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 437
  • 7.5
  • 💬 2


An undercover special agent is up for sale at an auction upon receiving intel that the Rios Mafia’s new boss is looking for a wife-for-hire. An action packed romantic mystery of two people hiding equally heavy secrets that could risk their relationship and an arising problem that threatens their home country.

Chapter 1 - The Fated Auction Commences

“$1 MILLION GOING ONCE…” The announcer’s voice was starting to fade in my ears. I bowed my head, hiding my expression with my hair, and stared at the ground.

“Going twice…Thrice…No more bidders? Alright, sold! Item 34 sold to Number 456!”

So far, so good, I thought. I couldn’t help the smirk that curled up to one side of my mouth. The plan was proceeding smoothly. The men yanked me up and I had to clench my fists behind me to restrain myself from going out of character and flinching away from them. My cuffed wrists were starting to itch so I quietly thanked God they took it off of me once I got back inside the cell with the other girls. I fixed the skirt of my dirty janitress outfit and sat properly.

Immediately, one of them came up to me and asked, “Did someone buy you?”

I slowly nodded.

“For how much?”

“$1 million.”

“Wow, good for you,” she dreamily mumbled as her shoulders slumped. “I was only worth $300,000. I can’t believe it. I even showed them my boobs!”

I remained staring blankly at her. “You wanted to be sold?”

“Duh, of course! Madame told me I’ll live a life of luxury and pleasure if I’m sold at a good price,” she replied, eyes dreamy with the false idea that ‘Madame’ gave her. The girl didn’t know the opposite was waiting for her.

In this auction, men are gathered to look for a woman-for-sale for one out of two choices; either use them for sheer sexual pleasure – a mistress – or re-sell them at a higher price. The women here are very much objectified, and although it disgusts me to be in this situation, I’ll have to bear it for just a little longer.

Once the auction finished, the men came rushing in and picked up the bought girls one by one. There was a mix of emotions in the backstage. When my turn came, I quietly followed them out to the farthest door at the back, with my hands still cuffed behind me and my head bowed.

“My dear, Fallon!” I looked up and saw the gay announcer grinning while nearing me. The men holding me stopped at their tracks. “You’re the luckiest girl tonight! I can’t believe Mr. Rios chose you and for $1 million!” His eyes sparkled at the thought of the large sum of money.

I feigned a worried smile. “Do you think he’ll be good to me?”

“Of course, of course!” He eagerly nodded. “Make sure to not disobey him, darling!”

I was told to continue walking and he had already left to help the others that were bought too. Before I was completely out, my vision dimmed as they blindfolded me. I chose to trust my other senses and felt as they escorted me inside a vehicle. Judging by the number of breathing inside, I assume there’re at least four other men with me.

“Is that her?” Someone spoke.

“Yes, Sir.”

The door closed beside me and my blindfold was taken off. I gulped when I saw the four massive men in suits around me. Two were on either sides, a driver, and another on the shotgun seat. They all carry intimidating air, which led me to believe they’re the Boss’s underlings. So, they’re taking me to their hideout. Good.

Reminding myself of the persona of Fallon, my current identity for this mission where I used my real name, I frantically darted my eyes everywhere and forced my body to shake. This Fallon for this mission is a cowardly, innocent, and gullible woman. I should keep that in mind.

The environment inside during the travel was suffocating. Every time I would twitch even just a muscle, their sharp senses would always dart at me. The road we were taking was familiar to me, probably because I had planned everything beforehand and already found out their hideout – but I wouldn’t show that I know, of course. Not now that I’m defenseless anyway.

We entered a vast front yard with a tall circular fountain in the middle of the path and behind is a wide European mansion. This mansion is at the end of an exclusive village and for passersby, this is just like the others – full of wealthy professionals because they’re the only ones that can afford such luxury, where they’re not entirely wrong. But this is Casa Rios, according to the data I gathered. Casa Rios is currently inhabited by Jett Rios, a business tyrant and infamous boss of the Rios Mafia – my target.

“W-Where are we?” I asked through gritted teeth, feigning a frightened expression.

“Your new home.”

I visibly gulped, hiding my smirk by pursing my lips. The real Fallon inside of me is itching for an action-packed mission. Rios Mafia better not disappoint.

2 weeks before the Casa Rios infiltration…

“Here, I got you some cola.” Jaguar placed a canned bottle in front of me, holding his own as he sat at the chair opposite of me. I grinned and accepted it, exhaling after the first sip.

“Thanks,” I muttered, taking another sip.

“So, Las Vegas, huh?”

I nodded. “I’ll start my mission as soon as I arrive there. I have to put up a good act, you know.”

“Good luck. The Director didn’t disappoint you with another dangerous mission,” he said. “I think he doesn’t expect you to come back alive this one. Prove him wrong.”

“Of course. I’ll postpone my death until I see another one of those bewildered expressions on his face.” I stood up, tapping his shoulder. “I’ll go first, Leo invited me to go shopping before I leave.”

He merely nodded. In two weeks, I’ll be diving into one of the world’s most dangerous seas. But first, I’ll need help from my colleague to test the waters. I might just know how I can avoid drowning.

Chapter 2 - The FBI Elites Rendezvous

I craned my neck around the place to look for a familiar face. Remembering her favorite place in the mall, I made my way to the ice cream shop and indeed found a redhead sitting gleefully on one corner, eating the strawberry ice cream in delight with not a care in the world. Scoffing at her childishness, I entered the shop and abruptly sat down in front of her. She curiously followed my every move while licking her ice cream, not bothering to pause and greet me at all.

“You lose your manners when eating ice cream?” I rose a brow at her.

She grinned and tore the cone away from her face after one more lick. She beamed, “Hi, Hawk! I’m the first one to arrive here so I thought a little snack wouldn’t hurt.”

“For all I know, you wanted to come first so you can eat your ice cream. You can’t tell me otherwise, Leo,” I replied, crossing my arms over my chest. She merely giggled and finished her cone.

Her codename is definitely the complete opposite of her pe


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