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I Am Not A Prostitute

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“Since you s*ck at stripping, why don’t we skip that part and go over to the main thing!.” Lucas suggested as he tries to suppress a laugh. “S-sure!.” Kimberly stuttered and moved closer to him. She cursed herself for not knowing how to do something as simple as stripping. With her heart beating very fast, Kimberly stood in front of Lucas confused on what to do next. Lucas pulled her closer until she is plastered on his body and placed his right hand on her butt while his left hand moved inside her shirt and cease her bare skin. Kimberly immediately panicked and pushed Lucas away from her. “Sorry, I can’t do this. I am not a prostitute!.” Kimberly uttered and picked up her bag amd rushed out…. **** Kimberly needs to pay the fifty thousand dollars her mom owe to loan sharks in a week time or face the consequences. Left with no choice, Kimberly decided to sell her body in order to get the money.

Chapter 1 the dream

“I am going to blindfold your eyes now. Is that okay with you?”. The faceless man asks Kimberly.

“Why do you wish to do that?.” Kimberly curiously asks the man, ignoring his question.

“It’s a surprise. You trust me right?”. The man asked again.

“I do!”. Kimberly answered in a heartbeat. Although the man is faceless and so Kimberly doesn’t know who he is, Kimberly found herself trusting him for reasons unknown to her.

“That’s good! Turn around”. The faceless man said and brought out a bandanna from the pocket of his trousers.

Kimberly turned around and faced her back to him. She allowed the man to cover her eyes as she wondered what the surprise might be. She just hopes that she doesn’t regret her decision to trust him.

He bound her eyes with the bandanna before he held her by the shoulders and started walking to only god knows where.

Kimberly allowed him to silently lead her and after walking for about thirty minutes, the man stopped walking.

“I am going to untie the bandanna from your eyes now but please keep your eyes closed and open it only after I instruct you to okay?”. The man whispered to Kimberly.

“Okay!”. Kimberly answered. By now the butterflies in her stomach have already bubbled up out of excitement.

Kimberly couldn’t wait to see his surprise. She was tempted to open her eyes a little bit and peep but she controlled herself and waited for his instructions.

Kimberly heard the movements of feet and after a minute or so, the man asked her to open her eyes.

Kimberly opened her eyes and closed them again before she reopened her eyes again. She could not believe the sight before her.

In front of Kimberly is a marvelous sight. Kimberly is standing in front of the famous Blue Spring Waterfall.

The Blue Spring Waterfall is one of the unique waterfalls in the world. It is said that the water from the spring is very clean and clear that even if a needle falls in it, one can easily find it. Another beautiful thing about the Blue Spring Waterfall is the different kinds of birds that are nestled in the trees surrounding the waterfall. All manner of beautiful birds has made the spring their dwelling place.

The ticket price for one to have access to the Waterfall cost more than a thousand dollars. And so Kimberly is touched and happy that the man brought her here.

And not only that, the place is well decorated and at the top of the Cliff of the waterfall are flowers decorated in the form of words. Words that made Kimberly’s heart want to jump out because of the rhythm at which it is beating.


Those are the words that are written on the cliff of the waterfall.

Speechless, Kimberly turns to face the man. She turned and found him on his knees holding a diamond sparkling ring.

“But…” Kimberly started to say before she burst into tears.

“I know that we haven’t known each other for long and this is quite sudden. But I want you to know that I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. So will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”. The man asked.

“Yes, I will!”. Kimberly answered happily as she tried to wipe away the tears from her eyes using her left hand.

The man placed the ring on her middle finger and then got up and hugged her. Kimberly hugged him back happily that she is now engaged to the man of her dreams.

The man let go of her and held her face in his hands. It was at this moment that Kimberly saw his face for the first time.

The man is the most handsome man she has ever seen in her life. He looks so angelic with his long eye lashes and seductive eyes. His jaw is well shaped and his trimmed beard suits him quite well.

Kimberly was so lost in admiring him that she didn’t notice that the man came closer to her until she felt his breath on her face.

She knew he was about to kiss her and she anticipated it. But just before he could kiss her, the face of the man changed from the face of the handsome man to the face of her ugly boss Mr. James.

“Ahhhh!”. Kimberly immediately pushed him away from her as she shouted.


“Ahhhhhhh!”. Kimberly woke up from sleep and found herself still shouting.

“What kind of dream is that?”. Kimberly wondered to herself as she placed her hand on her chest to calm her breath.

At first, Kimberly was enjoying the dream until the face of Mr. James appeared from nowhere.

Mr. James is the manager of the hotel where Kimberly works as a cleaner. Mr. James has always disliked Kimberly and always made sure to make her life a living hell.

Kimberly wondered why Mr. James' face had appeared in her dreams. Couldn’t that man allow her to be happy even in her dreams?

Kimberly sat on her bed and thought about the dream she just had. Why is she dreaming about someone proposing to her when she doesn't even have a boyfriend in real life? Maybe it’s a natural way of telling Kimberly that she needs a man in her life now after all, she is already twenty years old.

Nevertheless, Kimberly enjoyed the dream and wished the handsome had kissed her before she woke up. She loudly laid curses at Mr James for ruining the moment for her.

Speaking of Mr. James, Kimberly turned to the side of the bed to check the time from the table watch on the bed stool. Immediately she saw the time, she shot up from the bed.

“Sh*t! I am so dead!”. Kimberly declared as she rushed into the bathroom.

The time is already seven forty and Kimberly is supposed to report to work before eight-ten. She already knows that she is already late. Because except she is a magician, there is no way she could report to work today before eight. Even if she gets ready fast, there is always a bit of traffic outside.

As Kimberly entered the bathroom, she immediately brushed her teeth and took a quick shower before she got back into the room and glanced for something to wear.

She picked up her bag and checked the time again. It’s seven fifty-five. She still has fifteen more minutes. She just hopes that she can make it right on time. Kimberly rushed out of her room and headed for the front door.

“Kimberly what’s with the rush?.” Sarah Kimberly’s mom asked her.

Kimberly cringed before she turned around. She can’t believe she had forgotten to greet her mom.

“Good morning mom!.” Kimberly gave Sarah her best smile. She moved closer to her mom and pecked her on the forehead.

“Morning to you too. Why are you rushing out as if someone is chasing you!.” Kimberly’s mom asked her.

“I am almost late to work and the manager will have my head if I do so,” Kimberly explained to her mom.

“Well, in that case, you better hurry up and be on your way,” Sarah muttered.

Kimberly hugged her mother goodbye and went out of the house. Once she got out of the house, she burst into a run and didn’t stop until she reached the roadside. Luckily enough for her, she immediately got a cab.

“Where to Mam?”. The cab driver asked her as she made herself comfortable in the cab.

“Imperial Royal Hotel!” Kimberly breathlessly said as she tried to calm her heart which was beating very fast because of the run she had just done.

“Please drive faster!.” Kimberly pleaded with the cab driver when she saw the time. It was already three minutes past eight. Kimberly already knows that she is late but she hopes to arrive at work not very late so that her punishment will not be much.

Chapter 2 late to work

After about fifteen minutes, the cab arrived in front of the hotel. Kimberly paid the driver and got out of the car.

She made a silent prayer before she entered the hotel. At the lobby she meets her best friend Susan who also works as a cleaner in the hotel waiting for her with a worried look on her face.

“Is about time you arrive Kimberly. Why are you late today?.” Susan asked Kimberly.

“It wasn’t intentional. I woke up late. Did the manager notice my absence?.” Kimberly asked with her breath held.

Before Susan could reply to her, A deep voice spoke from behind.

“Well, well look who decided to finally grace us with her presence!.” The mean voice of Mr James the hotel manager said from behind Kimberly.

Kimberly knew that she was in trouble today. She slowly turns to face the manager with an apologetic look on her face.

“Mr. James good…” Kimberly started to say before the manager raised his han


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