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Elena stifled a smile, but he already saw her mouth start to curve upwards and he grinned at her. She ignored him. "I'm serious, Chandler." His smile was instantaneous. "Noted." She licked her lips. Her eyes were wide and nervous, and she tucked a stray hair behind her ear. "And you can't kiss me." Chandler tilted his head to the side and studied her. Pushing away from the car, he took a step closer to her. She held her ground, lifting her chin at his approach. "What if you ask me to kiss you?" he said quietly. "Then can I?" Elena exhaled shakily. "I won't do that." "No?" Carefully, he touched his thumb to the curve of her chin. She shook her head, and his hand fell away. "Maybe you won't," he told her. "But hear me right now, love, I'd love it if you asked me for a kiss." —------ When Elena Davis decided to move to Vacaville, she had just one thing in mind — to start her business over after she'd failed the first time she tried. It'd be nice to live in the same city as her twin sister, and getting reunited with her university crush, Elijah Kendrick doesn't seem like a bad idea. But fate, however, has its own plans and she finds herself drawn to someone else—his brother, Chandler Kendrick.

Chapter 1

"Here you go," the landlord said as he stretched his hands towards Elena, "The keys to your new apartment. Welcome to the building," Elena Davis smiled as she reached out to take the keys, "Thank you," she said and watched as the elderly man walked out, closing the front door behind him. She looked around her new apartment and smiled happily. This is a start of something new. The beginning of a new phase in her life. It filled her with happiness, anxiety and fear all at the same time that she didn't know whether to laugh or cry, but what she did know was that she was going to do everything in her power to make things work out for good… She had to. After failing the first time, she didn't really have a choice, did she?Elena Davis had graduated from the university three years ago and had begun the journey of starting her own catering business. Unfortunately, she had failed and had to close down. Elena had been distraught, but a few months ago, her twin sister Emily had suggested that she start over. She'd told her that it was not uncommon for most business owners to fail in the beginning, and she just had to be consistent. She'd come up with the idea of moving to a new environment too, and then pointed out that if Elena moved to Vacaville, where Emily also lived with her husband, she'd be able to help her start over, so Elena had agreed without much hesitation. It wasn't like she had reason to stay. She pulled out her phone to call and sister, and smiled happily when Emily picked up, "It's done," she said with excitement in her voice, "The apartment is officially mine and I just got the keys from the landlord," "Well, congratulations. Aren't you glad I talked you into it." Emily replied, "But you didn’t have to rush to get a place so early. You could have continued to stay with Daniel and I. There's enough room and it would have been fun," "I know," Elena replied, "But I have furniture and a lot of stuff from my old apartment so I just wanted everything to be done with once and for all. Besides, you told me you and Daniel are trying for a baby and I didn't want to….. interrupt the 'process' in any way. Don't want to be in the middle of all the…. You know…"Emily laughed loudly." Fine. I get it. As long as you are here, it doesn't matter. All I know is that my sister and I get to live in the same city again and that's something I've wanted for a while now. You should come home soon. Daniel and I are going out tonight for some drinks. You should come with us… I can introduce you to some friends from work…. And oh, Elijah is coming too. Bet you'd be happy to see him."Elena frowned," And why would I be?"There was an awkward pause before Emily said, "Never mind. Don't be late," Emily hung up and Elena stood for a while, staring at the wall. Elijah…. She had completely forgotten about him. Elijah Kendrick was Emily's best friend when they were in the university, and Elena had had a huge crush on him.. She'd never had the guts to tell him or anyone else how she felt about him. Not even her sister. There had been no point, because Elijah had never looked her way. Not even once. After graduation, everyone had separated to pursue their careers, and slowly she'd forgotten about Elijah. Until now. Her heart fluttered a little bit as she thought about seeing him again. How much had he changed? Would he notice her?…See her differently.. after all this time? Elena was an over thinker, and by the time they were finally heading for the bar that evening, she was a little nervous. The club doors after they passed security were opened wide, and lots of men and women filtered in and out, mingling in groups and chatting and laughing loudly. Some sat at the bar, drinking. Some were on the dance floor… Couples in each other's arms, dancing, talking and smiling at each other.Emily's husband, Daniel led the way and Elena clung to her sister, holding hands as they filtered their way into the club. Elena felt a bit out of place since it'd been a long time since she went clubbing, but Emily noticed and squeezed her hand reassuringly. "Relax," Emily told her, "You're here to have fun, remember?" Elena shrugged and followed them to a table where two beautiful ladies were already seated. When they joined the table one of the girls snorted. "Where the hell have you two been? You're thirty minutes late," The girl said. She had blond curly hair and a pretty face, while the other girl, a brunette nodded in agreement while she stared at Elena. "I'm sorry, okay," Emily apologized, "I had to convince the princess here," she glanced at Elena, "That her outfit was really fine after we wasted fifteen minutes searching for the right one. You guys, meet my sister and the first love of my life… Elena," Both girls smiled at her while Elena smiled back shyly. "It's nice to meet you," the blond girl said, "I'm Lexi and this is Charlotte. Wow, Emily has told us so much about you. We've seen pictures before but damn, you two do look like. If you wore the same clothes and styled your hair the same way, I'm pretty sure I'd have difficulty differentiating the both of you,""What is it like looking at someone and seeing your own face?" Charlotte asked, "Must be weird… Like looking into a mirror," "Well, it's definitely not weird for me," Elena replied, "I know we look alike, but I do see some…. Differences between us. I guess other people might not see them… At least not at first, but after a while, they do," A waiter arrived with a menu and Elena went through it. She didn't want to get drunk, but she wanted enough alcohol to get a little 'buzz'. Daniel would be driving them home, so she didn't have to worry about that. She finally settled for a Long Island iced tea. Emily ordered the same thing while Daniel ordered for beer.

Chapter 2

After the waiter left to get their order, Emily glanced at Lexi, "Where is Elijah?" she asked her, "He texted me on the way and said he was here already. Was he messing with me?" "Now why the hell would I do that?" a voice said behind them. Elena didn't need to look behind her to know who owned that voice….Elijah. —-------Elijah Kendrick was a handsome young man. It was one of the reasons why Elena had had such a huge crush on him in their university days.Elena and Emily were identical, and sometimes students and teachers would confuse them for each other if they didn't know them well. Elena and Emily met Elijah at the same time. But there was something about Emily, some energy buzzing at an undetectable level, that drew Elijah's attention and made him feel comfortable.Elijah and Emily had been best friends ever since, and Elena hated that she looked like Emily—exactly like her—a


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