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Her Grace The Alpha Queen

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Lily Cruz is a 22-years billionaire, heiress to Cruz's cooperation. She's a human who fell in love and Married Damian Cross, her childhood sweetheart. But she almost met her end when her husband and her bestie shot her in the heart to her death. She was thrown over a cliff and her story ended with them. But that was when her story began by being saved by a powerful Alpha on a full moon. He is in his wolf form when he went on a rampage. Kayden Diego, the powerful Alpha of the strongest werewolf pack saved a human in his wolf form which is contrary to the act of devouring her flesh. He made her a hybrid and saved her by giving her his blood. But there's something about Lily Cruz that Kayden Diego couldn't yet lay his fingers on. How will Kayden Diego take it when he realized that the human he saved was his second-chance mate? She holds the magical powers the whole world was looking out for and is the only person who can save his pack from the deadly vampire king. What will happen years later when Lily Cruz returns to take her cooperation, her world, and her properties from the people who masterminded her death?


"See you in the next life,Lily Cruz"!!!!

"F*ck off"


Lily's eyelids trembled and her eyes snapped open. She shut them again as the rush of reflection coming from the sun makes her body tingled.

She slowly opened her eyes until it's able to adjust to the intensity of light that rushed in. She raised herself to sit upright.

She glanced around and it seemed she didn't know where she was. She tried to search her memory but it seemed empty.

She remained stilled, her memory was completely blank. She doesn't know a thing, where she was or how she got there.

Then she remembered the dream she just had before she woke up. She really dreamt that she saw herself fall down a cliff?

The thoughts of it sent cold shivers down her spine. She yawned and stretched herself

She looked around the exquisite bedroom where she laid and tried searching her memory where that place was.

She doesn't know a thing. She became very uncomfortable and restless. Where is her memory blank? Why can't she recall anything?

She stood up with trembling feet. What's wrong with her, why can't she remember anything? Who is she? Is she the one called Lily as she heard in her dream?

Looking around the beautifully decorated room, the expensive sofa and the large bed she just stood up from, she couldn't remember how she ended up there.

She walked over and stood by the window. It appears it's winter and the breeze is cold. The building was decorated with colorful lights and flowers.

As far as she could see, there were alot of tall ,big trees covered in darkness. She doesn't know if she had been there before but everything appeared unfamiliar.

The place looked really weird and secretive. The more she tried to recall her past, the more difficult she found it and as it is, her head was aching. She seemed to be having a brain concussion.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of someone opening the door;

She was startled!!!

Gradually, she turned herself to face the door and see who came in.The door opened to reveal a handsome man. He wore a tight fitting purple polo revealing his muscular physique on a black jeans.

He is 188 cm in height with broad shoulders and a well built muscular body but a deathly freezing pair of eyes.

Lily was stunned as she stared at the strange man who just walked in.

His deep gray eyes stared back at her as if it was holding so many unspeakable words, his curly long hair along with his white smooth skin were glowing like a diamond.

His appearance and the aura emanating from him made him appear to be a powerful man.

Staring at the woman standing right in front of him, he could tell what was going on in her thoughts but ignoring her looks he said "You are finally awake, I know you are going to come back to life again!"


Lily shivered at the words the man uttered. Had she been in a coma?

"What happened to me? How did I get here? Who are you?" Lily asked her questions successively without waiting to get her first question answered before asking another.

"You asked so many questions, but didn't get worked up. Relax, I will answer all your questions and clear your doubts, but first, go and take a bath. You've been unconscious for a few days.

There's a closet attached to the bathroom, there you will find some clothes, you can choose to wear whatever you want to.

And lastly, when you are done, meet me downstairs and I'll answer your questions" he smirked and then walked out.

Kayden Diego is a 3000 years old werewolf Lord. He's the Alpha of the Middleton pack. The pack consisted of 1000 members, a relatively large population for a pack. The pack had formerly been ruled by his father until he fought with the Lakewood pack and won.

The Middleton pack had formerly consist


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