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Her Grace The Alpha Queen

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Lily Cruz is a 22-years billionaire, heiress to Cruz's cooperation. She's a human who fell in love and Married Damian Cross, her childhood sweetheart. But she almost met her end when her husband and her bestie shot her in the heart to her death. She was thrown over a cliff and her story ended with them. But that was when her story began by being saved by a powerful Alpha on a full moon. He is in his wolf form when he went on a rampage. Kayden Diego, the powerful Alpha of the strongest werewolf pack saved a human in his wolf form which is contrary to the act of devouring her flesh. He made her a hybrid and saved her by giving her his blood. But there's something about Lily Cruz that Kayden Diego couldn't yet lay his fingers on. How will Kayden Diego take it when he realized that the human he saved was his second-chance mate? She holds the magical powers the whole world was looking out for and is the only person who can save his pack from the deadly vampire king. What will happen years later when Lily Cruz returns to take her cooperation, her world, and her properties from the people who masterminded her death?


Krissy Lewis

Review after half of the novel

So far this book has me in a chokehold . Lilys character is amazing and I can’t wait for her to discover her past and put that gold digging pos husband in his place . However I feel as though envy is going to be the person who exposes where lily is . So sad how jealousy works . I can’t wait to see her transform and how she looks . This book I can’t put down and have spent money on coins just to keep reading . DO READ.

January 10, 2024

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