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  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Navii
  • Chapters: 17
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 20
  • 5.5
  • 💬 2


What started with an ice cream flavor ended with blood and chaos. Natasha Romanoff an elite assassin working for under a Mafia boss to provide for her sister makes a deal with the devil to set her sister free but disappears, changing her identify and praying never to see him again. Nathan Valentines a psychopathic killer nicknamed "the Rabid dog of the Valentines" gets attracted to the assassin with beautiful piercing eyes not knowing she is the daughter of his enemy. He strikes a deal with her and waits patiently to take his price. What will Natasha do when the devil comes knocking at her door, will she give him what she promised years ago or will she run again?

Chapter 1

Argh! Why does bad things happen to good people, I know I'm not good but even so you all should give me a god-damned break I really deserve it" Stephen whined.

" Young master, please calm down" William rebuked

Stephen stood up from the couch he was sitting on and started walking round the room .

"Everything is just going wrong, people like him needs to die" a devilish smirk formed on him face and he turned to his butler " how about I storm into his manor and kill everyone it's gonna be a massacre to remember".

" Young master I don't think that is wise"

" Then what is wise William? You tell me"

Before his butler could give his own option on the matter a knock interrupted them

"Come in"

The door opened and a young man came inside the room he looked like he was in his late teens, blonde hair was styled in curly waves and his ocean blue eyes shone very brightly, his skin was so fair that the tip of his nose was reddish because of the blood pumping to prevent the cold. He was wearing a red hoodie and baggie cargo shorts. He walked towards the window without sparing a glance to the people in the room, he opened the window and looked outside, he had an amused look on his face.

"Whoa the flowers look very pretty, just take a look at them, phew I wish I can just be a flower".

It sounded a bit ridiculous but the occupants of the room knew he wasn't joking, it was rare to see him without a bloodshot look and he looked awfully calm and it was odd for him to be calm when there is alot of crisis.

"Boss you shouldn't be stressing yourself" it was Stephen who spoke up

" Older brother, you shouldn't refer to your younger brother as boss" he said with a strained smile .

" Young masters, the spy that was caught last night is in the basement"

He turned sharply with a devilish grin and started walking out of the room, then suddenly he turned.

"Aye, I'm not the only one who wants to see the spy right!!" He yelled excitedly "come along my underlings the spy awaits" with that he walked out and a loud laugh filled the hallway

"He really is something else and I thought therapy would help him out but he just became worse" said Stephen as he let out a long sign

"Young master, he is actually just what this business needs"

" I know but I still wish my brother wasn't such a blood thirsty psychopath"

He opened the door and left the room, the basement wasn't his favorite place but he could put up with it because his younger brother loves it.


The basement was a dump, that wasn't the description because it was worse than a dump. It was very dark the only source of light was the small bulb on the wall that shoned weakly, he walked majestically into the room and shut the iron door behind him

" Maybe one of these days I'll send someone to clean this place up" he mused to himself, there was a puddle of blood on the floor and the room had a strong stench of blood, the walls were stained with blood and the paint on the wall was slightly faded. He walked carefully towards the body tied to a chair and smiled 'sheesh my prey is asleep in the presence of his predator' he turned when he heard the door open and saw Stephen walk in with William and as usual Stephen looked uncomfortable, he let out a long sigh his dear brother was enduring all this for his sake and he found it cute.

"Don't tell me you plan on standing at the door forever" he called out to them and they walked towards him

"What do you plan on doing to him?" Asked Stephen who looked like he would rather be anywhere than there.

"It's simple, I'll just beat the truth out of him and if you have a soft stomach you better leave now" he replied with a sheepish smile but his eyes were telling another story, they were so cold that a shiver ran down Stephen's spine but he didn't attempt to leave. After a while he walked in the opposite direction and picked up his hockey stick, he walked slowly towards the sleeping prisoner and nudged him a little with the stick and as soon as the prisoner raised his head and met his icy blue eyes he smiled.

" Good day, you know you shouldn't be sleeping in front of your predator" he said with a closed eyed smile

" Who are you?" The prisoner asked

" You have to tell me your name before I tell you mine" he replied nonchalantly using his right hand to stroke his chin while holding the hockey stick with his left.

"Michael and you?"

"Whoa! I never knew spies had names!!" He exclaimed happily " now Michael will you please tell my older brother here who you were working for?"

The spy didn't reply and his patience was slowly running out, he raised his hockey stick very high in the air and air and hit him very hard on his stomach

"Argh!!" Michael yelled as blood tickled down his lips while Stephen looked disgusted and William looked away.

He let out a loud laugh like a psychopath and continued hitting his prey with his hockey stick, blood splashed on his face and clothes but he still continued. After a few minutes he stopped and stared at his handiwork and smiled gently

"D*mn, you're making this difficult or wait how about I cut your fingers and feed it to you"

He dropped his hockey stick and pulled out a knife from his cargo shorts and digged it deep inside his arm. Blood ran down Michael's arm while he struggled to get himself free

"How is Michael spelt again?, Erm let's see" he stroked his chin with his bloody pinky and smiled " yes !! M...I..." He continued as he started writing with knife on his arm

"I'll ...t..ell you" Michael said panting heavily the blood loss was affecting him greatly

"You would have told me since!! D*mn I got myself all dirty" he whined

"Romanoff, he sent me ..aha...ha..ha.. he wanted to know how much you were profiting from the black market"

" So you're a spy of Romanoff?" This time it was Stephen who asked

" Yes"

"Boss, he is all yours we've gotten what we want, make good use of him , come on Williams we need to leave" Stephen walked out with William.

" Older brother said you're all mine now how should I make good use of you?" He asked with a wicked smile .

" N...o st..op please!!!!!" Michael pleaded but all his pleas fell on deaf ears as his predator picked up his hockey stick and started hitting him with it. After a while the pleas died down and he stared at the dead body in front of him

"Whoa! He really died huh?" He nudged him a little with his hockey stick but his prey was still "and I wanted to tell him my name, but whatever you can't wake the dead" he said with a smile and started walking out of the room "I look very dirty, maybe a cold shower would do the trick" he mumbled to himself and walked out.


The sun was hot today but he didn't care, it wasn't everyday he was permitted to leave the manor. He was dressed in his signature look, a hoodie, cargo shorts and a sneakers. He was walking in the direction on the park when he heard a loud noise it seemed like someone was yelling for help

"Argh!!! Who is making that noise I should just go there and shut them up myself" he scratched his head tiredly and started moving in the direction of the noise, when he started getting closer the noise stoped but he followed his instinct and it led him to an abandoned alley, there was blood on the floor and bloodied bodies was on the floor

"Sheesh it seems like someone beat me to it but whatever" he said and walked out.

" I need an ice cream" he told the seller on the street.

" What flavour sir?"

"Which of the flavours is the best?"


The voice behind him startled him. It was a purple haired girl with piercing red eyes she looked a bit rough, there was dust on her pants and when he looked very carefully her lips were slightly bruised, some people might mistake her bruised lips as a result of intimacy but he saw it clearly she was either just into a fight or she was abused.

"Quit starring, you're making me self conscious" she said as she stood beside him and faced the selling " give him chocolate and give me vanilla"

”hey why should you get a different flavour?" He whined

" Well I prefer vanilla to chocolate"

"Then I'll have what she is having please"

" Suit yourself *ssh*l*"

She smelt nice but there was an underlying stench of blood. Her eyes were very sharp and he knew she wasn't an ordinary teen she was either an assassin or an assassin's target. He noticed a bit of blood on her lips and smiled 'she doesnt even know how to clean herself properly' he dragged her to him and licked the dried blood on her lips

"Argh!!! What did you just do?" It happened so fast that she didn't even have time to stop him. She glared at him but he was smiling, a shiver ran down her spine, his eyes were full on hostility she wanted nothing to do with him he was like death himself.

"Here, take your ice cream" the seller said with a smile and handed them their ice creams, he paid for the both of them and she left immediately but he kept on following her

"Will you stop following me already" she said annoyingly

" At least tell the guy who paid for your ice cream your name"

She stopped and turned to him, they were standing in an alley and for some reason she felt very scared while he looked amused

"Okay, my name is Natasha"

" Whoa! Such a pretty name"

" Now can I leave?" She asked, her eyes were already twitching

" Now now you shouldn't be in such a hurry, you haven't told me your age yet" his gaze was intimidating, she knew he was the predator and she the prey

" I'm 16" she said nonchalantly

"Whoa! You're a year older than me and you're so short" he said with a grin.

" Now if you would excuse me I have to leave"

" You didn't ask for my name"

" Don't wanna know it besides I pray this will be the last time we met"

He smiled gently and for a minute his eyes softened but she thought she was seeing things, he bent a bit and pressed a kiss on her lips

"My name is Nathan, I hope our fates intertwine and I believe we will meet again" he said and walked out. She stood there till his footsteps faded too stunned to do anything.

Chapter 2


" What is it?" He asked without lifting his head from the paperwork on his desk

" The young mistress is back"

"Well isn't that new, she is late" he said as he finally lifted his head up.

His brown eyes shoned in contrast to his dual coloured hair. His elbows were resting on the desk while supporting his jaw. He carefully set his reading glasses down and he had a slight frown on his face

"That child is never late so what's the issue today?" He asked no one in particular while his assistant just let out a sheepish laugh trying to ease the tension in the room.

"Father may I come in"

"Come in"

The door opened and she walked in, the child he was waiting for. She looked a bit roughed up than usual and her eyes didn't have the fierce look they usually had. Her lips were bruised but that seemed like the only injury she had on her and a little dirt o


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