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Falling For The Bad Girl

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Rated 🔞: Explicit contents present. Don't read if you can't handle it. All Kristen could offer is sex and nothing more due to her tragic past, She met Frederick at one of her craziest nights and slept with him but then, Frederick could go extra mile to make her see that there is more to life than holding on to THE PAST. When she thought life was being fair to her, something terrible happened which opens up a past no one knows about. She lost her memory leaving her with no knowledge of who Frederick is and giving her a whole new identity. Frederick would have to fight for a love he had nurtured for so long when Lous, an alleged fiance of Kristen surfaced.

Chapter 1 Hands Off My Girl

    With her legs crossed on the table, Kristen Chase sat, puffing cigarettes with a bottle of champagne in her right hand. She was bored to Earth and the only thing she could do was drink and smoke her evening away. She never gets drunk or gets tired of smoking. It's something her system is used to.

It's been over an hour since she was here and sitting by herself was all she wanted for the evening.

Men had approached her severally but she turned every one of them down.

Her purpose of coming out tonight was to get good sex but getting to the bar, she had a change of mind. Drinking and smoking was the only thing she could do to take her mind off the aching between her legs.

She was sitting at the far end of the bar off the main clubhouse where it was hard to tell what she looked like. The dim light was not doing justice to her pretty face. She was not alone, people who came for different purposes were seen doing one thing or the other. Some were with partners and some were alone like Kristen herself.

She inhaled the smoke into her lungs and slowly opened her eyes, puffing the smoke through her nostril.

The night was fast approaching and soon enough the clubhouse would be filled up. It was Friday night and it is expected to be so in Little Castle.

Little Castle has to be one of the prestigious clubhouses in town. Despite being owned by one of the richest billionaires in Town, anyone is allowed to be there no matter their class and that's why Kristen could be there because she is from the average family in Town.

Little Castle has hosted Kristen for five years.

She has been coming here since she was Seventeen. She has got no friends and because of that, she was seen as a bitch she had proven to be.

She can't keep you if you can't offer anything that is related to sex to her and which is why she doesn't keep female friends.

She had kept a couple of boyfriends but they ended up ditching her because they could not keep up with her taste for sex.

She has not seen anyone who had matched her in bed so she stopped keeping boyfriends and started doing flings.

For a week now she has been sex starved and her toys were not doing much for her so today she decided to come to Little Castle and get high then seek for who would bed her for the night. But getting to the club she changed her mind and decided to drink and smoke only.

Krisywas dressed in this black skimpy gown that has her boobs and curves showing with long black rubber boots.

Her hair was in a messy ponytail and her lips were painted black, giving her the black queen vibes.

Her look is of a black Angel, except for her pretty face you might mistake her to be a demon in an Angel form.

She threw the remaining cigarettes on the floor and picked another one, lit it up, and put it back in her mouth. She was definitely feeling good and it felt like it was just her in her world with no one else.

For the better part of the evening, she has been smoking more than drinking but still, she has the bottle of champagne in her hand.


At the entrance of the clubhouse, three dudes were seen trying to persuade the fourth one among them to go inside the clubhouse house with them.

Fredrick would rather be at home and do something worthwhile with his time than be there.

Clubbing has never been his thing but his three close friends had made jest of him earlier about him being the holiest one among them and for him to prove to them that he is as bad as they are, he had accepted to go clubbing with them but getting to the clubhouse, he had changed of mind and decided to leave but his friends would not hear of it.

"You can't tell me you are chickening out already?"

Bryan asked, almost laughing at Freddy like he had been called by his friends.

"Dude, why do you behave like a woman? No one is asking you to do anything. Just sit around and watch us do our thing. Is it too much for you to hang out with us?"

Fredrick eyed Justin who just spoke.

"Come on dude, we are here already"

The third guy, Larry, said frustrated.

Fredrick looked from one person to another and started walking into the clubhouse with his hands on his nose. The place smells of smoke mixed with wine.

His friends did a victory dance behind him and followed him in.

They got a table and settled down with Fredrick still having his hand on his nose.

"Gush, this place stinks"

He murmured and looked up as if he was searching for something there or maybe he was searching for a breath of fresh air.

Larry stood up and walked to the counter to get drinks for them. He came back with a bottle of whiskey and four wine glass cups.

Fredrick brought his head down and watched in amazement. He did not plan to drink tonight so he did not know what the third glass was doing right there.

"Fuck off dude, it's not by force to sit with you"

They heard and turned toward the direction of the voice.

A girl in black was trying to tell a dude off but it looks like the guy was not ready to fuck off.

The three others pulled their gaze away like it was normal stuff but Fredrick had his eyes on the girl.

He felt this anger towards the dude that was pestering the girl and he stood up then headed to her table with three pairs of eyes staring after him in surprise.

"Hands of my girl, Jerk"

Chapter 2 Wild Thoughts

     The guy who was trying to pull Kristen off her seat stopped and turned towards Frederick almost glaring at him.

"How come she is your girl when she stated that she is single? "

The guy said and wiped the sweat off his face. He stinks of alcohol and looking at him you would know he is a hooligan.

His breath was wrecking of cigarettes and he had bloodshot eyes.

Kristen shook her head and turned her face away then continued smoking nonchalantly, like what was going on in her presence is none of her concern.

"I am sure you know it's a crime to force a lady to do what she does not want to get off and leave her alone. Who cares if she is single or not"

Frederick found him saying. He was surprised that he is taking a bullet for a lady he doesn't know.

The guy scoffed and staggered away.

Frederick turned towards the girl smoking, studied her for a while, and left to meet his friends.

Kristen watched


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