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Falling For My Mafia Lord

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Zaynab
  • Chapters: 19
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 39
  • 7.5
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"Spread those s*xy legs apart cupcake, I want to f*ck that hole of yours." His octave dropped a heat that made there way to her p*ssy, making her shake. His hands fondled her boobs softly as he stared deeply into her eyes. "Your body is mine Kate... Every bit of it... I am going to make you feel the butterfly no one ever has." ** Kate Walter sought out to seek justice for her parents' death, and Dante Romano, who ran a club during the day and led a mafia at night, was a suspect. To dig into the truth, she took a job as a nanny for Dante's daughter. Little did she know that Dante was more than just a boss; he was known for his pleasurable lifestyle. The merciless mafia boss whose aura neither sized nor decreased. Now, Kate faces the challenge of staying focused on her mission without getting caught up in Dante's enticing world. Can Kate fulfill her mission without succumbing to the allure of the seductive mafia boss?

Chapter 1


"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Protect the company." 

Those were the last words of my father. The words I've lived in my heart ever since. It has been two years already, but the scene is still fresh in my brain. It happened one night, the day I graduated from college, and also the day I turned twenty. It was supposed to be a memorable day in my life, but it turned out to be the most unforgettable day of my life. I returned home after a small party at my school to celebrate the rest of the evening with my parents. I was met with a painful encounter of my life: the lifeless body of my mother and my father about to take his last breath.  

I wasn't able to say goodbye to my mother nor have the chance to do that with my father. The only words I got out of him were: "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Protect the company." 

At that moment, I knew I had to take over the family business which I dreaded. I always tell my father I can't handle his business. His replies were short. “I believe you can do it. Time will tell.” It was as if he knew something would happen to him. And it pained me that even after their demise, I hadn't healed. I don't think I will be able to heal from the pain. They were my everything.  

My father, Franklin Walter, was the founder of Evergreen Energy Innovation, a company specializing in energy technologies. The company started with only one branch, but with its success, we have opened up branches in three countries: Germany, Singapore, and China. And now I'm striving to open one in Australia. It hasn't been an easy journey. But so far, we have gotten enough support from trusted business partners even after my father's death and most importantly my uncle, who is currently the head of the company.  

I knew I wouldn't be able to do it alone without support. My uncle Edwin and my father are brothers from the same parents. He has the same replica with my father which always reminds me of my father.  

A knock sounded from my office door followed by the presence of my secretary Eliana. "Sorry for interrupting you, Ma'am," she said as politely as ever.  

I dropped the pen I was holding and turned my face towards the tall Eliana. "What is it, Eliana?" I asked.  

She marched forward, her heels making a low noise on the marble floor. "The mail came in," she spoke. I didn't plan to show my anticipation in front of her, but my eyes somehow showed a flicker of curiosity as Eliana gently placed the brown envelope on my desk.

"Thank you," I said, my attention partly on the brown envelope. Just when she was about to turn on her heels, I spoke up again. "Clear my schedule for today."

"Alright, Ma'am," she replied with a bow of her head before walking out of the office. As soon as I heard the shutting of the door, I instantly reached for the envelope and peeled it open.

"He just arrived in the state. Let's proceed with the plan."

I don't know if I should be overjoyed or angry at the message, but I knew I was slowly getting there. It doesn't matter if I don't have the resources on the ground, but I know I would be able to accomplish my mission. I wasted no time in grabbing my bag, phones, and car keys and made my way out. I didn't stop anywhere but my uncle's office.

"Don't tell me you're leaving the office already?" He said, lifting his head from the computer screen.

A small smile played on my lips as I grabbed my seat. "Well... I guess it's time for me to start my main job. He's here in the state," I announced.

"And you're excited to leave the company?"

"I'm not entirely leaving. Let's say I'm taking a break. And besides, you're here, so I don't have to worry about anything," I said, using my hand to explain. I could see the worriedness on his face as I let out the words.

"I know what you're worried about, Uncle. Trust me, I can handle this. I've been waiting for this day," I continued.

He finally heaved out a deep breath and reached for my hand resting on his desk. "Listen, Kate, I know what happened has really done a lot of damage to your life. Can't you forget everything? It's been two years."

I withdrew my hand and sat up. "I can't. I don't want to. It's not an accident. They were killed, Uncle. My parents were murdered, and I won't rest until I find the killer, even if that entails risking my life." I guess from my outburst, he should be able to know I don't intend to miss even a bit of the chance to seek justice for my parents' death.

I had reached the door and was about to pull on the doorknob when his words stopped me. "What about your position?"

"You can have someone take over for the time being. After all, no one knows who I am." With that, I walked out.

My steps were fast as I took an exit from the elevator. My head held high as I took the route of the company entrance. I was just a normal employee in the company like other people. I work in my father's company as a normal staff. I prefer it to be that way. I won't say for security purposes because I know whoever killed my parents knows me also.

I pressed the car key button and unlocked the door. I dropped my bag by the side and dialed the number on my phone. "Gina, meet me at the salon," I said and ended the call before reaching for my other phone and made another call.

"Gabe, send me all the information on him, ASAP."

I ignited the engine to life and drove away. I met up with a nervous-looking Gina outside the salon entrance. "Why do you look nervous as if someone is going to take your life?" I said as I approached her.

The nervous look was still plastered on her face. "Who knows, maybe you're here to take my life."

I shook my head and grabbed her by the arm. "Let's finish from here first. We have a deal to strike."

"Tell me you're joking," Gina blurted out as soon as we hopped inside the car after we were done from the salon. I had cut out my long hair. I spared her a brief glance.

"Does everything I told you inside look like a joke to you?"

"It doesn't... I mean... how can you work as a maid?"

"Point of correction. As a s*xy maid."

"But why? Wait... It was written here that Dante Romano is a s*x maniac. What if-" I stepped on the brake, getting the car to a stop.

I turned to a wide-eyed Gina, placing a hand on her shoulder. "It's dangerous, Kate," she continued. I don't know why everyone thinks my plans are dangerous.

"Look Gina, you're my only friend, and you know what happened to my parents. You know how this is important to me. I don't care whether Dante Romano is a s*x maniac. What I know is, he's the key to finding the killer. He's a suspect."


"Do you remember my father's words: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. So don't worry, I can handle this."

Gina still wasn't satisfied with my explanations. A smile curved up my lips and I turned on the engine once again. "I heard he has a five-year-old daughter."


"It will make my work easier. And I know what you're worried about. Although I can be a horny b*tch sometimes, but I can resist the temptation." I said with a wink.

She rolled her eyes. "Do you think you can? Women are literally dying to be in his bed. See his nickname. Dante Romano, the pleasure don." Gina turned her phone screen towards me. I have already gone through all that was to know about him.

Dante Romano, twenty-seven-year-old single father who owns a high-end nightclub by the name Eclipse Lounge. Not only that, he has another business. A popular Restaurant in the state and a branch in Singapore. He's a man that travels around a lot. There wasn't much information about his personal life apart from him being a single father and a s*x maniac. There was no other information beyond that.

Wondering how Dante Romano was involved in my plan? I found a picture of my father and Dante Romano's father in one of my father's drawers with some business deal contracts. Unfortunately, Romano Clevis died from a heart attack a few months after my parents' demise. My instinct told me they are somehow connected, which was why I was tailing Dante Romano.

Gina's words brought me back from the short trance I ventured into. "I trust you, Kate. Just be careful. I don't want you going through a tough situation again."

I flashed her a smile and squeezed her hand. "Thank you, Gina."

My phone chimed with a text from Gabe. “Everything is set. You're in.”

"Wish me luck," I said, turning to her once again.

"Wish you the best of luck, but remember, no having s*x with him."

"I won't promise on that. I might give in to temptation."

I got a glare from her in return. "Don't come crying to me later on."

"Don't worry. That won't happen. Instead, he'd be the one begging me for pleasure."

I arrived at Dante Romano's Mansion. Gina drove back with my car. She didn't fail to warn me against giving in to Dante Romano. I took in a deep breath before alighting inside. I wasn't surprised to see men guarding the big mansion. Well, it's normal for a renowned man to protect himself. Before I could proceed further, an elderly man emerged from the gigantic door and ushered me to follow him.

I followed the man as he led me through the big door. I didn't have time to feed my eyes with the surroundings as the man's steps were fast. It was quite hard to keep up with him.

"Wait here while I fetch the boss," he said and then walked away. As soon as he was out of sight, I released the breath I didn't know I was holding.

"D*mn! This house is d*mn big," I muffled out, scanning the surroundings. My phone chimed from my jeans pocket. I knew it was Gina, so I ignored it.

Five minutes going to ten passed by, and yet there wasn't any sign of the man or Dante Romano. I decided to sit while waiting, but before I could sit on the luxurious couch, a voice from nowhere echoed through my ears, making me turn my head towards the source of the voice. All of a sudden, I lost balance and stumbled on the couch.

The figure took slow steps towards me, all the while my eyes didn't drop from looking at him. He stopped a few paces from me. D*mn! His tall figure!

"Gold digger or a thief?"

Is that a human's voice, or Am I imagining it? How can someone's voice be so s*xy?

I didn't answer him. Heck, his words haven't settled well in my brain. I was busy checking him out. A dirty image subsequently formed in my head. If he's a s*x maniac, I'm sure his d*ck will be big and long.

"Oh, you're here for the s*x," My head instantly snapped back to reality. Even at that, my head was still spinning from how sexily hot his voice was.

"I—" I parted my lips to make out a word when he took more steps, almost closing the small distance between us. I gulped down my saliva at the way my eyes traveled down, in between his legs to be precise. The internet didn't lie when they said women are dying to be in his bed. But then, that wasn't the case for me. I came for a job, not to get laid.

"Do you know how to ride a d*ck?" This time around my eyes snapped towards his face.

"I' the job," I wanted to smack my head for allowing my voice to come out hoarse. His eyes lingered on me for a while. Did I forget to mention how my heart was racing inside? As if it will pop out of its socket.

"I—" My grip on my thigh tightened as I tried to make out a sentence. I'm not normally this clumsy.

"I heard you need a—" I recalled Gabe told me he's a smart man. So, I have to tread carefully.

My eyes literally widened at his next statement. "You're hired. Strip down and give me a blow job."

Chapter 2


My mouth slightly parted, trying to summon the answer to give him. His eyes also didn't waver on me. "I-"


My head whipped to the tall young woman standing at the entrance door with a frown on her face. Her eyes were fixed on Dante, whose by all means expression didn't shift.

"You didn't tell me you'd be coming back home," she said, clicking her arms with Dante in a seductive way.

"I told you to always call before coming, Chloe."

"It doesn't matter. I know you missed me." And right at that moment, the two shared a kiss. It was as if I was invisible in front of them. Chloe began unbuttoning Dante's shirt, and that was when I decided to intervene. I can't have my eyes see something that will trigger what I would not be able to control.

"Um... Excuse me," I cracked out. Their attention finally reverts to me. Dante didn't wear much of


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