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Drak Warriors Series Synopsis Karen didn't know that beings from other planets existed until she was kidnapped by a strange race of lizard men and taken to what seemed to be a spaceship, far away from her planet. But a series of events lead her into the hands of a s*xy and hot alien who is determined to keep her. Drak is a warrior from the planet Dargox. He has only one thing in mind, liberating his galaxy from the slavery of the Lars. That is, until he sees the small human woman and he is more than willing to fight to have her. He not only wants her body but also her heart forever. In the hands of this being from another planet, Karen is about to discover what she has always been searching for. Love.

Chapter 1: Karen

Chapter 1KARENFinding a new job. That was her first thought as she packed her small suitcases into her car before hastily leaving that b*st*rd's house.With nowhere to go, Karen drives south in Australia, fleeing from her abusive ex-husband after being beaten by him for the eighth time, wondering how she was so blind not to see what the man truly was. With him now in prison, it was time to get away after being discharged from the hospital where she spent three weeks recovering from the brutal beating that the *ssh*l* gave her, nearly killing her.Karen regretted not leaving earlier that morning and being able to enjoy the sun instead of driving hundreds of kilometers at night when that bright, blinding light descended upon her. That way, she wouldn't be in her current situation, on the cold floor of a cage with thick metal bars, a kind of cup in the corner where she was supposed to relieve herself, a dirty and foul-smelling blanket was the only thing covering her curvaceous, half-naked body, as she was only wearing her underwear.She looked up and saw the only other woman apart from her, who had been picked up in the past days. How did she know she had been in this sh*t spaceship for days? Easy, because the horrible purple-scaled lizard-like men turned off the lights after bringing her her third and final meal for the day. She had to give them some credit for assuming or figuring out that they had to feed them three times a day, that or they intended to fatten them up for their next meal. At first, she panicked and screamed as loud as she could, but after being shot with some kind of electric gun in the leg that knocked her unconscious from the pain it caused, she stopped screaming, hating the fact that she couldn't do anything and even less understand what they were saying to her.After being alone for about a week, give or take, they brought in two women, one of them couldn't stop screaming hysterically no matter how much Karen tried to calm her down and make her listen, despite not speaking her language, which she was sure was Spanish. Until one of the lizards entered the cargo hold and approached the woman who wouldn't stop crying and screaming, unlocking her cage, taking her out, and shooting her with a laser gun. Karen screamed in horror as the woman's blood splattered on her face. Now only silence reigned as neither of them spoke. It was just her and the woman next to her cage."Hey," she heard a raspy voice next to her. Karen looked at her. "Do you have any idea where they're taking us?" she observed the dark-haired woman speaking to her."I'm sorry. I have no idea.""But you've been here for a while, right? I mean, you were already here when I arrived.""Yes. When I came, I was alone. I spent some time like that, I assume around a week or two, I'm not sure. Then the other woman and you arrived," she said, looking at the woman with unshed tears in her beautiful chocolate eyes."I'm really scared," she confessed while trembling."I know. I'm scared too. I always thought we weren't alone in the world, that there was something else out there. But I never thought this would happen... to any of us," she paused. "I escaped from my parents' house to see my boyfriend at his father's ranch a few miles away. When a tiny red light blinked near my feet, I started following it, sure that it was him playing with me. Then a white light blinded me and I didn't know anything else.""The same thing happened to me, but I was driving. What's your name? Where are you from? You have an accent when you speak.""Jessica Williams, but everyone calls me Jess. I'm from Texas.""I'm Karen Hass. From Australia. Everything will be okay, Jess. Just stay calm." Or at least, that's what she hoped.Karen had moved closer to the bars to be closer to the young woman silently crying."How old are you, Jess?" she asked. At this point, she didn't know who she was trying to distract more, Jess or herself.The young woman hesitated."Twenty," Karen scrutinized her, searching for any sign of a lie. But the truth was, she looked very young. "I live with my parents and I'm a medical student. I want to be a surgeon.""That's great, Jess.""And you?""Twenty-eight. I have a degree in public relations and communications. I used to..." Suddenly, the ship shook, startling both of them. Jess grabbed Karen's hands, and they looked at each other in horror. Another tremor made Karen realize that the ship was being hit by something. Red lights flashed with a loud alarm sound, indicating that something really bad was happening.Were they under attack?!A lizard ran in, pointing in all directions while speaking to someone on the other side of the device in his non-existent ear. The ship kept moving, he ran to the cargo door and tried to block it but it was too late, a loud explosion resounded in the place. Karen held Jess as tightly as she could. The lizard was thrown backward as the door opened with a blast. Ten figures fully covered in leather-like suits entered, heavily armed. Some of them went inside the ship and more shots were heard, while the others watched them. One of them stepped forward from Karen's cage, she couldn't see him because he was covered by a helmet and the polarized glass prevented her from seeing his face.He growled something at her that she couldn't understand, her body trembled. Jess moaned beside her."Shhh!" Karen reminded her.The figures positioned themselves in front of the cages and aimed their weapons at them. Karen thought her moment had come, so she closed her eyes tightly. Gunshots were heard, and then more until it stopped, only the footsteps approaching made her open her eyes and realize that she was alive and that they had only opened the cage doors. She and Jess stayed together, one of them got inside, holstering his weapon and lifting his hands palms up in surrender. He growled something again, but Karen shook her head to let him know that she didn't understand, as she realized he was trying to communicate with her. He looked at the others and growled, and they all nodded and went into the ship with the others, leaving one with the one who was with her, making the same movements as him. Karen realized two things: One, that they were enemies of the lizards.Two, that if these guys hadn't killed them yet, it could only mean one thing... they were rescuing them. What else could go wrong?She let go of Jess and held onto the bars to get up, her trembling legs made her very unstable. She swayed slightly, strong hands grabbed her forearm to hold her up, she looked at the person who growled at her again, getting a better look at him, he was really tall, like two meters and something, she wasn't sure. Big and strong muscles could be seen under his suit.He came closer and without warning, scooped her up, carrying her heavy size 16 body as if it weighed nothing."Let her go!" Jess shouted."I'm fine." She had to reassure her in some way, even though she was trembling with fear, she looked at her."Do you plan on letting them take you?""If you have a better idea, say it. But let me remind you that nothing could be worse than being kidnapped from our homes on Earth, because it's obvious we're not there anymore." She fell silent."Do you think we'll be okay?" Jess asked again."I can't guarantee that. But let's consider that these guys have killed those lizards. I don't want them to harm either of us. So please, let's stay calm." She looked for Jess with her eyes, since she could only see the person in front of her. "Come on, Jess, come with me." She reminded her of her little sister who died three years ago in an accident."No. I'm scared.""I am too. But I'll ask them to keep us together.""How will you do that if they don't understand us?""One step at a time." It was obvious that these guys didn't want to harm them, otherwise, they would have already forced them out. Running steps from inside the ship alerted Karen, the one holding her turned to look at the ones who had entered.They started growling at each other, obviously talking. Jess looked at her and she nodded for her not to resist. The one near Jess picked her up and she automatically wrapped her arms around his neck.They went through the broken door, passing through a short platform until they reached another loading door that opened immediately, showing what seemed to be four men, tall and well-built with big muscles, armed and pointing at them.Karen was in shock to see that they could pass as humans if it weren't for their white-grayish skin and those strange oval-eyed pupils that reminded her of a cat's. Their long and silky hair fell to their waist, their shades ranging from white to black and brown. The hard and structured features of their faces, with firm cheekbones and square jaws, pointed ears, made her gasp at the great resemblance to Earth men.She turned her head to look at the one carrying her, even though she couldn't see him, she tried to imagine what he would be like. If he would be as beautiful as the others.The one carrying Jess stopped next to her while they talked. Then they walked further into their ship, walking along long corridors and stopping occasionally in front of doors that opened as they passed. They entered an elevator that descended, causing a terrifying sensation in her body, she held onto him tightly. She felt his chest vibrate, was he laughing at her? It wasn't like she cared much at that moment. The elevator stopped and the doors opened.They walked a few more steps until they stopped in front of an open door where a tall man, not as tall as the one carrying her, but equally muscular, with black hair and amber eyes, was waiting for them. He was wearing a white coat, obviously he had to be the doctor.She looked around and her mind went blank at the sight of so much technology and machines.The one holding her in his arms entered the large room and laid her on a strange bed that reminded her more of a canoe, only three times bigger to accommodate their enormous bodies. He took a step back, said something to the one in the white coat, handed him something in his hands and left, taking Jess away."Wait, you can't take her. Hey, I'm talking to you! Give her back!" She tried to sit up until she managed to sit, that's when she realized that the real challenge would be getting off the bed without breaking her neck. "You!" she pointed to the person with her. "You have to bring her back with me, do you understand?"He turned his back on her and started pressing a bunch of buttons and cables on his incredible computer, Karen panicked, they were going to experiment on them."Holy sh*t! What have I gotten myself into?"Now she thought that dying would be much better than this.Black-hair approached her and showed her something he had in his hand. Karen observed it, it was a small device the size of an earpiece, but white and seemed to be made of some kind of soft gel."What is it?" she whispered.He looked at her and moved his hair aside, showing her his ear, then he brought the device to his own ear and pointed at her."Are you trying to tell me that goes in my ear?" she asked, making the same gestures as him.Black-hair nodded and let her know that she had to lie down and close her eyes."D*mn, he wants me to sleep. Experiment!" was her first thought.Still, she obeyed and lay down on the canoe-like bed, which immediately began closing like a capsule. Blue lights ran through her completely.Karen looked around with wide eyes, her heart pounding in her chest so hard she thought it would burst. Black-hair got in her field of vision, speaking to her in his strange language. Her eyelids began to feel heavy as a deep tiredness enveloped her. He smiled at her and she thought it was the most beautiful smile she had ever seen. With fangs.Darkness took over her.

Chapter 2: Drak

Chapter 2 DRAKDrak finished showering and ran his hand across the panel on the front wall to stop the water, activating another to dry his body with the warm air that came out from the side.He couldn't stop thinking about that beautiful female he had found, with her smooth, clear skin, her hair of a strange yellow color like that of the Losarig plant that his mother loved so much. But what drove him crazy the most were those captivating light blue eyes.He couldn't help but have a massive erection every time he thought about her and her petite body, so different from the females on his planet. It made him think that other parts of his body were different from theirs as well. He hoped not too much, as he desired her desperately from the first moment he saw her in that cage, and the first word that crossed his mind was "MINE." "She had to be mine."He finished getting dressed, ready to continue with his work


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