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Meet Dianne Nefertiti Nigel Maximillian, daughter to King Maximillian ii and the apple of his eyes. A Princess who had everything she ever wanted at the tip of her hand, A curvaceous red hair with an attitude. She catches the eye of a mysterious figure who would do anything to have her and make her his forever. A tragic event separates her from the life she knew, making her fall prey to the very man she hated, the man who took everything away from her and yet also drives her crazy with his words. "you belong to me". She is not ready to give in to him. He would stop at nothing to have her. She refuses to listen to her heart. He refuses to let her go. There is an intense battle of wits and wills as none is ready to give in to the other. Find out what will happen in this story. STEP INTO THE WORLD OF INTENSITY, THE WORLD OF DANGEROUS LOVE. I still remain your humble writer, AUTHORESS VICKY.

Chapter 1

The sun shone brightly into the room and Dianne groaned.

“Wake up princess it’s another day”, the maid said.

“One more minute”, she said.

“The king is requesting your presence”, the maid said. Dianne groaned and stood up “how long has he been calling”, she said.

“About an hour he’s quite angry”, the maid said.

“I need a bath”.

“At your service my princess”, the maid said and hurried to prepare her bath.

Meet Dianne Princess of Mesopotamia daughter to king Maximilian 11 and the apple of his eyes, a girl who always has everything shoes silvers gold jewelries dresses.

One thing about is that she is not the sort of prim or even proper in fact she is the exact opposite. S*xy as hell with her fiery red hair her gleaming green eyes in fact she’s the exact opposite of a typical princess we know I mean she’s not the type to cry over a torn dress or a swollen ankle but she definitely loses it if her dress is not embroidered with jewels I’ll say she’s the living Nefertiti an Egyptian goddess on Earth.

Oh if I may add she’s d*mn good at archery horse riding and fighting with swords no one has ever won her in a battle and she never ever wears a pink dress, she prefers bolder colors that brings out her curves those gorgeous hips encased in silver linings her n*ppl*s barely covered in other words she’s vain but in a bad way.

“Your highness you bath is ready the maid said. Dianne nodded and headed towards the room made for her bath.

Dianne smiled as she slid into the pool filled with red roses and her favorite scented oil she sank into the river rubbing herself and enjoying it if only father wasn’t waiting for her “Prepare my dress!!”, she said to her maid.

“Yes your highness”, the maid said and quickly went to do her master’s bidding.


“How long do you think she’ll take”, king Maximilian II said pacing.

“She’ll be here in a minute your Majesty”, the royal attendant said.

Dianne walked into the court room and genuflected”, father you summoned me”, King Maximilian smiled on seeing his daughter.

“There you are”.

Dianne smiled as well and came to her father’s side swinging her hips as she went causing the Royal attendant to nearly soon. She wore a red sleeveless gown that stopped at her thighs in front with the back flowing on the floor a golden bracelet clasp around her arm.

“You look as beautiful as the sun”.

“Thank you father”, she said.

“But nevertheless”, the king said taking a more serious tone ” I heard you disgrace sir Caspian at the Grand opening ceremony”, he said sternly.

“He was making obscene remarks besides he's not worthy to serve in the King's army, I gave him the beating of his life and he couldn't defend himself”, Dianne said.

“Still child you shouldn’t have done that”, the king said.

“He deserved it he's lucky he’s still alive”, King Maximilian sighed It’s no use talking to her.

“Why did you summon me father surely it’s not because of sir Caspian right”, Dianne said.

“Yes you are right it will ball is taking place tonight and I want you to look your very best Dianne”, the king said.

“Dather you know I hate parties”, she complained.

“I know child but it’s important that I host this ball my dear it’s only for the night and I want you to be at your best behavior”.

“Yes father, I'll try my best your wish is my command”, Dianne said and bowed out.

“If only she knew”, the king mused🤔🤔


“Is everything all set”, a dark figure and the darkest part of the room said.

“Yes my lord”, replied his right hand man.

“Good, King Maximilian will regret the day he’d ever cross my path”, the figure said.

“My lord it seems are the King is having a ball at the castle”, the right-hand man said.

“Perfect why don’t we pay him a visit it’s about time we see each other again”.

“Yes my lord, I’ll make arrangement right away”.

“Princess quick get up the king request your presence he's about to make his proclamation”, the maid said.

Dianne groaned “Tell him I'll be there in a minute”, she said as she picked a silver dress laid out for her and smiled it suits her perfectly, father always knows her taste.

She adjusted her dress and glanced at her reflection something was missing no jewelries “Maria where are my jewelries she said and the maid rushed inside.

“Over here mistress”, she said. Dianne held out her arm as the maid close the silver bracelet over her as Maria wore her silver necklace as well as earrings” this bracelet and necklace are made from the finest silver we have only the best for you my princess”.

“Good I expected nothing less”, Dianne said. The maid brushed has long wavy red hair and added lavender oil to it.

“You have beautiful hair my princess”.

“Father said it's a sign from the goddess”, she said.

“He is right my princess, I wish I was beautiful like you”

“You are beautiful in your own right Maria”, Dianne said as the maid placed a jewel at the crown of her head.

“I'll announce to the king that you're ready my princess”, the maid said and bowed out.


“Princess Dianne Nefertiti Nigel Maximilian has arrived”, the Royal attendant announced and everyone turned to see this great princess that they were so many rumors about. Dianne walked into the throne room majestically without giving a d*mn.

“Oh my is that the princess!”.

“Look at what she's wearing”.

“She looks like a wh*r*”, someone said. Dianne wore a silver long dress with slits in the middle showcasing her thighs, her n*ppl*s in full view to all who care to see. Many wives had to pull a tighter rein on their husbands, young ladies were jealous even if they try or they could their beauty couldn't be compared to her.

She smiled to Sir Caspian whom she had nearly beaten to death despite all he still managed to attend the ball probably to woo her again but he wasn't her type and never would be.

“Father”, she said and genuflected “I’m here”.

“And as usual looking beautiful”, the king said.

“It's an honor to attend the ball made by the King”, she said “now if you excuse me I must mix with the crowd”.

“Go child and have fun”, the king said giving his permission. Dianne smiled and headed towards the ballroom she was crowded already with dignity and she got lost in the throes of people the sooner she’s done the better.


The figure turned as the announcement was made “So the king has a daughter, interesting”, he said and nearly fell as he saw the ravishing beauty as she walked towards the throne room, she was encased in silver from the crown of her head to the sole of her feet her flaming red hair as bright as the sun.

“Tell me how come you never said anything about Maximillian’s daughter”, he said to his right hand man his eyes still on her as she came out and mixed with the crowd.

“I never saw a reason to, after all she’s of no use to us”, the man said.

“I think they might be a use to her after all”, he said watching her as she moved effortlessly through the crowd her creamy legs in full view.

“My lord she is but a hindrance to why we came here”, the man said.

“A hindrance I’ll gladly take”, he said “Now if you excuse me I have some business I need to attend to”, he said as he saw her slip from the crowd.

Dianne laughed as she talked to people, women, ladies, without any problem and Men who were trying to woo her but none suits her fancy once in a while she has a feeling that someone was watching her she nearly caught the person but was blocked by someone else, she shrugged whoever it was, was probably just a person either jealous or a man who doesn't have the courage to her.

Soon when the party was underway and no one notice her anymore she slipped out and was so glad to be free from the party working slowly, she moved into the courtyard enjoying the night breeze she smiled as her dress billowed in the air the breezes felt cool on her legs, abruptly she turned she thought she had footsteps, she continued but was on alert, there it is again, she turned but all she could see was shadows.

“This has to stop”, she said and quickly did her own sleeping into shadows.

Chapter 2

The figure watched as she slipped from the crowd when she thought no one noticed he smiled and followed her amidst he complaints from his right hand Man, he followed as she moved into the courtyard enjoying the cool breeze it blew her flaming red hair and expose those creamy legs, he had to struggle to get hold of himself.

All of a sudden she turned and he quickly slipped into the shadows when she continued moving he followed again this time slowly so as not to attract attention again, she turned but he was well hidden. She shook her head and before he knew it she has disappeared Where could she have gone to he mused trying to follow where he last saw her he still couldn't find her. In the twinkling of an eye someone grab him and held a knife to his neck.

“Why are you following me”. the voice said. . ..


Dianne waited in the shadows till she saw the figure more clearly she removed a hidden knife from her hair and


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