Crown Prince Best Life

Crown Prince Best Life

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Sparkles
  • Chapters: 7
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 12+
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"Your Majesty,the empress is pregnant"the imperial doctor said and a smile beamed on the emperor's face 'finally' ever since the emperor took the throne he married only the empress although there some concubines his heart only belong to the empress. "His life must be perfect"the emperor said from that moment the project started and the building was made called 'The Crown Prince Best Life' In there the crown prince maid,guards, secret guards,friends and consorts are trained no one around the prince hasn't passed through the crown prince best life. Then the manager of the secret guards the prime minister decided to rebel and the secret guards of the crown prince became his arch emeny turning to an assassin group located right beside the crown prince best life. Wu Meiruo,the daughter of the co founder of the assassin group tried her every best to free herself from the bonds of an assassin and finally an opportunity came for her to assassinate the crown prince and be free.

Chapter 1 A Chance

A girl was seen bowing her head and kneeling in front of a middle-aged man dressed in an ancient Chinese outfit.

"This isn't an option." the man broke the silence,his voice sounding slightly angry, This Man is Mr Zing,the 2nd leader of an assassin group.

"It is a choice."the girl argued.

"It's either to live or die," the girl who was still kneeling,Wu Meiruo said.


"Do you think I can't bear to kill you?" said Mr Zing.

"You can," Wu meiruo said

"But,at least I have someone who can avenge my death."

"The crown prince....."Mr. Zing said and paused.

"You guessed correctly."

"My only request is to no longer be an assassin,and you will comply,as long as I'm on this mission," Wu meirou said.

"You're so full of yourself"

"The only reason you'll be sent is because you'll be able to do it quickly because you already know his style," Mr Zing said.

"How are sure I know what his style is?"

Meiruo inquired.

"Is it because I've been with the 'Crown prince bestlife',but you keep stealing me?"

Mei ruo inquired once more.

"Anyway,I accept your request,as long as you complete this mission, you won't be an assassin anymore"Mr Zing said.

"However, keep in mind that if you can't kill him in two months, you'll never be able to stop being an assassin."Mr Zing said.

"I will, but I hope you keep your word," Meiruo stated,and she stood up and walked away.

As soon as she stepped out of the building, another young woman approached her.

"How did it go?"The young lady inquired.

"It went well, liu'er."

"He accepted my request," Meiruo said, and her best friend, Liu'er, sighed.

"Of course, after threatening him with the crown prince," Meiruo continued.

"Good for you; I don't have anyone helping me like you."Liu'er expressed disappointment in her voice.

Meiruo came to a halt in her tracks.

"Do you mean I was born with the ability to kill?"Meiruo inquired.

"Of course not, I'm just saying you're fortunate enough to have his highness' favor," Liu'er replied.


"He is the root of all problems; without him, there would be no such thing as "CROWN PRINCE'S BEST LIFE."

"Everything is because he is the only child"Meiruo stated

"I wonder what such a spoilt person will do to our state if he becomes Emperor,"Meiruo remarked, rolling her eyes.

"Okay, okay, I heard you."

"You're always right, you're always right."

"I didn't mean to say anything," Liu'er said,meirou rolled her eyes.

"If you want to come, get up early tomorrow because I won't wait for you."

Meiruo stormed away after saying this.


"What's up with your sudden rage!" Liu'er inquired.

Meiruo and Liu'er were walking towards the carriage the next day when Meirou abruptly stopped and looked at Liu'er.

"Why are you wearing that?" Meiruo inquired.

"What do you mean?"

Liu'er inquired inspecting her outfit to see what was wrong with it.

"I don't see anything wrong," said Liu'er.

"We're going undercover, and you're obviously dressed as an assassin, who wouldn't know, we're suspicious?" meiruo asked.

"All right, then, what should I wear?"

Liu'er inquired.

"Don't you see what I'm wearing?" Meirou inquired

"Go put on a maid's outfit, pack two other outfits, one like the one you're wearing, and don't make it obvious"Meirou stated.

"Go ahead, be quick, I won't wait long," Meiruo said, and Liu'er ran off.

Meiruo decided to go and wait on the carriage a few minutes after Liu'er left.

While waiting a couple suddenly arrived, she looked at them with hatred.

"Meiruo, I wish you a safe journey to the palace," said the woman, who was her mother Mrs Wu.

"Father and mother,no Mr. and Mrs. Wu"

Why are you wishing me safe travels?"

"All my life, I've been on different missions with no one to protect me."

"I will only struggle to reach this place, and no one from this group will protect me, yet when I'm healed, they claim they own me simply because you gave birth to me here."

"You could have at least taken me somewhere else, but you thought living as an assassin was the best option."

"Read my lips"




Meiruo screamed and dashed off there.

Liu'er, who had just returned dressed as a maid, looked at Meiruo who was running and then looked to see Mr and Mrs Wu.

"Aunt, uncle," she said, bowing.

"Liu'er, make sure you take care of Meiruo and don't let her hurt herself," Mrs Wu advised.

"Make sure you take care of yourself as well," Mrs Wu advised.

"I..." Liu'er was about to say when she heard Meiruo call her.

"I see you're not ready to go, so I'm leaving," Meiruo said from inside the carriage, ordering the server to start the carriage.

Liu'er widened her eyes and ran to the carriage, which was already moving.


She yelled as she ran incessantly to catch up with the carriage.

Suddenly, Liu'er flew from the back and entered the carriage.

"That was slow," Weiruo said.


"You mean I was slow!" Liu'er inquired.

"I can't believe you left me there alone."

"I only jumped in because I saw you were about to reach the market," Liu'er said.

"What's the matter with the market?"

"Is it because you think someone will see us fighting?"Meiruo asked, her face looking annoyed.


"You are aware that you are annoying."

Liu'er stated with a sigh.

A few minutes later, the person riding the carriage abruptly came to a halt.

Liu'er asked, "Are we there?" with a curious expression.

"An inspection is taking place," the young man explained.

"An inspection?"

"It has to be the crown prince men," Meiruo speculated.

"You really train the people around you, Meiruo" Liu'er said.

"He has assassin knowledge," Liu'er said.

"He is an assassin," said Meiruo.

"He is!?"Liu'er inquired.

"Did Second Master allow you to bring anyone other than me along?"

Liu'er inquired.

"Of course not,this is my disciple."Meiruo said.


Liu'er expressed in surprise.

"Please don't tease me." Liu'er clearly did not believe her.

"When did you get a disciple?" Liu'er inquired.

"Every time I went on a mission, you went with me, and I always returned before you, so when did you have time to get a disciple, let alone train him?" Liu'er asked.


"Why don't you think back if you didn't leave me?" Meiruo suggested.

"The only time I left was on my last mission," Liu'er said, her eyes widening.

"You don't tell me you?"

Liu'er paused, expecting Meiruo to understand and respond to her question.

Surprisingly, Meiruo nodded her head, and Liu'er jumped to her feet and angrily sat down back because the carriage was too short.


"This is not fair?"

Liu'er frowned.

"Come on," said Meiruo.

"How are we going to handle the situation outside?" Liu'er inquired forgetting about the disciples matter.

"Let's walk until his men have left, and Fu Zin (Meiruo's disciple) will take us to the palace afterwards," Meiruo said.

"To begin with, who is Fu Zin? I also can't walk for too long "Liu'er stated.

"Fu Zin is my disciple, and if you can't walk, you can stay in the carriage, but just know you can't enter the palace anymore," Meiruo explained.

"Why!?"Liu'er inquired.

"Why would someone who can afford to buy and use a carriage want to work as a maid?"Meiruo inquired.

"What makes him so proud?"Liu'er stated referring to the crown prince.

"Fine,let's get off"Liu'er stated finally agreeing with Meiruo she exited the carriage through the back door and walked to the other side of the market.

They came across a group of guards a few minutes after getting off the carriage, and Meiruo signaled to Liu'er to act normal, and she muttered, "I am normal."

As they were about to pass through the guards, their leader abruptly said 'STOP,' and they came to a halt.

"Do you not have eyes?"He inquired.

"Can't you greet us?"He inquired.

"Wow!?"Liu'er stated

"I had no idea,citizens now greeted guards," Liu'er said, making an annoyed gesture.

"How discourteous."

"Do you have no idea who I am!"

"I am the personal guard of the Crown Prince," he explained.

"And so?"Liu'er inquired.

"I believe you've been a guard for far too long," Liu'er said.

"You..." the guard said angrily as he scanned their clothing with his eyes.

"You want to be a part of the palace maid selection?"

"I promise to make your life difficult if you are chosen as a maid as a result of what you did here today," he said as he studied her face to read her expression.

"Don't be concerned; your friend here is safe because she is quiet and not a parrot like you."He added before he and the remaining guards were walked away.

"I..."liu'er was speechless.

"I am a parrot," Liu'er inquired, taken aback by the guard's statement.

"Aren't you?"

Meiruo inquired, and Liu'er concentrated on her.

"So you think I'm a parrot as well?"

Liu'er inquired

"Yes, because if you weren't one, you would have done as I told you," Meiruo explained.

"He said he will make my life miserable,if he tries it, I'll let him know why I went for special training," Liu'er fumed.

Chapter 2 Trespassing

"He said he's going to make my life miserable if he tries it,I'll let him know why I went for special training," Liu'er raged.

Meiruo rolled her eyes and took the lead.

"Do you believe his men would have ceased patrolling?"Liu'er inquired.

"Of course, they would have stopped, but I told Fu Zin to stop at the next market section," Meiruo explained.


"When are we going to get there?"

Liu'er inquired.

"We've already arrived," Meiruo said as she walked gracefully to the carriage.

But first, she asked fu zin, "Did they suspect anything?"

"Of course they did, but I made up a story about my young mistress fleeing and me trying to find her."Fu zin said, and Meiruo proudly smirked.

"I taught you well." She said and tapped Fu zin's shoulder before entering the carriage, while Liu'er, who had been wat


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