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Crazy About You

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Nayor
  • Chapters: 66
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 478
  • 7.5
  • 💬 25


America is a nice place to live in. A lady named Amilda moves from Pakistan to America in search of love after the fatal death of her parents. She lived a bad life in Pakistan working as a prostitute. She promises herself to end her bad life and change to the daughter that her parents would want her to be so as to make them happy in their grave, promising that she would get to marry someone who is going to love her. Getting to America, She later falls in love with Jack. ' Is Jack also going to love her?, What is Jack motive for helping Amilda? ' Find out in these Amazing story 'Crazy About you.'

Chapter 1

Seventeen years old Amilda sat looking around. She was scared of what to do or what to say. She sat looking at the man beside her. "You look stressed Amilda, what can I get for you?". The man who is thirteen years older than her asked. "Nothing sir. I want nothing." She said replying the man. "My love, do remember that you are always in my heart." The man said. Amilda looked at the man fidgeting. "Speak to me, my love." The woman said. "Saab Avil (Mr. Avil), I need to tell you something." She said. The man looked at her and shook his head. "Do stop the formality, call me by my name which is Aayan." He said. "No sir, I can't call you Aayan as that is going to be a disregard to our religion." Amilda said. Aayan moved close to her and held up her face. "Look at me." He said and I looked at him. "I love you and care for you. I do not want you to care about the society but me." He said and moved close to her. He was about to kiss her but she took her face off him. "You shouldn't do this." Amilda said. "I really want you, Amilda." Aayan said in a pleading way. "This is a sin." Amilda said getting up. She was about to walk out of the room but was held by Aayan. "Where do you think you are going?" He asked. "Home." Amilda said in tears. Aayan began to laugh so hard making Amilda confused. "You are really a little girl." He said. "You actually think I am going to allow you go like this?" Amilda looked at him with her hands crossed. "You said you love me?" She asked. "Yes I do." He answered. "Then why treat me like this?" She asked. "This is an expression of my love to you." He said. "I do not love you." She said and took her hand off Aayan. Aayan walked to his bed side and sat. He watched as Amilda walked to the door and struggled to get it open. "Saab Avil, please open the door?" She pleaded looking at Aayan who continued staring at her. "Saab Avil!" She called again and he got up. "I told you to call me Aayan." He said walking to her. He leaned on her making her lean on the door. He kissed her passionately for some minutes. Amilda pushed him away and looked at the door. "I am going to let everyone know about this." Amilda said. "You dare not." He said. "I am not related to you. I am your aunt's brother in law. What do you think the society will say? They are going to blame you for forcing yourself on your aunt brother in law. They will suggest that you marry me if this comes out and I don't want that for you. I want you to have a good future before we marry. " Amilda thought for a while about what he said. "He is actually saying the truth. The society will stand for him. Right now, I am confused on what to believe. Does he really love me as he claims to?, " If he loves me. He won't sleep with me. " She thought to herself. " Then you don't love me. " She said. "I do love you." He said. "Why would you sleep with me at will. This is the third time you will be sleeping with me. If you want me to have a good future then why will you sleep with me?, What is going to happen to my future if I get pregnant?" She asked. "You can make two decisions when you get pregnant, you can either abort the child or I will take care of the child." He said. "Please let me go." She pleaded. Aayan thought for a while then walked back to the bed. Getting to his bed, he picked up a device and looked into Amilda's eye. "I do not want you to ever leave me." He said. "Don't allow anyone know about us." He said and Amilda began to laugh. "So that you can use it against me in future." She said. "No my love. I have always loved you since my brother wedded your aunt." Aayan said. "Really!" Amilda exclaimed laughing. "You think I am stupid." "No Amilda." Aayan said looking into her face. "For the love you have for me, do open the door." Amilda said. Aayan pointed the device to the door telling Amilda step away and pressed a button. The door opened and Amilda smiled. She looked at Aayan and bowed her head before stepping out of the room. Minutes after Amilda had left the room, Aayan locked the door and gasped. "I want her. She is my love." Aayan said to himself then walked to the back of his room. He pulled up the covering of the window, opened it and stared into the sky. "Amilda, I love you." He said. He closed his eyes and smiled as he imagined himself with Amilda. "My love with time you are going to love me." He said. "Aayan!" He heard someone call his name and turned back. He smiled as he saw his sister in law (Amilda's aunt) "Sister in law." He said adjusting his clothes. "Did you speak with Amilda?" She asked. "Yes I did." He said. "It's good I brought her here." She said. Aayan shook his head as he looked at his sister in law. "I don't think she's going to agree to love me." He said. "Calm down brother in law, we have our different reasons for this mission." The woman said. "You want her to love you while I want to use her to destroy her mother." "Why can't you let your sister in law be?, she loves your brother so much. Do not allow your college rivalry get in the way of your brother's relationship." Aayan said. "I do not care." The woman said. "Alright sister in law." He said and sat back on his bed as he saw her leave. The woman left for Amilda's room. "Aunt!" Amilda called immediately and ran to hug her aunt. "Amilda, what is wrong?" She asked. "I want to go back home." Amilda said. "Why is that?" The woman asked. Amilda thought on what to say as she remembered what Aayan had told her about the society. She knew that her aunt had a life of behaving like a person in support of what the society says. "I will just love to go home." Amilda said. "Your parents agreed that you should stay here for a month and you haven't ended a week here. Why do you want to go?" She asked. "Aunt, I just feel weak." She said and fidget looking at her aunt back as she saw Aayan. Her aunt turned back and smiled on seeing Aayan. "Please do not leave us now." Aayan said. "I need to go please Aunt." Amilda said. Her aunt looked at her for some minutes then at Aayan. "Just let her go." Aayan whispered. Amilda aunt looked shocked at Aayan and pulled him out. "Why do you want her to leave us just like that?" She asked when they were far away from the room. "I may love her but I will give her time to accept me." He said. "Alright." She said nodding her head then walked back into Amilda's room. "Alright Amilda, you should pack up." She said and Amilda smiled. "Thank you Aunt, Thank you." Amilda said happily. "It's alright." Her aunt said and got out of the room. Amilda walked to get her traveling box and started packing. "Amilda!" She heard Aayan call her name. "Yes." She said smiling. He brought out some currency which he wanted to hand over to her but she refused. "I am not going to take anything from you. I am happy that I am not pregnant." She said. Aayan tried hugging her but she pushed him away. She kept packing her load and Aayan looked at her with guilt in his eyes. "If only I can tell you about what your aunt is planning against your mother." He said to himself thoughtfully. He got up from her bed and walked out of the room. Amilda turned and smiled seeing him leave her room. "He had slept with me in my house twice and over here twice, he wants me to believe in his love." She said to herself and continued packing. An hour later, she walked out with her bag. "Aren't you returning?" Her aunt asked seeing that she had packed all her load. "I don't know so let us go." Amilda said. "Wait a bit." Her aunt said and walked to Aayan's room. She opened the door slightly and clapped. "I think she is going, never to come back." She said and Aayan swallowed hard. He followed his sister in law and Amilda out of the house and bade them.

Chapter 2

"Hello sister in law." Amilda's mom, Sumitra greeted Muni, Amilda's aunt. "Hello." Muni said leaving Amilda by her mother's side. She walked into the house in search of her brother. "Sumitra, where is my brother?" She asked. "He is off to work." She said. Muni turned to Amilda and ordered her to go into the house. "Do go into the house." She said. Amilda looked at her mother who nodded. "Alright." She said facing Muni and went into her room. Sumitra faced Muni seconds after Amilda had gone in. She knew Muni wanted to rebuke her. "You said your husband is off to work." Muni said. "Yes he is." Sumitra said. Muni looked down and began to laugh. "What exactly are you doing home?" She asked. Sumitra gave no reply and this made Muni furious. "You shouldn't be quite." Muni said.


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