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Clubroom's diary

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Working in the S*x Industry isn't always what it's cut out to be. Some find love, like to cause chaos and others just simply try to get away with murder. Six lives, one book and an endless rollercoaster of fun! Amar lowers our hands, removing the gun from my grasp and he waits for Vanko to re-enter the room, passing him the murder weapon to dispose of. I feel Amar turn away from me and I turn to face him, wrapping my hand around his arm. When he comes to a halt and looks down at my hand, ""What now?"" I ask him."You are free to leave." He says as he elevates his gaze to mine, staring me directly in the eyes."



May 8th 2018

I arrive at the club with two minutes to spare, I know Chad's gonna be p*ss*d if he catches me being late again. I need this job! I need to earn enough money to skip town and never look back. Clubrooms were the only place that hired me on the spot, being a s*x worker was not on my list of fantasy jobs. But you know how the saying goes...

 "Beggars can't be choosers."

And I didn't have the luxury of choosing. You see, Four years ago, I stole a car. I stole a car to get away from my abusive father. The problem's not why I stole the car, but whose car I stole. At fourteen years of age, I didn't have any sense of street smart whatsoever.


I'm still confused to this day why the keys were left in the d*mn car.

Let me take you back to the beginning. . So you know why I s*ck d*ck for a living. 

My father came home drunk, after another wasteful day looking for work. Even I knew it was pointless, no one was gonna hire the town's drunk. 

"Where's my breakfast brat!" He slurred, burping. 

"It's One in the afternoon." I looked at him confused. 

"What did you say to me?" He stumbled towards me at the kitchen sink. 

"Nothing Sir." I quickly replied.

"You ungrateful brat!" He yelled as he struck me across the face. 

"Daddy please no!" I cried out as I fell to the ground. 

My father bent down and dragged me up by the roots of my hair. I cried out in pain, scratching at his hands. His hands fell from my head and tore the shoulder of my dress off. 

"You're a spitting image of your mother in that dress." He sneered as he unbuckled his belt, pulling it out from his jeans.

I knew what was coming and I f*ck*ng hated it every time.

 He would beat me with the belt, then stand over me wanking himself to climax. He'd tell me how naughty I've been and how horrible it would make him feel afterwards. But he never called me by name. The drunken b*st*rd would always call me by mother's name, Lara. No wonder why she took off Eight years ago.

She could've taken me with her though.

Scrambling to my feet, I take off running. I run as fast as my feet will take me down the street. I notice a sleek white BMW. 

The windows are down and the keys are still in the ignition. It was like the Gods had given me my one opportunity to get away and I wasn't gonna waste it. Getting in the car, I drive off with the tyres screeching across the gravelled pavement. I manage to get two blocks away when a black SUV cuts me off on a one-lane street. The drivers' door opens and a big burly man hops out. He stands there staring at me, clicking his knuckles, intimidating me.

I swear to the gods... 

I felt my bones break with each knuckle he clicked. When he was done abusing his hands, he walked around and opened the passengers' backseat door. Another man slides out. But this man wasn't big and burley. Nor did he look as scary as his mate. No, he was well dressed and his body looked lean and mean full of muscle.

We'll call the scary guy 'Mini Hulk' yeah?

He stood at his car talking to 'Mini Hulk', His head turning towards me every few seconds. Fear creeps up my back and my hands grip the steering wheel for dear life, my knuckles turning white. I panic and f*ck*ng put my foot down on the accelerator, lurching forward.

Now keep in mind I'd never actually sat in the driver's seat before.

I mean sh*t...

Up until a couple of days ago. I thought D- was for Daytime driving, N- for Nighttime driving and R- was for robot mode. Yeah, my dad was a real piece of sh*t. 

Hence, the reason why I'm in this position right now. 

The car lurches forward and I drive straight towards the SUV, the men dive to the ground, making it out of harm's way by the skin of their teeth. The car collides into the SUV making a loud crunching sound. White smoke rises from the bonnet, the cars revving and the tyres are spinning like mad. The door jerks open and I find myself face to face with 'Mini Hulk' 

"You crazy b*tch!" He growls.

Taking the keys from the ignition, he pulls out a hunter's knife and starts cutting through the seatbelt. When he's done, he firmly wraps his fingers around my bicep and yanks me roughly from the car. 

"Owwwww..." I whimper. 

He doesn't care that he's causing me pain, he continues to pull me along with him until I'm standing in front of the other man.

The man removes his dark shades and I'm greeted with the brightest emerald green eyes I've ever seen. His face was exquisite, the most beautiful face I'd ever laid eyes on. 

"What's your name?" He said gruffly, with a s*xy accent.

"Malayina" I muttered. 

"What the f*ck were you doing in MY car MALAYINA?" His eyes roam over my body. 

"I'm sorry... I..I. Didn't know it was yours." I cry out, stuttering. 

"I SAID... WHAT. THE. F*CK. were you doing in MY car!" He bellows out. 

"I was trying to get away from my father." 

On autopilot, my hand lifts and touches the fresh split lip my father graciously gave me. When the man's eyes land on my lip, then my torn white dress. His eyes narrow and he exhales loudly. 

"What am I going to do with you?" He ran his fingers through his hair with frustration.

"I will pay you back," I tell him. 

He laughs, the f*ck*r threw his head back and f*ck*ng laughs at me. 

'You!" He chuckles "You're like what, Twelve?"

"FOURTEEN *ssh*l*." I sneer interrupting him.

His laugh seizes and he takes a step towards me. I struggle against the 'Mini Hulks' hold and try to step back, keeping the distance between us. 

"Do you know who I am, LITTLE GIRL?" His hand reaches out and he wipes my bloodstained lip, with the pad of his thumb. 

I hiss with pain. "You're an *ssh*l*." I look him square in the eye. 

"No, princess. My name's Amar Diamandis. He says proudly, arching a single brow. 

"Doesn't sound like '*ssh*l*' to me." I smile at him.

"Owwww... " 'Mini Hulk' shakes the near life out of me.

"You're free to go." He nods at his sidekick. 

"I'm free?" I rub my arm, where 'Mini Hulk's hand once occupied. 

"Nai Mikros" A smile plays on his lips. 

"What does that mean?"

"Yes, little one. In Greek." He slides his shades back on and turns to leave.

"Wait!" I yell out. "How do I pay you back?" 

He stops. "When's your birthday?" 

He asks with his back still facing towards me. 

"May the eighth." I blurt out. 

"You have till your eighteenth birthday to pay me back." His head turns to the side. 

"Okay... How do I find you?" I ask anxiously.

"I will find you, Mikros." 

I stood next to the wrecked cars and watched them walk away. Thanking the gods for a second chance at life. Even if I do have to s*ck d*ck to pay back a Greek God. 

So you see why I need this job so d*mn much?

I rush to the back, where our changing rooms are with our outfits. Only Maddie's there. 

"Girl... You're late!" She says tittering. "You know Chads gonna fire your *ss if he catches you." She applies a thick coat of clear gloss on her plump lips.

"I know, I know..." I sigh getting undressed. "The bus was late, then my hop card wouldn't work, and to top things off I forgot my purse at home and had to run here.

"I know you're only sucking d*ck, till you're eighteenth birthday and all.." She pops her gum. "But, sh*t... It must be some good f*ck*ng head if Chads kept you around this long. I've seen girls leave, for a lot less." She pops her gum again and walks out. 

Maddie's our brown sugar here at the Clubrooms. She's one of our most requested girls. That's because she does it all, her and Layla. I don't know how they come here, strutting their sh*t around like they're something special. 

"YINA!" Chad yells out.


He usually calls me Mal. He says he hates using my name I give to our clients and I've noticed lately he only ever calls me Yina when I'm in the sh*t. 

"YINA!" He pounds on the door.

"Yes, boss?" I call out, slipping my foot through my red heel.

"Get your fat *ss out here." 

I quickly rush towards the door and open it.

"What's the hold-up?" He looks at his wristwatch.

"No, hold up boss." I smile at him.

"You're first clients waiting. You better hope his balls haven't shrivelled up and his d*ck hasn't fallen off." He glares at me.

"Yes, Boss," I say, ducking my head trying not to burst out laughing as I walk past him. 

I take a few steady, deep breaths and open the door. My fingers find the light dial and I turn it, dimming the room of its white light. 

Most of our clients don't Like to be seen. So Chad has us dimming the room until they say otherwise. I walk towards the other figure in the room, his Cologne invades my senses. He smells expensive, which is odd. Because the expensive types are usually Maddie and Layla's guys. 

"Hi, My name's YINA." I close my eyes and bow, getting down on my knees. "I am here for your pleasure." 

I recite our given lines from Chad. 

There's a moment of silence and I wonder if or when he's going to command me to take his pants off. 

"Happy Birthday Mikros." He purrs. 

"Time to pay up." Amusement laces his words.

I snap my head up, opening my eyes and they fall on the brightest emerald green eyes I've seen once before.

"Amar.." I whisper.

Chapter 2 TIME TO PAY UP


May 8th 2018

"You remember mikros?" His voice is low and steady. 

Keeping my head bowed. "Yes, I remember." I sigh. 

I just didn't think he would actually find me. Not today on my actual birthday anyway. Chad thinks my birthday's in September. A little white lie I wrote down on his payroll information booklet. I mean shit... When the guy tells you once your legal, you're for the taking. So I decided to buy myself a couple more months with the hopes of skipping town again. 

"How did you find me?" I ask curiously. 

"It wasn't hard at all." He says, offering me his hand. 

I accept it and stand. I walk over to the dial on the wall and lighten the room. His eyes trail down my body, feasting on my white baby doll dress, leaving little to nil for his imagination.

"Cute." He says approvingly, winking at me. 

I cover myself with my arms, turning towards the door, reaching for my robe.

"No." His hand snakes around my wrist a


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