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Claimed by the Mafia

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"Shut your fvcking mouth close!!" Zach yelled out of anger. Madison had been frustrating him for the past few days and deep down it hurts him, it was an emotional frustration. "I thought you liked it wide open huh" she replied with a smirk and walked to his table. He felt his body twitch at her dirty words, she had known him too well. "I am remaining a Doctor!, Who do you think you are to tell me to quit my profession?!' she yelled out and he stood up from his table and walked to her while he was opening his suit jacket. " Wha-wha--" "I am your Daddy like you cried last night, and you are mine" he replied and crashed his lips on her before she could say anything. ***** Darly Madison, a well trained medical doctor and surgeon has been living a peaceful life until one day her best friend asked her to go with her to a night Party in one of the popular hotels in the city. There she had a one night stand with no other person but Zach Westley, a dominant and possessive Mafia boss. Now her world changes from being a surgeon to being claimed by the Mafia.

Chapter 1: Just one drink

Daryl Madison“Dr Madison! We need you in the ward now!!“ Sarah, One of nurse said as she barged into my office with this frightened look on her face.“Sarah? What's going on?" I asked as I shut my laptop close and got up pushed my seat back.I don't know what's going on, but from her look I can tell it's really an emergency.I took off my stethoscope around my neck and dropped it on my table before I walked away.“The patient, the one we're about to operate on CS___” she said breathlessly.I walked to her and held her shoulders “Sarah, look at me.. relax" I said to her lowly. She took a deep breath before she continued her statement.“Mrs Camila…” she finally said“The one in the labor room, we are having a little problem with her” she explained already panting." Oh, isn't Doctor Theo supposed to be the one to operate on her?“ I asked as I pulled away to walk out of my office with her following me behind.“Yeah exactly, I have no idea why he passed out before the operation" she replied and my jaw dropped.“Doctor Theo passed out? D*mn…alright then” I replied and made a right turn." He's been taken to a ward for proper care, all we have to do now is to save the mother and her baby” she replied and then I walked into the Lab." Dr Madison!“ Another doctor called out. I went to get my nose mask and wore them on, wore my cap too and then I went to wash my hands thoroughly." The patients Blood pressure has really gone high, I'm scared we might lose her” another doctor said " We are losing no one, not the mother, not the baby” I replied and wore my hand gloves.The other nurses around Walked to me and tied my coat around my waist.I didn't want to touch anything again, now I have my gloves on.As soon as they were done, I walked to the bed where my patient was laid and sighed.“Has she been placed on anaesthesia?" I asked before I begin anything “Yes doctor" she replied“Good" I replied and stood by the end of the bed..“The catheter bag now and the tube?" I requested for as a nurse handled it over to me.I am going to be placing it in her bladder to collect her urine, anything might happen.“Let's get started"A nurse went to cleanse her abdomen while I stood between her “The scalpel blade?"“Here it is" a nurse replied and handled it to me.After taking it into my hands, I slowly sent it to her abdomen to make the cut.The incision was done horizontally near her public hair line.D*mn, I can't believe I am gonna be doing this now. I'm on shift but here I am operating on a patient, that's the way it had always been.I could be called upon any time. 20 minutes later,Still in the labor room, everything has been going on smoothly just the way I want it.“Morris retractors?" “Here"“Scissors?" “Here it is doctor" another nurse replied. I was finally able to see the baby a little bit, and then I made the last cut before I pulled the baby out gently.“A boy" I called out immediately "Okay there's another one in” I hurriedly said and a nurse came by my side to hold the boy.Again, I sent my hands in and pulled out the baby.Soft, beautiful and loud baby cried filled the room immediately.“This one is a girl" I continued with a bright smile on my face.“Oh thank goodness" a nurse sighed heavily“I was scared at a point when Dr Theo passed out, scared we would lose the mother and her babies" the nurse beside me cried." Hey, it's okay” I replied and turned back to begin to stitch everything close.In less than 10 minutes, I finished up and walked to the washing sink to wash my hands.“I'm sure you can take care of the babies from here" I said referring to the nurses“Yes doctor" they all said in unison." Alright then, be good” I smiled and turned around to leave while they clapped their hands." You're the best doctor Madison!!“ I smiled as I walked out of the ward and saw other doctors waiting outside, the CEO was also waiting outside.Oh…okay I never expected them to.“Madison" Mr Wilson, CEO of blossom hospital called me out.I bowed my head low immediately in greetings, “Good evening Sir" I replied“How are you doing?" He replied.That's weird enough..I raised my head up to look at him with a brow raised, “I saw your work in there, I must say, you are really talented and very good. Keep up the good work my dear" he smiled at me as he tapped my shoulders before he walked away.Okay, for the second time, the CEO is speaking to me directly.I really feel happy right now.“Yes Sir, thank you sir" I replied and everyone else around clapped their hands with beautiful smiles on their face.“Dr Madison!!" They cheered and I laughed lowly bowing my head slightly in appreciation.I walked out of the scene to a trashcan nearby and took off my gloves and my face mask throwing them into the bin.I stared at myself in the mirror and sighed, “Well done Madison" I said to myself.I think I am getting better, I didn't spend up to 45 minutes in the theatre room.“Improvement" I smiled and took off my head cap.Before I could do anything else, I head my name from one tiny voice that belongs to no one else but my best friend, Dr Krystal.“Madison!!!" She squealed as she ran to me and threw herself on me.“What the! Krystal?!!" I laughed as I peel her off me."D*mn, I heard you operated on a woman few minutes ago, a lady with twins” she said and I shrugged" Yeah you heard it correctly, where were you?“ I replied and turned back to the mirror." I'm sorry, I had a patient to take care of, Dr Johnson is supposed to be the one to handle that but he's on leave, crazy..“ she clicked her tongue and I chuckled lowly." It's okay, I trust you did well”" And you did well too, almost everyone is talking about you now, I am so happy I've got you” she squealed aloud and I rolled my eyes with a low laugh." Uh huh, you should, it's me” I replied" Are you free tonight?“ She asked immediately as she took my hands Into hers." Uh…what do you mean?"“Madison! Are you on seat Tonight?" She asked again and I shook my head.“What you planning now?, No I am not Krystal" I replied and she squealed again" Great! We are going out tonight” she beamed and I stared at her with a raised brow."Krystal, I'm sorry I can't. I have to study tonight and you know that” ri replied trying not to piss her off."What the! Do you always have to do that?, You'd just end up being a bore Madison” she replied as she threw her hands in the air tiredly." I'm sorry…you know I don't know out too" I said to her biting my lips.Her face dropped immediately…..Ouch, I don't like that face on her.“Why don't we just watch movies together at my place? It's okay right?, We'll watch movies, talk alot and—-” she didn't let me complete my statement" No, not me and you Madison, the last time we did that…all we kept on talking about that night was anatomy!!, For once..learn how to go out, be free, be wild” she exhales and slapped her forehead.“Madison, just one night, a drink together isn't too much right? I mean, you had a successful operation and it's worth celebrating" she replied while I stared at her saying no words." It's okay if you don't want to, I can't force you to” she replied with a shrug." Alright, it's okay, I've heard you” I replied and she looked up at me with a bright face." For real?“ " Yep, just one drink Krystal and we'll head home?““Sure!!" She squeals as she threw her hands around me again."You are this excited, it's just a drink" I said to clarify that to her.She said nothing but ran to the locker, "c'mon let's get out of this lab coats and get going” she replied.I stood where I was and stared at her, only God knows what she has in her mind.I don't know how tonight is gonna be either but all I hope for is that I don't regret saying yes to her.

Chapter 2: hot stranger

Madison POVEvening came by so fast, I'm dressed up in a red knee length fitted gown that has a small slit by my right lap and a red heel shoe.The car pulled to a halt and I walked down with Krystal. I stood before the building not knowing where I am.“And where is this place Krystal?" I asked her immediately.“Welcome to Golden lights Hotel and suit" she said with a grin on her face.I squeezed my face at that crazy smile she had on.“C'mon, let's go in..the fun isn't out here" she giggled and grabbed my hands before I could say a 'no' or a 'yes'.Krystal pulled me into the hotel, there were flashing colored lights everywhere.Bouncers by the entrance and even in, Are they asking for invite or what?One of them walked up to Krystal for which I don't know why.She gave him a sexy smile off course and ran her hands up his hard chest.Okay, s

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