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Captured By The Mafia

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Nathalia Sarmiento is just one of those ordinary teenagers who wishes to graduate from college in order to help the people she treated as her real parents, who did nothing but love her as their own daughter as well. Everything seems to be perfect in her almost fairy tale story. She had a bunch of good friends, loving parents, and a comfortable life. Not until her eighteenth birthday comes. She's about to go home when, suddenly, a black van stops right in front of her. Before she could even escape, a group of men came out and took her away. The next thing she knew was that she would arrive in a familiar mansion, and when she finally met the one who planned it all, the realization hit her hard. A mafia boss captured her. Much to her surprise, he even had the pair of shoes that she had lost before.


Nathalia’s POV

“That’s all for today. Class is dismissed.”

My classmates quickly stood up and hurriedly left as soon as our last professor left the room. Some of them were even pushing each other at the door, seeming eager to go home. I couldn’t help but laugh as I organized my belongings.

I was taken aback when I felt a tap on my right shoulder. Madeline’s smiling face greeted me when I turned around.

“Your debut is coming up soon, girl! I’m sure Uncle Edwin and Auntie Marcel will prepare for it extravagantly! I’m so excited already!” she squealed.

I just shook my head while smiling. “That’s not going to happen.”

She suddenly stopped, her forehead creasing. “Huh?”

I shrugged. “I already talked to them about it. Just so you know, I want my birthday this time to be simple and private. I’ll only invite a few guests, and there won’t be a big party like you expect.”

I slung my handbag over my right shoulder and stood up. It was only then that I noticed we were the only ones left in the classroom.

“Let’s go!” I said to her.

She followed me with a pout on her face.I was sure that our three other friends, Harold, Albert, and Damon, had already beaten us to the cafeteria to eat. They often get hungry, but I never quite understood where they put all the food they consumed.

“Are you serious about this? I can’t believe you convinced your parents. Knowing them, I’m sure they have already planned something special for your special day,” she said with a tinge of regret in her voice.

I winced at her words. Indeed, my parents loved to surprise me. In the past, they always went all out to prepare for my birthday celebration.

They invited many guests, some of whom were their business partners. The parties were often held at a resort, hotel, restaurant, or one of their grand function halls.

But I want this year to be different. Yes, my parents own a large hotel chain, but I don’t want them to spend a lot of money just because of me.

Because I am not their real child.

This is a part of my identity that no one knows, not even my friends. It’s better that way to avoid questions and issues.

Over the years, Mom and Dad never had another child. I understand why they lavish me with almost everything. Other people understand it too, as they often say that I am their only child.

They are one of the reasons why I am excited to finish my studies. I only have two years left, and finally, I’ll be able to help their business. It’s one way for me to show my gratitude to them.

“At first, it was really challenging to convince them. It took me a lot of effort just for them to say yes,” I admitted.

That’s true. They gave me a lot of conditions before they agreed.

She let out a sigh, causing me to glare at her. She quickly raised both hands in surrender.

“Okay. If that’s what you want. We don’t mind whether your birthday celebration is extravagant or simple. But I guess we’re included among the few guests, right?” she asked hesitantly.

I briefly stopped walking to give her a disapproving look. “Of course! What kind of question is that?”

I don’t know if it was just my imagination, but sadness seemed to have passed through her eyes, quickly replaced by joy.

“It’s nothing. I just want to confirm. I don’t want to assume that we’re invited.”

I lightly hit her on the arm. “You’re really crazy!”

Both of us just laughed before continuing our walk.

We stopped as we reached the locker area. I was about to open my locker when Madeline excused herself, saying she’d just go to the restroom. I didn’t say anything and simply nodded in response.

When I finally opened my locker, I furrowed my brow as I noticed a white envelope placed on top of my book there.

I noticed that the top of the envelope was blank, without anything written on it. Though curious, I picked it up and opened it without hesitation. Inside was a folded white piece of paper, which I quickly read.

Advance happy 18th birthday, Nath. I can’t wait to see you soon.

My forehead furrowed even more after reading it. I checked the back of the paper and the envelope, hoping to find some clue about who it might be from.But there was nothing else written, just that message.

I tried to remember if I had a friend or someone I knew well that I hadn’t seen in a long time.

But I couldn’t think of anyone.

I just shrugged and decided to hide it in my bag. Perhaps one of my classmates was just messing with me because they had nothing better to do. I couldn’t say if it was a secret admirer or something else, as it was the only time I received such a letter. Besides, no one has ever courted me. Some have attempted to, but for reasons I couldn’t quite figure out, things never progressed.

I was about to close the locker door after placing some of my belongings there when I noticed something else resting on top of my book.

My heart pounded with nervousness as I reached for that object.

A black rose.

My hand trembled as I took it, and I closed the locker door without thinking. I started walking slowly, my attention fixed on the black rose.

However, because I was slightly looking down, I didn’t notice that I was about to collide with someone, causing me to accidentally drop the rose I was holding.

“Sorry!” I said, about to pick up the fallen flower when he quickly reached it before I could.

“Interesting,” I heard him mutter before he handed me the black rose. “Here.”

I was taken aback, almost holding my breath as I took the rose from him. But at that moment, my attention wasn’t on the flower but on the man standing before me.

He’s wearing a black hat, tuxedo, and shades, so I couldn’t make out his entire face.

I was about to say something when he walked past me, leaving me with no choice but to follow him with my gaze.

But I gasped and almost jumped in surprise when someone suddenly tapped my shoulder from behind.

“Let’s go. They’re waiting for us already.”

I turned around abruptly, and once again, Mads’ smiling face greeted me. It seemed like there was no moment when this girl wasn’t smiling.

I quickly recovered from my surprise.


I quickly hid the black rose inside my bag. I don’t know why, but I had a feeling that something unsettling might happen in the coming days.

Adding to my thoughts was the familiarity of the man I bumped into earlier. For some reason, his presence intimidated me.

Just who the hell is he?

Chapter 1.1: No Body, No Crime

Nathalia’s POV I turned off the engine of my car as it came to a stop in front of a tall building. After making sure I didn’t leave anything behind, I got out of the car and looked up at the towering building before me.

I took a deep breath before I started walking, going along with the flow of people entering the building.

As I entered, the lounge area greeted me, filled with many people lounging around and reading magazines. Most of them seemed to be guests of the hotel.

My attention was immediately drawn to the large chandelier hanging from the ceiling. It looked cold and beautiful, made of crystal.

I began walking on the red carpet laid out in the hallway, passing by pillars adorned with indoor plants.

I smiled as I proceeded to the reception area.

“Good afternoon, Ma’am. How may I help you?” the receptionist greeted me politely, wearing a wide smile on her lips.

I glanced around. It wasn’t my first time here.

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