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Bound by Desire to the Enigmatic Heir

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Theana must pretend as Alethea (her twin sister) and get to know her sister’s future husband, Taddeo Locatelli, until Alethea is ready to face her groom. However, things change its course when she finds herself being preyed upon by Taddeo's younger brother, Arcel. It was intrigue that lured Arcel to her. His unexpected interest blooms into possession that fuels the monster within him. Nothing could stop him from claiming her for himself, even his own brother. Will there be ‘Happy Ending’ between Arcel and Theana if their love for each other were entangled with lies, revenge…and murder?


“AUNTIE, I won't accept what you want me to do!” shouted a young woman as she entered an office.

A middle-aged woman exhaled cigarette smoke while she was on the phone. “We’ll do, sir. Thank you. I hope you’ll enjoy her service.”

After saying that, the older woman hung up the phone and turned to the younger one who had entered her office.

“You have no choice. I've already put your name on the list. The crowd wants you! This is the solution to your financial problems. Consider it payment for my help in hiding you from your family for two years, Thea,” said the older woman as she sorted through some papers scattered on her desk.

“A trade-off? I came to you willingly when I approached you. I've been working hard, sacrificing my education to help with our daily expenses, and now you're going to do this to me? You're not making me an escort, but you're going to auction me off!” The young woman couldn't help raising her voice out of frustration.

“You have no choice. If you back out, you'll need to pay a penalty. Do you have the money for that? I don't. So just follow what I ask you to do. I'm buried in debt, and we have many needs. Just endure it, or if you want, ask your mother for help. Your family has money, don't they? However, you'll also have to face the wrath of your family after running away from them.”

Theana, the young woman, couldn't bring herself to speak. She knew she couldn't go back. Two years had passed since she left their home, and she had accepted the fate that she could never return. Besides the escape, she left behind a big scandal and mistake that haunted her. So now, she had no choice but to cling to the woman who sheltered her when she had nowhere else to go. Estelle, the woman who helped Thea when she left and ran away from her family, who worked at an exclusive club.

Thea sighed heavily. There were many things she wanted to fight for, but... she knew she couldn't do anything about it. She didn't want to ask her mother for help because she knew her mother wouldn't feed her. Besides, it was too late when she found out that she was included among the women being auctioned off tonight. She also didn't have the money to pay the penalty if she decided not to go through with it.

Her hands trembled as hairstylists and makeup artists worked on her. She still couldn't accept what awaited her tonight.

All the women to be auctioned off were lined up. Theana wanted to cry and vomit. Never did she once imagine she would end up in this situation.

She grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth. Though she was somewhat spoiled because her parents indulged her whims, she still knew when she needed to stand on her own two feet.

Thea's desired quiet life was shattered when her twin sister, Alethea Brooke, was suddenly arranged to marry a member of a prominent family known nationwide. That's when the chaos began in what she thought would be her perfect life.

She closed her eyes as she remembered everything. She wanted to bury it all in oblivion, but she also wanted to think about what might have happened to her if she hadn't left back then.


Her thoughts were interrupted when an organizer of the auction called her. He grabbed her by the arm before talking to her.

"You're next. Even back when your only job was as a waitress, many were willing to pay for your service. Too bad you couldn't before, but now... oh boy! I wonder how much the highest bid for you will be?" he said excitedly. "As of now, the highest bid tonight is one million."

As excited as everyone around Thea was, she felt nothing but despair. She wanted to retreat, she wanted to run away, and escape from it all. She knew she was good at running away from problems. But she also thought about the situation her Aunt Estelle would be in. She owed a lot to the person who was treating her like this now because she had relied on her for two years while hiding from her family.

"Are you still a virgin?" asked a woman, sucking on a lollipop while waiting for Theana's response. Theana remained silent. "Oh dear! If you're still a virgin, I'm sure people outside will bid very high for you. Besides being beautiful, if they find out you're still a virgin, everyone will be scrambling to get you."

In truth, she's no longer a virgin! She had long surrendered her virginity to a man she really liked. Nevertheless, she still had to leave him.

Thea remained silent, thinking that the money she would receive wouldn't be worth trading for her dignity.

She was being prepared because she was up next. She was the last woman to come out, and she was told she was the one they were all waiting for. She sarcastically smiled because she wasn't pleased with how much importance they were giving her now.

Theana took a deep breath, swallowing all the emotions she felt. If she wanted to get through all of this, she needed to numb herself.

When her nickname was called, she stepped out. The men present eyed her as if they were ready to lay down any amount just to have her and be with her for a few days.

She still couldn't accept that she was here now, like some thing or property being sold at a price deemed suitable for her. She wanted to vomit and be disgusted by the people doing this.

Thea couldn't focus. She couldn't even move her eyes away from the floor. All she heard was when the auctioneer said the bidding would start at one million.

Thea scoffed. She had clearly heard earlier that prices usually started low before rising, but for her, the amount was ridiculously high right away. Maybe they were that eager for virgins, or they thought she was still one and untouched by any man.

Someone raised their number. Thea glanced briefly and grimaced when she saw a running senator bidding for her.

Her makeup was too thick for anyone to recognize her. She knew that no one would recognize her even if someone she knew suddenly appeared at this event.

"One point five million," the man said.

Bids for Thea kept going up. She no longer cared. She was just waiting to see who would win this absurdity.

“Going once, going twice—yes, number 100!” the auctioneer declared.

As of now, the highest bid for Thea was at ten million. An elderly businessman had the highest bid for her, and when she saw how he looked at her, she felt chills. She suddenly prayed and had a concern that she wouldn't end up with him.

“Fifty million pesos!”

Thea's eyes widened at the announcement. She looked at the man who said it. He was in formal attire, but he didn't seem like the type who owned a big company.


Until the auction ended, Thea was out of herself. She still couldn't believe that someone would spend 50 million just to have her and be with her for a few days.

Her Aunt Estelle was overjoyed. She kept giving Thea all sorts of advice as if she had really given up on Theana. Thea scrutinized her, still unhappy with what was happening in her life.

Only a few documents were sorted out before the man who won her was allowed to take her away.

She was led into a luxurious car, and it seemed like they were heading to a big hotel.

She kept stealing glances at the man. He was silent, engrossed in a conversation on the phone. She wondered why so much money was spent on her when he seemed uninterested in her.

Upon arriving at a famous hotel, she was immediately ushered into the elevator. They headed to the top floor.

Her companions stopped when they reached a suite. She looked at the man, expecting to follow him inside, but after the door was opened for her, he didn't move from where he stood.

"Aren't you coming in?" Thea hesitated with each word she uttered.

The man quickly replied, "No, Miss. I was just instructed to attend the auction. I'm not the one who owns you. My boss is waiting inside this suite; please go in."

And that's what Theana did. She entered the room and walked towards the living area. She wanted to commend every corner of the suite, but she remembered why she was there.

All sorts of thoughts raced through her mind, especially about the kind of person who won the auction.

When she reached the living area, she saw a man standing in front of the large window. One hand was in his pocket, and the other held a glass of alcohol. She cleared her throat to get the man's attention.

The man slowly turned to face her, and Theana's eyes widened when she saw who it was. The man she had been trying to avoid and the man to whom she had given her whole innocence. The man she denied loving but deep inside, she truly did.

"A-Arcel!" Thea panicked upon seeing and recognizing the man.

Arcel quickly finished his drink before approaching Theana. She immediately backed away when Arcel grabbed her hand.

"You're running away again?" Arcel said coldly to her. Theana felt small under his gaze. His eyes were piercing.

"Let go of me, Arcel! Why are you here?" Theana insisted, unable to accept that she was seeing the young man again. His eyebrow raised, but he didn't answer. "What the hell?! Why did you spend fifty million on me?! I know you're wealthy, but if you're wasting your money like that, it's like picking it up from the ground—"

Thea's words were cut off when Arcel grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to him. His jaw tightened, and he still looked sharply at Thea.

"I am claiming what’s mine, Thea. I am here to get my runaway bride."


I had just arrived home when I caught my twin sister Brooke and my mother chatting happily. I had no idea what they were talking about, because they always exclude me.

My parents named me Theana Brynn while my twin sister's name is Alethea Brooke.

"Who among the two sons, Mama?" Brooke asked.

"The eldest, dear! It's Taddeo Locatelli!"

Even though they mentioned names, I still couldn't follow their conversation.

"Oh, Ma! Whoever among Aunt Adelaide's two sons is fine with me! Am I the one they want to marry?"

I stopped walking when I heard Ale's words. ‘Huh? What marriage?’

"Yes, of course, I would mention you! Otherwise..." Mama trailed off, maybe noticing my presence.

My twin sister Alethea also glanced at me, raising an eyebrow. She gave me a snooty look like she always did. I secretly rolled my eyes at her.

"Theana, you're already here. Have you been here long?" Mama asked me.

I smiled at her. "I just arr


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