BLEEDING LOVE: Miss Somnum Exterreri

BLEEDING LOVE: Miss Somnum Exterreri

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Rara-avis18
  • Chapters: 8
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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Seo Jihyo falls in love with Kang Taesu from her High school,their love seems inseparable and continues even after college. After their engagement,Taesu betrays her for a better life. Everyone around her,the people she loves keep dying. She too doesn't escape the claws of death. She vows to herself that if she's given another chance at life,she would make him pay for all the suffering he caused her. Meeting a new family and given another chance to make things right, she teams up with her new family to get vengeance. She comes back as a rich heiress with a different look, a different attitude and means business. Would she be able to get her revenge or will she choose to forgive her first love? Find out more

Chapter 1- The Beginning

“I believe in love that is fun,that is caring,giving and that is honest”    

Jihyo's  POV
       I was sleeping in my room when I heard my mom calling me from downstairs. I decided to ignore because I didn't want to get up. Argh!!

    "Eden! You're gonna be late for school"I could hear my mom say in that black American accent of hers. I mumbled in frustration of having to get up.

          "I'm coming!"

I lazily get up and have a nice bath and put on my school uniform which consisted of a red tartan skirt and a matching red blazer with a white short-sleeved shirt with matching white sneakers and a pair of long black socks.

I slowly made my way downstairs and then greeted my mom and dad. I usually greet my mom in English though she can speak Korean.
     "Good morning Mom"
"Good morning,dear. You've been ignoring your alarms again, haven't  you?Mom said with raised brows.
I smiled awkwardly,"I didn't hear it". I said lying.

I bet she didn't buy it at all.
I sat down on my seat at the dining table as mom serves breakfast,I start to dig in. Before I can even finish my meal,I hear the school bus honk. I grab my bag and my brother by the arm and say my farewells before zooming off.

“Another school session has begun” I said to myself as the bus comes to a halt and I hear my name which snaps me right out of my trance,“Jihyo!”. I could easily make out who it was and it was no other than my smiley best friend,Eunju. “Oh My Gosh,Jihyo!Did you get bangs? You look so adorable!”,she says sitting besides me and squeezing my cheeks.

       “This is so you”,I said mumbling to myself,“Your bunches look even cuter this session rather suspicious if you ask me” I said intentionally provoking her.
      She blushes and quickly retorts,
“Nothing..... nothing of that sort. Where did you get that idea from?”

           “Yes, let's pretend like there's nothing going on”
            “Jihyo!!!” She shouted with her face red from blushing. The bus finally stops as we get down and head towards our classes. Fortunately,I and Eunju were placed in the same class which was for the brightest students in our year.

    As usual we sat near each other with my seat in front of hers,when Mina and her gang of ne'er-do-wells came in.

        “Hey!!Bunches,get over here!” Mina said referring to Eunju. I've always heard about Mina and her minions but it was my first actual encounter with her.

        “Did I do anything wrong?”She responds shakily.

       “Is your hair blocking your hearing?!Mina said to come over so what are you waiting for?!!”One of her minions said in a high pitched voice. Squeezing my pencil tightly in annoyance,

        “I'd advice you to leave her alone”
“What?!” One said which from the looks of it was the chief minion who's name was Moyeon,“I don't remember talking to you, Glasses!” Mina cuts in.

  “Very correct but it's my friend you're talking to right there!” I said standing up and looking her straight in the eye when everyone starts to whisper. Suddenly,a hand appears on I and Mina's shoulders,

    “Wow! What's with all the tension on our first day of school in a while?” A handsome fair skinned tall boy with mono- lid and an attractive smile appears trying to stop the matter from excavating further.

   “Why are you so hot headed,Mina?” He asks her rhetorically to annoy her. She pushes his hand away from her shoulder in clear disgust.

    “None of your business,Smiler. I guess, you've finally met your match in this class”, She says eyeing Eunju.

    “Mina,stop this nonsense. Aren't you tired of the drama already?” A quiet masculine voice says. He was not as pale as the other boy which seemed to be his friend neither was he as attractive but he was undoubtedly still handsome and he had a mesmerizing aura around him,no wonder Mina seemed to like him.

       “Oppa,I was just trying to put them in their place. You don't have to be mad at me!”She says feigning an adorable voice.“Smartie over here seemed to have gotten the same hair style as mine and I was just surprised that even Smartie wants to look pretty” She said in an accusatory manner.

       “So what does that have to do with you?”He says as he's now standing in our midst,“Just mind your business,Mina and stop causing trouble”.

   “But Oppa!!!”She angrily walks away with her minions running after her.

   “Don't mind her, she's just spoilt and all mouth. Just try to avoid her if you can”,the alluring boy said to me. I blushed but that was short lived as the pale boy with grey hair introduced himself to I and Eunju who seemed to take a liking in him.

    “Hi, I'm Yu Sijin”,he says bringing out his hand for a hand shake with the both of us when another boy appeared from the corner and was talking to the alluring boy.

“Ahhh, you probably are wondering who they are. The one who defended you is my best friend,Park Taesu. He doesn't like talking but he's really kind-hearted and mature, that's why he's usually made the class rep while the other one who just came is Ji Jungyeom, he's our very close friend”

He says smiling as usual. Jungyeom was the least handsome of the three was what I was thinking till my thoughts got caught off.

   “What is your name?” I heard Taesu ask in a rather awkward manner with a smile that seemed sincere but rather unnatural.

  “Huh?”I said turning red and hoping that no one would notice,“My name's Seo Jihyo and she's Park Eunju,my best friend”,I said pointing at Eunju and trying to keep my cool. This was the first time a guy got my attention so it was breathtaking for me.

    “I guess, we'll be seeing a lot of each other since we're in the same class”,he said nearly blushing. He quickly goes to his seat which is not too far from mine.

    “So your name is Eunju?It suits you quite well,if you ask me”,he said making Eunju blush,“The rumors are really true,you are not purely Korean aren't you?”,he says after examining me carefully.

   “Don't be bothered by him at all,he gets like this every now and then. Please understand”, Jungyeom says trying to be considerate of me.

  Smiling,“No problem at all,I actually get that quite a lot. My dad's Korean but my mom's a black American. That's the reason for my eye size”.

   “That's seriously shocking” He says in some sort of shock and awe,“Which makes me all the more curious but I won't pry. Feel free to hang out with us anytime you want”


Sheepishly,“I'd love to know you guys better especially Eunju”,She blushes at the mention of her name as he turns to go to his seat with Jungyeom. Soon after the home room teacher walks in.

Chapter 2- Seasons In The Sun

Weeks, months and even years could be like a day if you spend them with the right person”

Heyya,need a song to compliment this chapter?I guessed that right 😁,well why to hold on to your headphones and relax with Miss Right by BTS.
You can download and stream the song on a lot of streaming platforms like Boomplay, iTunes,you can just add a bit of magical feel and you know, Shazam!

* * * *
Years have flown by, Jihyo and Eunju are now in their final years of high school. Not to mention that it is a year that love blossoms most among students.
   “What's up with you today?”
Eunju looks at Jihyo with a serious face,then blushes,“I think he likes me!”.
     “Who exactly are you talking about?”
    “Who else but Sijin?”She responds rolling her eyeballs
    “Lucky you,it seems like everyone is finding their one true love.” Sighed Jihyo
  “How's it going between you and Taesu?”
      “I'm not exactly certain”She answe


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