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In a world where fashion and passion collide, a young and vibrant fashion designer, Mohit Paul, stands at the center of attention. With his sinfully handsome looks, he effortlessly captures the hearts of those around him, leaving girls yearning for his affection. But little do they know that Mohit's heart beats to the rhythm of a different melody. Mohit is bi, and has always preferred the company of men, finding solace and connection within that realm. However, fate has a way of weaving unexpected tales, and one fateful night, his path intersects with that of Srusti—a simple, sweet, and innocent girl who possesses an enchanting aura. As Mohit and Srusti embark on a journey through love, desire, and self-discovery, the lines between their worlds blur. Mohit finds himself captivated by Srusti's genuine spirit and beguiling charm, awakening emotions he never thought possible. And Srusti, unaware of Mohit's preference, is irresistibly drawn to the magnetic aura that surrounds him. In a delicate dance between two souls, their hearts entwine, challenging societal norms and preconceived notions. Will Mohit succumb to the magic of Srusti's innocence and embrace a love he never thought he would find in a woman? And will Srusti be bewitched by the allure of Mohit's captivating presence, despite his unconventional preferences? In this evocative tale of passion and self-discovery, follow Mohit and Srusti as they navigate the intricate threads of desire and surrender. As they delve deeper into the depths of their souls, they must confront their own truths and make choices that will shape their destinies. Will their love transcend boundaries, or will the complexities of their identities tear them apart? "Bewitched" is a spellbinding story of love's power to defy expectations, reminding us that the heart wants what it wants, regardless of societal norms. Prepare to be swept away in a whirlwind of emotions as Mohit and Srusti's journey unravels, leaving readers captivated until the very last page.

Chapter 1


This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental. The opinions expressed are those of the characters and should not be confused with the opinions of the author.

I believe in live and let live, so anyone's sexual preference is entirely their concern. The characters of the book have different views over this issue. So if anyone finds views of this book offensive, I am sorry for that. I do not support or condemn any of them.


Mohit's POV

" Harry, just see to it that everyone gets the beautifully wrapped gift with the invitation. "

" Right, sir... Just rest assured. "

" No one should be missed from the list. This exhibition is very important to me. Make sure that every rich and famous person in Delhi should get our invitation.

" Don't worry sir, all the rich and famous people like actors, models, politicians, doctors, lawyers, industrialists, millionaires, billionaires, socialites, critics, people from the fashion industry, and reporters from the leading newspapers and magazines are invited. " Harry said.

" Are you sure?? Make a double-check. I don't want to leave any stone unturned. Everything has to be perfect. "

" It would be sir... I personally checked it. "

" Great !!! See all the other arrangements. Models, Dresses, accessories, makeup artists, hairstylists everyone should be there at least 2-3 hours before time. "

" I make sure of that sir, just rest assured. "

" So there would be a fashion show for all my dresses in the beginning and then an auction is planned for the dresses. Make sure everything is ready, I don't want any mistakes. Everything has to run smoothly. A part of the money collected in the auction would be given to an orphanage. "

" Right sir... " he said and then the knob of the door turned and Manu walked in.

" Hi, Mohit... " She smiled at me.

" Hi, Congratulations !!!!! I am sorry that you had to be here working right after your wedding... but thank God that you are back. I was getting a bit apprehensive. " I got up from my chair and hugged her.

She got married to her sinfully handsome husband again this week only.

" I had to come, could not leave you here in this alone. "

" You are such a sweetheart. Where is your handsome husband?? I hope he is not waiting outside with a gun to kill me. "

" Why would he do that?? "

" Because you are here with me instead of being tucked up in bed with him. "

" Eeeeww shut up... As it is, he had to go to Jodhpur. "

" What ?? Alone?? Is he crazy?? You should have married me... " I was shocked to hear what she told me.

" Oh, God !! Don't start again. " She glared at me and I laughed.

" Who leaves his beautiful wife alone and goes out of the city?? He did that again?? He went on the honeymoon alone?? "

" Hold your horses Mohit... It was related to me, I was supposed to go but as I had to come back to Delhi... "

" Oh, God !!! I am sorry dear... Did you two argue about it?? "

" No... He was very understanding. He is really sweet... "

" Sweet?? aahaan... last time I met him he was anything but sweet. "

" He is very sweet, ok ?? "

" Ok !!! You must be knowing better... You must have tasted him. Did you both... "

" Not another word you idiot. I don't know how we became friends, you came without a filter in your mouth. "

" Did you... ?? "

" Mohit !!! Don't you have any work??

" Did you ?? "

" Shut up Mohit !!! " She glared at me and her face was as red as a tomato.

" You didn't??? Why ?? "

" What ?? Will, you shut up?? "

" No, I would not... you are my best friend and I have to know what is going on in your life. "

" Even this?? Get lost... Do some work or I am going back. "

" Awww missing him??? I am missing him too. "

" Leave him alone and tell me what is to be done as I have completed my work. Tell me anything you want me to do. "

" Ok fine... But you got to, tell me later on during lunch break. "

" There is nothing to tell, he got flu on our wedding night and he had to leave the very next morning. Now no more discussion on this. "

" Poor him... He was already going crazy about you and then he had to have that d*mn flu on the wedding night... God must have conspired against him. Got the punishment for the sins he committed earlier. "

" MOHIT !!! Stop. Talking. About. Him."

" Awww you are missing him terribly... "

" Yes, I am... Now give me some work to do or I would kill you. "

" Ok ok... Cool down. Please click some more pictures of a few designs as I paired them with different things and accessories and it gives a different effect. "

" Ok, I will do it right away. I think Monisha and Wasim are here. "

" Yes, they are... "

" Ok see you later... "

" Hmmm... I missed you. Sorry for spoiling your honeymoon. "

" Please Mohit you didn't... This was scheduled. We got married all of a sudden. My work is also important to me. Don't say sorry now... Or I will not share my lunch with you. "

" Don't even say that... I missed it as much as I missed you. I have been eating junk food since you went to Chandigarh. "

" Of God !! You are too much... Why didn't you go home... "

" You know why... "

" Mohit they love you... "

" Unfortunately... But they are making me go crazy for this marriage thing. "

" I can understand... But you can't avoid them forever. "

" Yeah... Leave it. Thanks for coming... "

" Mohit... " she glared at me and went out to work.

She is one of the people I really love. My best friend. She understood me very well and never judged me.

We met at an exhibition where her pictures were also displayed. I was impressed with her work a lot and one of my regular models who accompanied me at that time told me that he got his portfolio clicked by her about a year ago. The pictures were good enough to get him lots of work.

I offered her to click pictures for my upcoming summer collection.

She did that and the pictures came out to be so good that some of them got selected in the top magazines. My designs and her photography clicked together and we are a team since then. The famous fashion designer and fashion photographer combination.

We both got benefited from each other's work. So we work together. My spring collection was also done by her and those pictures got selected in a competition in Lakme fashion week.

I started getting more exposure because of her impeccable pictures.

We gradually became friends. She was a very sweet and shy person. While I am very blunt and open-minded as compared to most of the people around us. She was shocked at my compliments for her and they usually make her blush. I just loved to make her blush.

She knows everything about me but she never behaved differently though she belonged to a family with conservative views.

I have always been very comfortable around her. I loved her and I would have liked to spend my life with her if I didn't have a different sexual preference.

I had relations with both men as well as women but I felt that I was more into men.

My parents were really after my life to get married and give them grandchildren. My grandmother was being very persuasive using the fact that I loved her a lot against me only.

They were old-fashioned people and they would never understand me. I would be pronounced as a sinner if they ever get to know my sexual preference.

My dad would probably disown me for being polygamous. He was strictly a woman man only. He expected nothing less from me. I would be shot by him if he gets to know about me being a bisexual.

Now my family was using every trick in the book to get me married to some good, beautiful eligible girl. Either mom or my elder sister tried to make me meet some girl almost every month.

So I avoided going home. I lived separately at my penthouse. Sometimes I even stayed at my studio apartment which was just above my workplace.

Chapter 2

Mohit's POV

I went outside and saw Manu clicking pictures of Wasim and Monisha. I was amazed by her dedication. It was not easy to come to work, on the next day of your wedding.

I still remember my meeting with her husband Sahil Malhotra. I was shocked...

That day, Manu came to the workshop with a man. I had met him at a wedding, which Manu had gone to attend in Chandigarh.  He was really handsome and attractive. I liked him a lot, But before I could talk to him, I felt that there was some tension between both of them.

He said he was her boyfriend and I got angry with her as I used to tell her everything about myself. I still remember she came to talk to me the next day. But I didn't want to talk to her. I don't know why, but I felt bad.

" I am sorry Mohit... I should have told you about him. "

" I don't want to talk about it please..."

" Please Mohit, at least hear me ou


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