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Angels are closed today

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Rion travels to a Western girl named Leona. The world is completely unfamiliar, but the development process of The Times is similar to modern times, only from the east to the west. Li En conscientiously played the role of Lianna: a small customer service under the name of Paradise Group. Despite the company's middling name and occasional dealings with the Inferno Group next door, Ryan managed to cope. Until one day, a colleague asked her: "Leona, you haven't been back to heaven for a long time?" Don't you want to go back and see God the Father?" Lynn:? She saw the big problem: this was no ordinary Western society! It's the World of the West! Angels and demons are real! And she is just an ordinary angel. Len, who is preparing to quit his job for a promising one:... She remembered her resignation letter as saying: Hell Group is paying me too much. Now, how does she explain that she hasn't fallen yet? !

Chapter 1


Lynn looked at the face of a complete stranger in the mirror and finally confirmed the fact.

The girl has a golden shaggy curly hair, showing a delicate face, blue pupil edge as if there is a layer of gold, more beautiful than with the beauty pupil, the figure is symmetrical, this perfect modeling, as God's providence, direct debut is no problem?

Lynn touched herself like a pervert: although she was now the owner of this body, she was not used to being so beautiful!

She finally understood why the mythical Narcissus died because he was obsessed with his own reflection! Because right now, she's in this kind of extreme narcissism. Ask such a celestial appearance, who else is worthy of her!

Li En was intoxicated for a while, and quickly shook his head to wake himself up: after she crossed over, she did not get a bit of memory of the original owner, the original owner's life, interpersonal relations, social relations, and so on, nothing is clear.

The most important thing now is to have more information, rather than waiting to be exposed!

She had searched the entire room, a small but empty apartment, with few things that actually belonged to the original owner: a few shirts and uniforms, a set of sheets and bedding, toiletries, a work ID, a cellphone.

The work ID reads: Leona, a consultant at Paradise Group

The original owner, Leona, is probably a neat freak and a minimalist, maybe even a little obsessive, to make the whole apartment look so clean and tidy, as if no one was there.

Lynn is a little panicked. She can't keep this one alone.

In a previous life, she was the epitome of messy beauty. As a social animal, I would like to collapse after work, which has the time and energy to tidy up the room in good order? Besides, although the room is a little messy, but not dirty, which is called orderly chaos.

If you run into someone you know, aren't you gonna blow the whistle?

Lynn steadied herself and continued to look at her phone.

Cell phone chain screen is not set, very in line with her personal style. There is a ranking word on the address book, but all are names, no father, mother, boyfriend and other names, relying on these names, completely unable to distinguish her relationship with them.

Wallpaper, input method are the default, browser, chat software is the phone...... Browsing history, none; The only chat box is the large group chat box of the company department.

Good. Personal style is still very much in evidence.

But when Len looked at the chat logs, he felt a little more reassured: Leona was new to the company, and the chat logs after she joined were all the same, copy-and-paste "New person welcome."

The original owner should have just started at the new company and not have many friends, so the possibility of exposure is minimized.

Lynn scanned the web again quickly and confirmed her position:

Now is the new era in 2202, this world is completely different from her original world, but the level of development of world civilization and science and technology is similar to her previous life, a little like the feeling of the Western world.

She is now in a city called New York, where the lingua franca is similar to English, with some grammatical and diction differences.

However, Lynn has no "cognitive impairment" at all, not only because she used to be good at English, but it seems that this knowledge is inherent in this body.

Luckily, you don't have to walk through here illiterate.

She did another search for the Paradise Group.

Don't look at the name of this enterprise sounds to have two senses, a serious company should not be named like this, but the group is very famous in the world, the search index is very high, the group's business covers the scope of clothing, food, housing, leisure and entertainment, etc., the scale is second only to the famous Hell Group.

To Rion said, or people in this world will play, directly to heaven, hell joke.

How did Ryan know it was a joke?

Because this is a very free world of belief, but look at the atmosphere of people chatting online, they do not believe in gods and ghosts, rather than God or Satan's faith, maybe they are more willing to give their knees and youth for heaven or hell group.

"Woo Woo I love Heaven Group! Ball ball push a few more angel groups!"

"Hell Group is yyds!"

"Heathen get out!"

Ryan was not surprised.

Faith, after all, is a kind of existence that people believe in, and it is not easy to find truly devout believers in peaceful times when material life is sufficient and entertainment is sufficient.

Just like Li En in a previous life, no less forward koi, no less pray to God to make himself rich overnight, but also just talk about piety.

Anyway, the Heaven Cartel and the Hell Cartel are old enemies. Hell Group was the first to occupy the market, but now Paradise Group has developed, and the fight is full swing.

Some people even wrote the same culture of the chairman of the Hell Group and the chairman of the Heaven Group: it must be true love, so that these two companies have such a cp sense of name, and then in the business of love and kill each other...

Lynn looked over the strange homoplasms with a straight face, and when she understood the situation, she decided not to resign for the time being.

No familiar colleagues just entered the office, which means safety;

Working in large enterprises, all aspects of the treatment is guaranteed, there is room for promotion;

I can't do it anymore. I have experience at Paradise Group.

Senior social animal Li En's face simply wrote "plan to pass" three big words.

Speaking of job-hopping, Ryan has no idea what his past resume is like. Where did he graduate? What experience do you have?

Sure enough, it's still necessary to stay at Paradise Group for a while, if you can get your own files.

Len spent the night studying the new world, and the next morning, he left for work with panda eyes.

As a result, just out of the door, he climbed up behind an arm, and the other side greeted with a familiar tone, "Good morning Leona, how is it, New York here still stay accustomed to it?" Before you always refused to come down, missed a lot of interesting things oh ~"

I almost forgot to mention that this joint apartment is in the center of New York City, close to both Paradise Group and Hell Group, so they rent two floors each for staff quarters.

Otherwise, how can we say that the welfare of big factories is good? The apartment rent alone is not cheap.

But Lynn did not expect that she was a new person, someone actually took the initiative to say hello. Her heart alarm bell: the original owner acquaintance? Fellow countryman?

But she just confirmed that Leona doesn't have much of a social life...

Ryan also noticed the man's words: "Come down."

Was Leona's hometown above the New York City on the map? Otherwise I wouldn't use the word "down".

She silently recalled the map she had seen before and guessed the hometown of the original owner.

Also, is Leona's hometown rich in beautiful women? The older sister on her shoulder was equally beautiful, but unlike Leona, who looked like a delicate young woman just coming of age, she had the beauty of a mature woman, with long curly hair and flowing eyes, warm and generous.

Last night also said that "after I only love myself" Rion immediately defected and became "beauty Tiestick".

Of course, Lynn's mind was spinning wildly, but her face was still very steady, and she replied with a faultless "Good morning."

The great beauty did not find her abnormal, but said to herself, "Oh, you are still as cool as ever." A little girl needs to smile more to be cute."

Fortunately, it seems that she was not wrong: the original owner's personal style and interior style should be similar, are concise and neat type.

"Huh? You're not gonna make fun of me today? I didn't go to see you last night because I was afraid you were getting used to it, but in the future, there will be more opportunities to take you to experience the nightlife of New York.

The great beauty winked at Len, as if to suggest that it was indescribable night, life, life.

Ryan... Ryan chose not to do anything for the time being.

After all, there are times when it is necessary to socialize and socialize with colleagues.

Lynn sneaks a peek at Great Beauty's work card, a consultant like her named Monica.

It's a lot easier when Monica's around, you just follow her, you don't have to look around.

Monica did not take her directly to the department to punch in, but first went to the company cafeteria, "come here, three meals or to eat oh, the cafeteria breakfast is good, lunch either eat the cafeteria or order takeout, dinner of course to eat out ~"

Monica knew she didn't know what was going on here, so she did her best to introduce him.

Leon likes this senior very much, and considering that the two are likely to be fellow villagers, maybe she is pushed by Monica!

"Thank you, Monica! 'said Len, very seriously.

Then Monica smiles and waves her hands. "Oh, little Leona doesn't have to be so serious. It's just a small thing," she says.

The number of people in the restaurant gradually increased, and Leon's "narcissistic disease" was finally cured: because he found that it was not her own good looks, but all the beautiful people coming and going!

Lynn is just plain good-looking in the mix.

What's going on here? Has the world collectively mutated its appearance genes?

Lynn looked over dazzlingly, feeling that she was almost fatigued.

Before she was still wondering, why did Liana not go to the group's artist department and so on, but to become a consultant, feeling a little waste of appearance level.

Now she understands: her current look is not enough to stand out in the world!

So, it really depends on talent ah...

"Leona, what are you looking at? By the way, this ham sandwich with milk is very good, I highly recommend it, you must not have had it before, come and try it."

Monica hands Ryan a regular western breakfast.

Leon took the breakfast, and added the background information of Lianna: it should be born in a small place such as the countryside, the family is poor, otherwise it will not even such an ordinary breakfast have not eaten.

By the way, the original owner doesn't have a last name... Lynn looked into the situation here, and that's what happens to people who leave their families or are orphans.

She's probably an orphan! And Monica didn't... They came out of the same orphanage?

With Monica's help, Ryan felt she was getting clearer about who she was.

The opening, perfect!

Chapter 2

Living in the age of the average traveler, Len was slightly shocked that she had crossed, then quickly calmed down: Well, it was her turn after all.

Although the achievements of 996 years have all gone to waste, although she has directly changed the background of an era, but adaptability is the necessary ability of every senior social animal.

What else is there to do?

Ask God to send her back to the original world?

Oh, no, this world, it's gonna be God.

Go back for what?

Guess she only weighs five pounds in that world with a person and a box, go back to mourn yourself?

Come on, she was lucky enough to be in a time warp where the level of technological development was similar to modern times.

So, from today on, she will inherit Lianna's identity, relationship, work, and live well in this world!

Rion, who has come through, has made such a realization.

Oh, no. No more Leanne. Let's call her Leanna.

But aft


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