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Adopted by the mafia lord

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Bluey
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Adopted by the mafia lord Blurb “You said you'll help me find my husband” He sneered at her, “Don't you think I can be your husband?” Alexa ran her eyes over his body, “You? I don't think my taste is that bad”. ............ Alexa is the woman who has dominated the mafia world. All mafia Lords fear this petite looking woman. Lucas is the man who can make waves in the business world. Everyone has to pay homage to the business genius. Alexa wakes up in the hospital with no recollection of her life except the fact that she is married… Alexa tries to navigate through her new life while trying to find out who she is. However, she finds out that she isn't as simple as she thought, and that there are people after her life…

Chapter 1



Alexa smiled as she admired the beautiful wedding gown hanging in the dressing room. In a few hours, she was going to walk down the alter with the man that she loved the most.

She was smiling more than she had ever smiled in her life. Alexa had never thought that she would find happiness in her life.

Her life had always been a gory scene. A young kid orphaned by a raging war, she was sold from place to place until she finally found a "home" to settle in.

But even in that home, everything wasn't perfect. She always had to keep her guard up if she did not want to lose her life

She thought that she was going to live her life walking amid bullets but it seemed that fate wasn't that cruel after all.

She met Ryan. And both of them were getting married today.

They had already gotten their marriage certificates the day before.

Alexa's dressing room was connected to a smaller room where her maid of honor was supposed to get dressed.

She was still looking at the gown with a silly smile on her face when she heard a woman's coy voice.

"Stop it," the woman said.

Alexa would have ignored it but the voice was familiar. It was her best friend Rita's voice.

What is she doing here? Is Rita getting dressed now? Wasn't it too early? The wedding was still a few hours away after all.

."stop it. You are getting married today" Rita said in the same coy voice.

Alexa was starting to get suspicious. Who is Rita talking to?

"Don't talk about it! Don't remind me of it! I might just decide not to show up for the wedding!" Someone else said. It was a man's voice.

There was no way that Alexa would not recognize that voice. It was Ryan's voice!

What are Rita and Ryan doing in that room?

And what does he mean by running away from the wedding?

"You won't do it anyway! You are still going to get married. I don't want you to get married" Rita sounded like she was whining right now.

The sound of a hand slapping against flesh was heard.

"I'm not getting married because I want to! You know that I have to do it if we want her inheritance!" Ryan said.

Alexa stood frozen to one spot. She was still trying to process what was going on here.

Ryan and Rita....are the both of them having a relationship behind her back? What is going on here?

How can it be possible?

Ryan....he.....he said that he loves her...

He won't cheat on her right?

And even if he wants to cheat, he won't cheat with Rita!

Rita owes her entire life to her! She saved Rita's life!

How did those people collude to do something to her?

The two people were still talking inside the room without knowing that someone was listening to their conversation.

"I don't know what happened to that senile old man! How can he will everything to Alexa?! You have been with him since you were five! This doesn't make sense!" Rita said. She was indignant.

Ryan felt the same way too! "He said that he treated me like his son! How can he treat me like a son and live everything in the hands of such a dumb woman like Alexa?!" Ryan said.

Alexa pretty much got it now. So he was getting married to her because of the inheritance?

So, all the love that that person showed her was fake? It was only because Peter left everything for her.

"Anyway, you know that you are the one that I love! You don't need to worry about Alexa! As soon as I get the inheritance from her, I'll divorce her! And the both of us can be together!" Ryan said.

Alexa chuckled. That man has it all planned out, doesn't he? He'll use her and kick her to the curb?

She would see about that!

Alexa wasn't a stupid person. Or else, she won't be able to be the head of an organization as chaotic as the Dark Zone Mercenary.

She was just quite stupid when it came to love.....

"Do you think that Alexa will hand over the inheritance to you? She isn't stupid! She is a very sly woman".Rita said.

Putting aside the fact that she was stupid enough to get tricked by Ryan, that woman was a living nightmare!

"It'll be a piece of cake! I'll make her sign it today! You know she keeps telling me that she is happy that she'll have a perfect wedding!" Ryan said.

Alexa clenched her fists when she heard that. A perfect wedding? So all of that was just b*llsh*t?!

"I love you, Ryan! I can't wait for that Alexa to be gone from our lives !" Rita said.

Everything was quiet for free seconds. Then, the sound of two people kissing could be heard.

Very soon, Alexa could hear the sound of flesh slapping against flesh.

It was easy to tell what the people inside there were doing.

Alexa held her fists tightly together. She had never felt so stupid in life!

So they had only been playing her from the start?

She would make sure to get back at the both of them!

She, Alexa, will prove to them that she is not a pushover!


A man stood outside a regal-looking mansion. His face was expressionless, his eyes vacant.

It was hard to tell what he was thinking.

Those two people....they should be preparing to get married right?

He dipped his name into his pocket and brought out an invitation card.

"Sorry, I am a selfish person. I can't be there to wish you happiness today. I really can't do it. You...have to be happy"

"Lucas!" Someone called out.

The man turned.

His eyes met the man who called out his name.

It was Kyle. A woman was standing next to him.

The woman gasped when he saw Lucas's face.

How can someone be so good-looking?

He had a face that would make both men and gods jealous.

Lucas walked over to the man that called his name.

"So, you are just going to leave like this?" Kyle asked.

Lucas sighed.

Does he have a choice?

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

An Accident (1)

" are you just going to let her get married like this?! Alexa she...." Kyle did not get to finish before Lucas interrupted him.

"She is already married....there's nothing that I can do now...I only hope that she can be happy from now on" Lucas said. This was his biggest wish. For Alexa to be happy.

"What? I didn't think that you of all people Lucas would be so devoted! Do you not know?! Ryan is a jerk! Someone like that....he's only using Alexa and you know that! She won't be able to survive for much longer!" Kyle said. He really could not understand Lucas. He loved her.

Yet, he was backing out like this. Doesn't he feel any reluctance at all? What kind of love is this?

Lucas looked up at Kyle with his cold eyes before he said, "Don't underestimate Alexa. She is not a pushover. She will be able to deal with the gang!" Lucas said.

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