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A Night With The Ruthless Mafia Don

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: EL JHAY
  • Chapters: 47
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 1.7K
  • 5.8
  • 💬 31


"I own you, Marisa," He whispered dangerously into her ears as he fondled with her breasts, causing her to let out a soft moan which she tried so hard not to let out. He smirked devilishly when he saw the effect he was having on her. His right hand found it's way under her gown, and she moaned loudly when he shifted her panties. "Yes," He smirked darkly, "Moan for me, Marisa, because I own every part of you, starting from your soft breasts, to your s*xy thighs and your divine honeypot. I own everything, and nothing will ever take you away from me. Not even the devil himself." ★★★★★★ Five years ago, Alejandro, a Mafia boss, and Marisa Russo, the strong-willed daughter of a rival Mafia family, were deeply in love. Their passionate connection led to an unforeseen consequence: Marisa's pregnancy. Unaware of her growing child and Alejandro's true identity, Marisa vanished from the dangerous Mafia world. A cruel twist of fate erased her memories in an accident, leaving her in a foreign place, estranged from her own past. Marisa embarked on a new life as a waitress and the mother of a son who strikingly resembled Alejandro. Her ties to the criminal world remained concealed, even from herself. Fate reunites Alejandro and Marisa, but they fail to recognize each other. Marisa's amnesia prevents her from recognizing him, while Alejandro cannot identify his long-lost lover due to her transformation. Marisa has a nightstand with him, and after that nightstand, Alejandro becomes obsessed with her. He yearns for Marisa more and more with each passing day and night. He makes a firm promise never to give up until his desires are satisfied. What will Alejandro's obsession with Marisa lead to? Will he be able to fulfill his dark desires?

Chapter 1: Five Years Ago (When it All Started)

A black Ferrari elegantly parked in front of a penthouse, its engine purring to a halt. From the car emerged a woman, a wide smile gracing her features. She was wearing a black leather on black trousers, matching it with a pair of black boots. Under the bright moonlight, her oval face was cast in a gentle glow as she walked toward the entrance of the luxurious penthouse. The penthouse emanated an atmosphere of understated elegance, its soft lighting casting a serene ambiance. This was the domain of her lover, Alejandro Gambino. The lady whose name was Marisa, stepped into the lavish penthouse. Her heart quickened, and her breath caught in her throat when her gaze landed on her lover, Alejandro, who was sitting on a black couch. Alejandro sat on the couch, dressed in only a pair of black trousers. His wavy, chestnut hair was neatly styled, adding a touch of charm to his otherwise rugged appearance. His piercing eyes, a deep shade of hazel, were focused intently on his phone, reflecting both intelligence and concentration. His abs were well-defined, showcasing his dedication to fitness, with just the right balance of strength and tone. Immediately Alejandro heard someone walking in, he took his gaze off his phone, and his lips curved into an handsome smile when he saw his girlfriend, Marisa. Marisa, on the other hand, remained utterly transfixed in her place, her gaze locked onto her strikingly handsome boyfriend, as if she'd never seen him before. Actually, that was the first time she would be seeing his face in five weeks. It was as if the world had faded away, leaving only him to captivate her senses. Alejandro dropped his phone beside him and rose up to his feet. He stood at an impressive height, around 7 feet tall, giving him a commanding presence in the room. Tears welled up in Marisa's eye as she felt the intensity of Alejandro's gaze. The air around them crackled with palpable tension. "Alejandro," she whispered, quickening her steps and embracing him tightly. "Missed me that much, did you?" Alejandro's chuckle resonated as he returned her embrace. "More than you can imagine," Marisa confessed as she tightened the hug, showing how much she really missed him. "I missed you to, sweetheart." Alejandro said, slowly stroking her hair. They held each other in that warm embrace, feeling the rhythm of their heartbeats sync as if they were two halves of a perfect whole. Time stood still as they shared the most beautiful language of all – the language of love. After five minutes, Marisa slowly broke the hug while keeping her arms draped around his neck. Her gaze lingered on his handsome face, her affection evident. "Words can't express how much I missed you, Alejandro," Marisa said in a soft voice as she stared directly at his face. Tears were still rolling down her cheeks as she spoke in a soft voice. "I missed you too, Marisa," Alejandro said, wiping the tears on her face with his thumb. "We've been apart a month apart, yet every call I made went unanswered. I was truly worried, not knowin for your whereabouts or if you were safe." His concern was palpable in his voice. "I'm sorry, Alejandro. My parents kept me confined, denying me the freedom to leave the house or even use my phone. It was beyond my control, and I deeply apologize." Marisa said softly in an apologetic voice. "Speaking of your parents, I haven't had the chance to meet them, but they must be quite strict if they can keep you so sheltered," Alejandro mused. "Yes, they are rather strict, but I still love them," Marisa replied with a genuine smile. "On another note, you haven't shared much about your parents with me either. I'm quite curious to meet them someday." Alejandro said, "I tend to avoid discussing my parents. By the way, you also haven't shared much about your parents either, so I suppose we're in similar positions." "True enough," Alejandro agreed with a chuckle. "Let's set aside parental matters for now and focus on more enjoyable activities," Marisa proposed playfully, her lips tugging seductively at her bottom lip. "What kind of enjoyable activities?" Alejandro inquired, though he already had a fair idea of what she meant. "Activities along these lines," she replied, her hands moving to rest against his chest. Her touch sent a shiver through him as she pressed her curves against him. "Shall we retire to the bedroom, Alejandro?" * * Marisa stood before Alejandro, her nakedness unaccompanied by anxiety or nervousness despite the man's proximity. In his bedroom, both of them bare, their gazes locked on each other's bodies, admiring the contours, curves, and muscles that defined their forms. Alejandro initiated the movement, lifting her effortlessly and placing her gently onto the bed. The brief stare held a tension that dissolved as Marisa's arms encircled his neck, and their lips met in a fervent kiss. Alejandro held her tenderly, like a fragile flower, savoring the sensation of her breasts pressed against his chest. The softness of her thighs against his arousal ignited a potent desire, a hunger he yearned to satiate. "Alejandro," her voice, a whispered melody, danced through the air as their eyes locked, igniting a fire that had smoldered beneath the surface for years. "Marisa," his voice, a silken murmur, caressed her senses, the magnetic connection between them evoking a sense of inevitability. As their lips met, the world around them faded, leaving only the electrifying touch of their kiss. Desire consumed them, overwhelming rational thoughts. His breath on her skin, his fingers tracing her arm, each touch carried a trail of tingling sensations. Moments turned into an eternity, and their stolen moments within the sanctuary of the room offered solace from the outside world. Every touch symbolized a promise, every kiss a declaration of their forbidden bond. "I've yearned for you, Marisa," Alejandro's admission, a velvety murmur, resonated against her ear as he held her close. Their bodies pressed together, fingers tangling in his hair as hearts raced in unison. "Your absence tormented me as well," Marisa confessed, vulnerability and desire trembling in her voice. His lips brushed her neck, setting ablaze a fire that consumed reason. "And now, in here," she murmured, surrendering to the tempest of emotions he stirred within her. Lips met again, hunger mingling with longing in an age-old dance. Fabric became mere barriers, discarded to let their passion flourish. Skin against skin, breathless gasps, and fervent whispers echoed through the room as they explored each other with an urgent fervor. Alejandro shifted, kissed her sweetly, and gently began to enter her. "I'm entering you," his whisper, a gentle reminder, carried on his breath as he locked eyes with her, ensuring she was with him in the moment. She gasped as he stretched her, a breathless plea for gentleness escaping her lips. "Please, Alejandro. It's been... it's been a while." She admitted to herself that she relished his embrace, his lips on hers. His lips had the power to awaken an intoxicating desire within her. Above all, it was his eyes that ensnared her. In their ocean blue depths, she found affirmation of her allure, her desirability to him. As his pace increased, her eyes closed, and she inhaled deeply, reveling in the sensations he offered. Guiding her hands to his shoulders, he smiled softly. "You're so exquisite, Marisa. Hold tight. Focus on us." She nodded, her eyes staying closed, their connection intensifying as he traced his fingers over her soft skin. "You're beautiful, and I'll always be here for you," his tender words resonated within her, echoing his deep affection. His strokes deepened, their movements a passionate choreography, a rhythm only they shared. "Can I go further?" he sought her consent, a tenderness that permeated their ardor. Pulling him down for a deep kiss, she affirmed, "Yes, my love. Go deeper. Make me feel alive." Their lips met in a fiery embrace, words exchanged through the language of touch. His deliberate thrusts reached her core, igniting sensations that left her breathless. Lost in their shared intimacy, she hummed sweetly into his ear, her melody of pleasure interwoven with his name. His rhythm intensified, their desire driving them onward. Her legs wrapped around him, anchoring him in place as he drove her to the edge. He persisted, a relentless pursuit of ecstasy, his eyes locked onto hers as the climax neared. In an explosion of sensation, her body arched, her voice escaping in a breathless cry as pleasure consumed her. Alejandro's release followed, a roar echoing hers, as he collapsed beside her, their ragged breaths harmonizing in the aftermath. With a lingering kiss, they connected once more. "That was intense," she whispered, her voice a testament to their shared experience. His fingers caressed her face, his adoration was evident in both his voice and his face. "I love you so much, Marisa." "I love you too, Alejandro," Marisa replied with a smile, her words a reaffirmation of their bond. * * Three weeks later, Marisa could be seen discreetly entering an hospital, glancing over her shoulder to ensure no one followed her. Clad in a black cardigan, tight jeans, and a face cap, she donned a nose mask as well. Upon reaching the receptionist, she received directions to the doctor's office. Upon entering the office, the female doctor motioned for her to take a seat across the polished black desk. "Good afternoon, doctor," Marisa greeted without removing her cap or mask. "Afternoon, ma'am. How can I assist you?" the doctor inquired, curious about Marisa's attire. "I've been feeling rather strange since two weeks ago, and I'm growing concerned," Marisa revealed. "In what way have you been feeling strange?" the doctor probed. Marisa started explaining the ways she had been feeling strange. She explained that she has been dealing with nausea, dizziness, breast tenderness, swelling, and frequent urination. "I'm not sure what's happening, doc, and it's kind of scaring me because I've never felt this way in my entire life." Marisa confessed. "Ma'am, these symptoms you're experiencing are indicative of pregnancy," the doctor explained. "What?!" Marisa exclaimed in shock. "You mean I'm pregnant?" "Yes, ma'am. You're indeed pregnant," the doctor confirmed. "Are you serious or is this a joke?" Marisa questioned. "I assure you, ma'am, I'm being serious. If you'd like, we can conduct a pregnancy test to confirm," the doctor offered. "Yes, let's do the test. I need to be sure," Marisa agreed. "Very well. Please follow me," the doctor stood up, leading Marisa to the area where the test would be performed. After conducting the test, Marisa was taken aback by the results that confirmed she was three weeks pregnant. "Oh my god!" she whispered in astonishment, staring at the test results with disbelief. "Congratulations, ma'am." The doctor congratulated Marisa. "Thanks." Marisa replied with a fake smile. "You don't seem happy about your pregnancy." The doctor said after studying Marisa's expression. "No. I'm actually happy, " Marisa lied. "It's just that I'm nervous because this is the first time I'll be getting pregnant." She added. "Alright then. Congratulations once again." The doctor said with a smile plastered on her face. "Thanks." Marisa said, maintaining her fake smile, then she walked out of the room Leaving the hospital, she climbed into her car and rested her head on the steering wheel, sobbing quietly. As tears streamed down her face, she muttered, "What am I going to do? My parents must not find out about this, or I'll be in grave trouble." She sobbed quietly, deeply concerned about her situation. From her statement, one would know that her parents were kind of dangerous or cruel. Her phone rang beside her, and she glanced at the caller ID: Alejandro, her lover. She ignored the call, continuing to cry. Despite her phone's repeated ringing, she didn't answer. She didn't want to answer the call because she wasn't ready to tell him about her pregnancy even though she knew he'd be happy to hear the news. Maria's phone started ringing again, and when she saw her her father's name on the screen, her heart raced in fear. Her heart banged soo hard against her ribs she feared it might break through the bones. She continued staring at her phone screen as it ringed. She hesitated but eventually answered the call. "Hello, dad?" "Where are you, Marisa?!" her father's thick voice boomed, causing shivers to run down her spine. "I... I went out for a moment," she lied. "And you didn't take any guards with you?" Her father inquired. "Yes.... I mean no." Marisa stuttered. "For heaven's sake, Marisa! How many times have I stressed the importance of guards, especially given who we are? We are mafias, and we have a lot of enemies out there who are waiting for the perfect opportunity to bring down our empire! Don't you understand?!!!" "I'm sorry, dad." She apologized in a soft voice, trying her best not to break down in tears because that was on of the things her father dreaded the most. "Return to the empire immediately. I have a Mafia meeting to attend, and you're accompanying me," her father ordered in a cold tone. "Understood, dad," Marisa complied before the call ended. Tossing her phone onto the backseat, she sighed heavily, leaning against the headrest. With tears streaming down her face, she contemplated the consequences of her parents discovering her pregnancy. Actually, her parents were ruthless mafias who'd never think twice before pulling a bullet in anyone's skull. Her mother had always warned her not to fall in love with anyone nor have a boyfriend, but she disobeyed her mother by falling in love with Alejandro. Although, Alejandro knew nothing about her mafia family, nor did her parents knew about Alejandro. Each time Alejandro asked about her family, Marisa would always change the topic. Knowing that her parents might force her into an abortion or take even more extreme measures weighed heavily on her, intensifying her tears. "What can I possibly do?" she muttered, overcome by distress. Suddenly, an idea struck her. "I know what I must do. I'll go to Alejandro's place and I'll tell him everything about my mafia family, then we'll run faraway together," she resolved, wiping her tears with the back of her hand. Starting the car engine, she zoomed away from the city, heading to her boyfriend's place, her thoughts consumed by her dilemma. After driving for thirty minutes, her phone rang again, and she reached for it in the back seat. However, in doing so, she lost control of the steering wheel and nearly collided with an oncoming Range Rover. "D*mn it! Watch where you're going, jerk!" she yelled at the Range Rover driver who ignored her, driving on. It seemed like a divine warning to focus on her driving, a message Marisa failed to heed. Reaching for her phone once again as it rang, Marisa managed to grasp it this time. With the intention of answering her boyfriend's call, she was oblivious to the truck rapidly approaching from behind, its headlights flashing as it tried to overtake her. Unbeknownst to Marisa, the truck's driver believed he had caught her attention with the flashing lights, leading him to honk once and accelerate, aiming to pass her. As fate would have it, Marisa had arrived at an intersection where she needed to make a right turn to continue on her route. Caught up in the moment and distracted by her phone, she turned the wheel to make the right-hand maneuver, not realizing the truck was dangerously close. In the split second before she spotted the truck, her reflexes kicked in, but it was too late. The car was already halfway into the turn, and the truck was too close to brake in time to avoid a collision. In the blink of an eye, Marisa's world shifted from one of life to one of chaos. She found herself sprawled beside her mangled car, which had been irreparably damaged in the impact. Blood flowed from her wounds with a frantic urgency, draining her body of its life force. The rapid loss of blood proved too much for her weakened body, and she slipped into unconsciousness. Her last moments were a blur. Through her fading vision, she managed to glimpse the truck driver's efforts to navigate the massive vehicle past her wrecked car in a desperate bid to escape the tragic scene. There was no opportunity for her to utter her final prayers or bid her farewells. Just as suddenly as the accident had unfolded, darkness enveloped her, the world fading away as she succumbed to unconsciousness.

Chapter 2: Present Day

Marisa's eyes fluttered open, and she groaned as the sunlight streamed through the open blinds, casting bright rays onto her face. Attempting to focus, she squinted, her gaze landing on the white ceiling above her. Her vision shifted to the right, where she noticed a needle discreetly inserted into the back of her right palm. Tracing the thin, straw-like tube connected to the needle, her eyes followed it to a transparent bag suspended in the air by a metal hook, containing a yellowish liquid. Her observations were interrupted by a voice, breaking the silence of the room. "Seems like you're awake, Marisa Russo?" Marisa shifted her attention toward the source of the voice, finding a young lady standing by the window. "Who are you?" Marisa inquired, raising a questioning eyebrow at the lady, who appeared to be around her age. "My name is Clarabelle. And you are Marisa Russo," the lady, Clarabelle


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