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Violent power

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In the bustling metropolis, our protagonist, Liu Liu, finds himself entangled in a web of chivalrous scams that forces him to bid farewell to his girlfriend and embark on a journey to unfamiliar lands. As he adapts to his new surroundings, a stroke of luck grants him innate superpowers. Recommended by the Dragon Group, he becomes a disciple of the venerable martial arts master, Gu Changfeng of Wudang. Under Gu's tutelage, Liu masters extraordinary skills. With his newfound abilities and a network straddling both the underworld and the righteous, Liu unites the criminal underworld and ventures into the business realm. He establishes a groundbreaking organization, "Yan Huang Zhan," becoming a modern-day urban hero. In the sequel, Liu unexpectedly time-travels to the era of Emperor Taizong in the flourishing Tang Dynasty. Transformed from an indolent aristocrat to a formidable figure skilled in both literature and martial arts, Liu's presence begins to reshape the grand tapestry of Tang. What changes will he bring to this golden age—butterfly effects or miraculous interventions? You'll only find out by delving into the captivating continuation of this tale!

Chapter 1

The room was expansive, adorned with a crimson carpet. A half-dead goldfish languished in a basin on the cabinet near the window. Seated on the sofa, I sipped my fourth cup of tea, observing as Old Chen fed the fish and then settled into the chair behind his desk. He pulled the chair forward, bringing it closer to me, exchanged a glance with Xiao Xu, and shared a mischievous smile as they looked at me.

Bored, I looked around, awaiting their questions. Although I was sensitive to being summoned to the bureau, I remained calm. I knew I was innocent, having been at home on the day of the incident. Old Chen and Xiao Xu's smiles, to me, were evidently incredulous. Old Chen, smiling, watched me light a cigarette with feigned composure before asking, "That day, the entire building, apart from the victim, only had you. We want to inquire about the circumstances of the incident, especially what you saw and heard. Your testimony will play a crucial role in closing the case. We hope you will cooperate." Old Chen's questioning was assertive.

"That day, I worked through the night and slept during the day," I stared at Old Chen, unblinking. "In fact, I can say this: I was completely unaware of the matter."

"The victim had a fierce struggle with the assailant before her death, and she lived next door to you. Did you hear nothing, not even a sound?" I appeared contemplative.

"Think carefully," Xiao Xu prompted. "Did you hear the sudden amplification of a television, furniture colliding, a water bottle bursting, or the victim screaming?"

I knew in my heart that I hadn't heard anything, but I still pretended to ponder, then sincerely replied that I heard nothing.

Old Chen and Xiao Xu exchanged a knowing smile, and then Xiao Xu, smiling at me, said, "You can go now. We may need your cooperation in the future."

I rose and walked to the door, pulling it open. "What day is it today?" I asked.

"Friday," Xiao Xu glanced at her watch and asked, "Are you going to my sister's place?"

I didn't answer. I crossed the corridor, descended the stairs, stepped out of the police station gate, stood on the street, glanced at the clock across the street, then hailed a cab to find Duan Qing.

Closing the door, Xiao Xu frowned and asked Old Chen, "Uncle, could it be him?"

Old Chen, seated at the desk, played with his pen, making it click. He smiled at his nephew, "Hard to say."

I gazed at the scenery outside the window, reflecting on my actions today, reviewing if I had shown any signs of losing composure or making mistakes until I was satisfied. I paid and got out of the car. Duan Qing was waiting under the shade, and as I approached, she smiled at me. "Did my brother make things difficult for you?"

"Not at all," I walked with her across the street towards the apartment, asking, "Should we act like strangers when we meet Wang Wei later?"

"No problem," she expertly hooked my arm and kissed my left cheek, saying, "You just wait to count the money!"

I frowned, reminding her, "Be careful, he might see us from the building across."

"Don't worry, he's extremely nearsighted," Duan Qing happily stuck out her tongue at me. "I've already stunned him, almost making him give me everything he has."

I liked her innocent and romantic demeanor, devoid of cunning, doing whatever she pleased, absolutely loyal to me.

We entered the building, took the elevator to the 19th floor.

When Duan Qing introduced me as the manager of the trade department of Da Di Enterprise, Wang Wei's enthusiasm made me uncomfortable. Sitting on the sofa, drinking coffee, we chatted about the recent stock market, gradually shifting the conversation to the batch of fashion items Da Di Enterprise was planning to transfer.

Smiling at Wang Wei, Duan Qing said to me, "Mr. Wang operates three fashion stores in Harbin, employing nearly 200 people. He is formidable and has a certain competitive edge in Harbin's fashion industry. His main purpose in coming to Xiamen is for the goods from Da Di Enterprise. I believe Manager Liu can provide convenience."

I noticed that while Duan Qing was speaking, Wang Wei had been gazing at her affectionately. I thought this girl had spent a lot of effort on Wang Wei. It was understandable; there weren't many women like Duan Qing with such charm in the north. Wang Wei would be strange not to be captivated by her.

"Miss Duan has already privately introduced Mr. Wang's strength to me," I spoke in a calm and deep tone, revealing experience and astuteness. "In business, not only do we value trust, but we also adhere to it. Although the introduction was through Miss Duan, some procedural matters still need to be handled."

"That's correct," Wang Wei put away the gaze on Duan Qing and solemnly took a thick stack of documents and business licenses from the nearby coffee table. "I have prepared the documents. Please review them, Manager Liu."

I took the documents and glanced through them. They roughly met the requirements. "When will the down payment be transferred?" I inquired.

"Within three days," Wang Wei replied candidly. "The initial payment is 600,000, and the remaining 70% will be paid in installments based on the shipment."

"Deal!" I looked at Duan Qing and said.

Later, we signed the agreement, had a celebratory drink, chatted for a while, and, seeing it was getting late, excused ourselves. Wang Wei politely insisted on us having dinner, and although I was hungry, I felt it was safer for Duan Qing to stay behind, insisting that there were goods to be processed.

Wang Wei courteously escorted me to the elevator. Returning to the rented room, I closed the door and pulled Duan Qing into my arms.

Wearing shorts, I stood on the balcony of the seaside apartment, letting the wind tousle my hair. Sipping on vodka, I observed through binoculars the men and women on the beach until the phone rang five times. I walked into the bedroom and picked up the phone.

"I'm Liu Liu," I recognized that it was Duan Qing's cousin, Xu Xiaoming. "What's the matter?" I asked.

"You're about to become a famous person," I had anticipated what Xu Xiaoming was going to say, "Two units have accused you of commercial fraud. The Economic Crime Division will file an investigation against you. I called today hoping you wouldn't involve my cousin. Solve your own problems."

"Get lost," I hung up.

"What's wrong?" Duan Qing, half-awake, asked.

"Nothing, just a friend," I walked to the bedside and got under the covers.

We lay side by side, and Duan Qing complained, "We've been hiding for months. When can we go sunbathing on the beach?"

"You can sunbathe on the balcony," I consoled her. "After this period, we'll go to Macau."

"Really?" Duan Qing teased me. "All the police in Macau are looking for us. Are you daring to go?" I knew Duan Qing was

referring to the sensational case we handled in Macau last year—the Daye Company fraud. We made 10 million through the account of the wanted company 'Hillock' in Switzerland. For this, we also received a 20% profit. I've been proud of this matter, while Duan Qing has been cautious, warning me not to go to Macau for a short time.

"We can do anything," I turned to look into her eyes and said seriously.

Emerging from the post office, I confirmed the absence of any pursuers before gracefully turning into an alley.

My elementary school comrade, Zhang Hao, had been patiently waiting at the end of the alley. Upon my arrival, he wore a somber expression and uttered, "Next time, kindly refrain from telephoning my spouse." Zhang Hao harbored discontent over my call to his former flame, Li Xiaolan, proposing a meeting. Handing over a ferry ticket, he admonished, "Avoid lingering in southern cities; proceed directly to Yantai! It's a city of modest size, with honest citizens and amiable police. Cease your deceptions, secure a stable occupation, and earnestly share your days with Duan Qing. She is a virtuous young lady; do not cause her harm."

I smiled bitterly, patting Zhang Hao's shoulder. "You still regard me as a friend."

Slipping the ticket into my pocket, I shook his hand. "I also have no intention of continuing this. I will call you once I reach Yantai."

Glancing at my watch, I discerned impending matters demanding attention, precluding prolonged presence.

"Do you recall our childhood days playing with sand?" As I departed, I observed the emergence of silver strands on Zhang Hao's head and inquired.

"How could I forget?" Zhang Hao's countenance depicted a wistful recollection. "It was during lunch when the natural science teacher discovered sand in the steamed buns."

We both smiled, followed by hearty laughter.

After taking a dozen steps, I turned back and shouted, "Wishing for a son."

He laughed, mimicking a robust belly.

Duan Qing awaited my arrival at the park's side entrance.

"How is your father?" I could discern that Duan Qing had recently shed tears; her eyes were still tinged with red.

"My father," she paused, gazing into my eyes, "passed away this morning."

Anticipating the news, I remained outwardly composed. I enfolded her in my arms, listening to her gentle sobs.

"I cannot approach, my uncle and cousin are there; I can only watch them from a distance. They must detest me." Duan Qing finally broke into audible tears.

I said nothing, merely embracing her tightly, carrying the suitcase, and heading towards the pier on the park's opposite side.

The weather was clear, and a warm breeze swept through Yantai. The streets were sparsely populated. Zhang Hao's brother, Zhang Qing, arrived to pick us up, steering the vehicle in concentrated silence. I idly observed the street scenes outside the window. Later, he settled us into a newly constructed public residence in the suburbs, handing me a room key. "Everything has been arranged according to your specifications; henceforth, it's in your hands," he declared before departing, seemingly oblivious to our presence. Glancing at the pseudonym on the room key, I couldn't help but chuckle. I handed it to Duan Qing, revealing the inscription—Chu Weimin, Li Xiaojuan.

Duan Qing chuckled, resignedly accepting the situation.

Not far from the new community, we visited a supermarket to procure daily necessities and sustenance. Circumnavigating the recently constructed streets of this tranquil neighborhood, we discovered an idyllic setting. The residents moved silently, and the fragrant scent of plane trees lined the streets. Red flowers adorned the green water hyacinths around, leaving an enchanting impression. Instantaneously, my mind conceived a plan.

After dinner, I shared the conceptualization with Duan Qing. She sat quietly on the bed, listening attentively until I finished, seeking her opinion. She remained silent for a while.

"Is the idea so marvelous that it leaves you speechless in astonishment?" I inquired.


"Does it involve serving the public and clash with our personalities?"


"Then it must be my extraordinary intelligence," I remarked, looking at Duan Qing with a playful smile. "Establishing a library not only provides us with excellent protection but also allows us to contribute a benevolent act to the community. We can also engage in book sales, potentially turning a profit. Moreover, we are not in dire need of funds. It's a leisurely pursuit that prevents boredom during idle times. We can assist in providing employment opportunities for the community, leaving a positive impression. In the event of our apprehension, the police may consider our past benevolent deeds, leading to a lenient judgment," I felt my words growing increasingly absurd, lightly slapping my own cheek. "Bah, speaking like a harbinger of doom."

Duan Qing smiled at me.

"Does this mean you agree?" I inquired.

"Idle hands are the devil's workshop."

That night, in bed, we repeatedly engaged in lovemaking until utterly exhausted. Duan Qing had never been as fervent as today; she incessantly kissed me, leaving my face glistening.

As I neared sleep, she murmured something softly in my ear, her voice barely audible.

On the final afternoon of 1994, we successfully completed all formalities for the community library. Located on the ground floor beneath our residence, it encompassed 500 square meters. The renovation had commenced two months prior, with Duan Qing and I leaning over the balcony to observe the bustling workers shuttling wood and cement in and out, their various tools resonating with substantial noise, and dust swirling in every direction. The tolerant reactions of our neighbors delighted us, evident in their support. They had glimpsed the notice I posted, announcing the library's opening after the Chinese New Year, promising free borrowing of educational books for the community's children. This brought joy and encouragement to parents who, though not affluent, cared deeply about their children.

The community residents' committee, facing financial constraints preventing the construction of the library, expressed immense appreciation for our initiative. They not only bestowed us with a congratulatory banner (a northern custom) but also offered two parking spaces for free. Our actions swiftly garnered favor from the community residents, who now regarded us as returned overseas Chinese. Even the less sociable individuals began to greet us, turning us into newsworthy figures in this community of over 20,000 people.

Two months later, the library opened its doors. Our investment of 2.4 million yuan covered the acquisition of the ground-floor property, renovation, and book purchases, nearly depleting half of our savings. The library not only operated a book borrowing service but also engaged in the sale of audio-visual equipment and accessories, including the rental of VCD discs, which had gained popularity in the past two years. The residents exhibited immense interest in the community's sole public space, with its spacious 500 square meters drawing admiration. Especially for the bored individuals, evenings in the library offered access to their favorite VCDs, sparing them the need to travel 10 kilometers outside the community to watch movies. Consequently, I saved them a considerable amount on gasoline expenses.

Naturally, we hired two assistants, one of whom was the wife of the local police station chief. She was grappling with the challenge of unemployment, and our employment offer garnered favorable sentiments from her husband. Not only did he invite me for a meal, but he also asserted that I could seek his assistance whenever necessary. I was pleased to establish a connection with the police.

Another two months passed, and our business flourished day by day. The goodwill of D

uan Qing and me captured the affection of the children. Not only did we allow them to read books for free, but we also scheduled the nightly screening of animated films. Whenever the parents heard about the library, they immediately associated it with Chu Weimin and Li Xiaojuan, feeling at ease. When asked, they would say, "They've gone to read books at Chu Weimin's place." Chu Weimin became synonymous with the community library.

By the end of May, the weather turned warmer. One clear morning, my long-neglected phone finally rang, and the caller was Liu Hao.

"I have good news for you," Liu Hao joyfully announced over the phone. "My wife gave birth to twins, two boys."

"Congratulations," I expressed genuine delight upon hearing this good news, and, of course, it brought even greater joy that someone from Xiamen finally called me. "Please forgive me for not sending a package to your wife."

"I understand," he told me. "Your murder suspicion has finally been cleared; that guy was apprehended on the spot during the crime."

"Did he confess to anything?"

"He admitted to everything."

"Have you heard any rumors about me?"

"The police are still looking for you as a fraud suspect," he chuckled over the phone. "Be careful."

I hung up the phone, sighed, and lay down on the bed.

Chapter 2

The tranquil rhythm of life was disrupted not long ago.

That morning, I emerged and strolled down the streets, perhaps due to a sense of confinement. I walked for an extended period, crossed four intersections, and finally halted at the entrance of a small supermarket. Treating myself to a cola, I observed a foreign girl beside a newly opened restaurant across the street. She possessed a mane of golden short hair, appearing to be in her early twenties, yet stood at an impressive height of 1.75 meters. Probably residing in an apartment across the river, she was clad in sportswear. Gazing at her, holding a drink in one hand and a large pancake in the other, she approached me. It could be said that her Mandarin was impeccable. Standing before me, she declared, "I know you; you're Chu Weimin." Her skin, tinged with an ancient bronze hue, suggested a penchant for basking in the sun.

"People around here know me," I replied with a grin.


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