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Reborn in the Apocalypse with a Space

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On a tranquil afternoon, Hailey Walker abruptly awakens from her slumber, realizing that the wheel of fate is turning at this very moment. She finds herself bestowed with the opportunity of reincarnation, transported back to one month before the outbreak of the apocalypse. Armed with memories from her previous life and apprehensions about the future, she resolves to rewrite her destiny in this new existence, safeguarding her loved ones and seeking retribution against those who once betrayed her. Hailey Walker is not alone in her journey; she is accompanied by her loyal brother, Michael Walker. Together, they brace themselves to confront the impending calamity. Stockpiling supplies, preparing weapons, and clandestinely recruiting a group of individuals with extraordinary abilities, they establish a formidable alliance. Yet, amidst this endeavor, Hailey Walker discovers that things are not as straightforward as she envisioned. Beneath the shadow of the apocalypse, hearts are unpredictable, and danger lurks at every turn. As time marches on, the apocalypse arrives as foreseen. Hailey Walker and her companions must confront the threat of zombies, the upheaval of governments, and the conflicts among other survivors. Each battle and confrontation tests Hailey Walker's wisdom and courage. She must not only protect her home but also unveil the manipulative hand behind it all. Throughout Hailey Walker's journey, she encounters a diverse array of characters, including enemies from her past life, allies in her present, and even enigmatic prophets. Each encounter strengthens her convictions and leads her to realize that, in the apocalypse, humanity's survival depends not only on the accumulation of material resources but also on the awakening of the soul and the bonds of emotion. As she delves deeper into her exploration, Hailey Walker gradually uncovers a staggering secret: behind this disaster lies a vast conspiracy. And she, as a reincarnator, may be the key to unveiling the truth. In this process, Hailey Walker's power continues to grow; her spatial ability, pyrokinetic ability, and psychic ability all undergo continuous enhancement, transforming her into a true warrior with extraordinary abilities. However, behind this power lies Hailey Walker's deep sense of responsibility toward her family, friends, and comrades. She fights not only for herself but also for those ordinary people who are unable to defend themselves. In this despair-filled apocalypse, Hailey Walker becomes a beacon of hope, guiding people toward an unknown future.

Chapter 1: Rebirth

"Ahh..." Hailey Walker, lying on the pink princess bed, cried out in agony.

At this moment, Hailey Walker's forehead was covered in sweat, her hair and clothes soaked with perspiration, her brows furrowed tightly, her face twisted in pain.

After struggling for a while, Hailey Walker rubbed her temples with one hand and slowly sat up, propping herself up with the other hand on the bed.

"Mmm..." Hailey Walker slowly opened her eyes, looking around her surroundings. At first, her eyes showed a hint of panic and disbelief, but then they gradually calmed down.

Turning over, she picked up the phone from the bedside table and checked the time: 10:45 in the morning on October 5th, 2019.

"Just one more hour," she murmured softly.

Then she got up to freshen up, the cold water flowing over Hailey Walker's mind, gradually easing her from the nightmare she had just experienced.

Looking at the mirror and seeing the unfamiliar yet familiar face, Hailey Walker slowly reached out and touched her own face.

"I look quite pleasing without that scar, don't I? Heh..."

Hailey Walker was beautiful, with a slightly aggressive beauty: phoenix-like eyebrows, large eyes, delicate nose, and perfectly proportioned lips.

She possessed the kind of beauty that one couldn't forget at a glance.

But in the second year of the apocalypse, she was disfigured, and she hadn't seen this perfect face for a long time.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Hailey Walker muttered, "Let's take it slow this time." As she thought about her previous life, Hailey Walker's eyes gradually became sharp, and the veins on her clenched hand began to protrude.

After a long while, she splashed her face with cold water again, forcing herself to calm down.

Yes, that's right, Hailey Walker was reborn, reborn one month before the apocalypse.

These days, she had gone from panic and disbelief to anxiety and uncertainty, and now she was slowly accepting it.

After freshening up, she returned to her room, leaning on the lazy sofa beside the bed, staring out the window with an expressionless face.

At 11:45, the TV reported that a man named Martin had won 40 million yuan in the lottery. Hearing the news, tears welled up in Hailey Walker's eyes as she smiled.

"Since I'm given a second chance at life, we'll slowly settle the score with James Martin. The Walkers, hmm, your good days are also coming..."

After saying this, Hailey Walker opened her computer and began writing down the supplies needed for the apocalypse.

On the night of November 10th in her previous life, while people were still looking at their phones, preparing to empty their shopping carts at midnight, Hailey Walker sat alone by the window, drinking.

But that night, she witnessed many people jumping from the opposite building. Even though they fell into a state of blood and flesh, with bodies torn apart, within a minute, they twisted their bodies and stood up stiffly, then walked stiffly on the streets.

Many people suddenly collapsed on the street, convulsing all over. Watching all this, Hailey Walker sobered up immediately, looking at the chaos downstairs.

She saw many people who were eating supper and pedestrians screaming and running around. Some of them were pounced on by many stiff-bodied individuals, and soon the fallen pedestrians joined the ranks of the attackers.

And the streets were full of cars crashing into each other, the cries for help from men and women, screams, stimulating Hailey Walker's eardrums.

She watched as all the obstacles on the road failed to stop those inhuman creatures, only slowing down their pace.

Watching them, painlessly crashing into the cars in the middle of the road, flipping the entire car over, and then climbing up like a pile of bricks, running towards the night market on the other side.

Watching all this, the word "zombies" flashed through Hailey Walker's mind.

She quickly got up and closed all the doors and windows of her home, pulling down the sunshade.

She took out her phone and called Michael Walker, who was still working overtime, but he never answered, and she never saw her brother again.

Two hours after the zombie virus outbreak, communication was paralyzed, and water resources were contaminated.

A day later, Hailey Walker awakened her spatial abilities. Time inside Hailey Walker's space stood still, but because she had no combat power, relying only on these years of taekwondo, she didn't stockpile too many supplies.

Two days later, the entire city experienced water, power, and gas outages. But even if they weren't turned off, no one dared to use them, especially since zombies had excellent hearing and smell.

A month later, there was news that zombies had transparent crystals in their brains, which, when absorbed, could enhance the abilities of ability holders.

From then on, everyone began large-scale hunting of zombies.

Six months later, zombies underwent massive mutations, giving rise to higher-level zombies. With no preparation, many people were bitten while clearing zombies for crystals, and the scale of the zombie population continued to expand.

Hailey Walker's ability advanced to level two, and her spatial ability could condense into a void blade, killing zombies invisibly.

A year later, many zombies developed intelligence, and zombie kings appeared in many places.

By the third year of the apocalypse, except for shelters, safe bases, and refuges, there were hardly any living people outside.

In the fifth year, food and water resources were extremely scarce, and riots and cannibalism occurred frequently in safe areas.

And it was five years later when Hailey Walker was forcibly deprived of her abilities by her husband James Martin while escorting researchers out. He then threw her out of the car, where she was bitten to death by zombies.

So for the past three days, Hailey Walker had spent every night in nightmares.

Hailey Walker's parents were the richest in City B. Two months ago, the couple took a private plane to attend Hailey Walker's brother Michael Walker's MIT doctoral graduation ceremony.

The plane crashed on the way, falling into the sea, and they weren't salvaged until after the zombie outbreak.

As for the final fate of her brother Michael Walker, Hailey Walker didn't know. She couldn't find her brother's name in any of the shelters.

An hour later, Hailey Walker, holding two lists of supplies, drove to the Walker Group Building.

Smoothly driving all the way, she arrived at Michael Walker's office.

Michael Walker looked up and saw his sister's pale face walking in.

"What's wrong, Hailey?"

Looking at her brother's concerned expression, Hailey Walker couldn't help but feel a lump in her throat, and tears fell instantly.

For the past three days of her rebirth, she had locked herself in her apartment, waiting for today to confirm whether she was really reborn.

At first, she wondered if she had crossed into a parallel world where the zombie virus wouldn't break out in over a month.

Or maybe it was just a dream, and she could continue living her easy life after waking up.

But her previous life's experiences left her with lingering fears, and she thought that even if the zombie virus didn't break out, it wouldn't hurt to stock up on these things.

If all else fails, I'll just sell them directly at Walker's supermarkets and malls.

After crying, Hailey Walker, being the object of her brother's affection, Michael Walker, suddenly became flustered. "What's wrong, little sis? Who hurt you? Tell me, don't cry... There, there, don't cry," he said, hastily wiping away Hailey Walker's tears.

After crying for a long time and letting out all her negative emotions, Hailey Walker finally emerged from her brother's embrace.

"I'm fine now, bro."

Hailey Walker and her brother had always had a strong bond. Since childhood, Hailey Walker liked to get into trouble, and it was always her brother who ended up taking the blame. Hailey Walker disliked doing homework, so Michael Walker would help her with it.

As a result, Hailey Walker had always been a poor student. She barely passed the college entrance exam and got into an art school to study animation.

This was because her father had forced Hailey Walker to study art for six months; otherwise, she might have become a jobless wanderer by the age of eighteen.

Little did she know that less than half a year after graduating, the zombie outbreak occurred, and she became an orphan without support.

And in the end, she was killed by a scumbag.

"What's wrong? Tell your brother. No one can bully my little sister."

Hearing Michael Walker's words, Hailey Walker instantly stopped crying and smiled through her tears. "Yeah, I know, bro. Do you have a well-soundproofed place? I have something to tell you. It's something I can't let anyone else know besides us."

It was the first time Michael Walker had seen his sister so serious, so he quickly said, "Let's go to my office."

Chapter 2: Confiding in Brother

The Lounge.

After recounting all the future events to Michael Walker, Hailey Walker sat quietly in her chair, observing her brother's incredulous expression.

After a long while,

Michael Walker struggled to speak, "Sister, you've suffered! Have you been short of money lately? It's okay, although I may lack business acumen, I still have some personal savings. Whatever you need, I'll transfer it to you."

Initially thinking her brother believed her, Hailey Walker prepared to be moved, only to be taken aback by his subsequent words.

"I... Brother, I truly am..."

Hailey Walker looked at Michael Walker, speechless. She couldn't bear to see her brother, who looked so heartbroken. If she had known, she wouldn't have confirmed whether she was reborn or not. She could have used the lottery win this morning to prove to her brother that everything she said was true.

"Michael Walker, do you think so little of your sister's integrity? It's true that the zo


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