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Vampire's Dark Touch

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#slowburn #Steamy #Plotwist #Erotica #Frobiddenrelationship #Enemiestolovers Clyde Reyes woke up after sleeping for a hundred years. He used to be a powerful vampire king. Now, his vampire friends have brought him back to life to deal with a big problem: the hybrids. These new enemies are so strong that they might start a war in the vampire world. Everyone hopes Clyde's old powers can save them. But coming back has a cost – he can't rule like before because he meets his true match, something he never saw coming. The story transpires in Alaska on icy, lonely roads. Christy Black, a famous writer who likes to make werewolves the good guys and vampires the bad guys in her books, gets stuck. She meets Clyde by chance, and it starts a special connection they weren't supposed to have. Clyde has a dangerous touch that can hurt others, but now he struggles with wanting to be near Christy and his vampire nature. Will their unexpected meeting bring Clyde down or lead them to a new future together?

Chapter 1

Christy – POV

I’m glued to my laptop screen, constantly refreshing Gmail, hoping for an email from my editor. I’m anxious to find out if I’ve passed the screening process.

“God, Christy!” Mia, my roommate and best friend, lets out a heavy sigh. “You need to get off that chair.” I roll my eyes, munching on nachos, and stare back at the laptop. Without warning, Mia closes the laptop. She glares before I can give her my best puppy dog eyes, silently telling me that it won’t work this time.

“You need to sleep, woman,” Mia says, adding, “Maybe take a shower.” With a sigh, I finally lift myself from the chair, my sore limbs protesting. They’re screaming that I’ve been glued to my laptop for too long, anxiously waiting for an email from my editor, Fin, who promised he’d email me today. The lack of sleep is evident. After showering and changing into comfortable, warm clothes—after all, it’s already winter—I sit on my bed with a pout.

Suddenly, a scent wafts through the air—hot chocolate. I rush to the kitchen to find Mia making the delicious drink.

“You’re making my favorite,” I smile, noticing the absence of eggnog, her favorite.

“Hot chocolate to cheer you up,” Mia said with a smile. She’s my best friend, and I thank God every day for sending me someone who cares for me this much. Moving from California to Alaska was tough—leaving my parents’ place to figure out my life after a falling out. They always favored my younger sister, Gina, and couldn’t accept my dream of becoming an author. Writing books wasn’t “acceptable” for someone from a business-class family. I was a disappointment to them, while Gina was the perfect heir to take over the family business.

“Earth to Christy,” Mia said, snapping me back to reality. She handed me a mug of warm happiness. I basked in the hot chocolate’s sweet, rich, and slightly bitter taste.

“Mia, do you think I’ll get the offer for my new fantasy book?” I asked, my insecurities surfacing.

“You’re already a best-selling author in New York,” Mia reminded me, intending to squash my worries.

“I know,” I said with a small smile. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t get rejected again.”

“Is this about proving something to your family?” Mia knew me too well. I nodded.

“I want to make a name for myself without relying on my last name’s influence,” I explained. Mia gave me an understanding look.

“You should already be proud, Christy. Your books are off the charts, and there’s talk of them being adapted into movies. Your name is already big enough, so don’t worry,” Mia advised calmly, and I nodded, taking comfort in her logical perspective.

As we sat there, the warmth of the hot chocolate scent filled the room with a comforting glow. Mia’s unwavering support reminded me that while my family’s approval might always be out of reach, I had already carved out a path for myself—one filled with achievements and the promise of more to come.

“Mia, you’re right. I’ve come this far on my own terms. It’s time I start believing in that journey, regardless of the outcome,” I said, a newfound resolve strengthening my voice.

I received an email from Editor Fin, a notification that popped up on my phone. It contained an address for a meeting and his phone number. Glancing at the clock, I realized the meeting was in an hour.

“Mia, I have to go to the nearby coffee shop. My editor, Fin, wants to meet,” I said, a mix of anxiety and excitement in my voice. Mia offered a supportive smile.

“All the best! I’m sure your new book will get a contract too,” she cheered.

I quickly changed, wearing a warm sweatshirt, a black formal skirt, warm stockings, and boots. Grabbing my car keys, I cautiously drove through the snow-covered roads. The forest on either side of the road blurred as I passed, with Britney Spears’ songs playing in the background. My excitement waned when my car suddenly lost control, but I pulled the brake just in time to avoid crashing into a tree. Upon inspection, I discovered a flat tire.

“No!” I screamed, frustration boiling over. “I need to be on time. I can’t be late.” I scanned the desolate, snow-blanketed forest, feeling a wave of despair. I called Mia, hoping she could rescue me, and waited anxiously.

A sound caught my attention as I waited—a stormy wind emanating from the forest. Curiosity overcame my frustration, and I ventured closer, only to be stopped by the unbelievable sight of someone emerging from what appeared to be a vortex.

“What the... Who are you? An alien?” I asked, startled by the man’s blank stare and unnaturally red eyes, which instilled a deep fear in me. Yet, despite my terror, I found myself rooted to the spot, an inexplicable warmth spreading through my chilled body.

I could see his sharp jawline more clearly as he closed the distance between us. His red eyes shimmered with golden flecks, and a small, straight scar across his right eye suggested a past filled with sword fights—a bizarre notion that seemed out of place in the modern world.

“You,” he uttered in a low voice, filled with annoyance and hate. His tone snapped me out of my daze, breaking the spell his handsome features had cast over me.

“Do I know you, sir?” I asked, taking a step back. He was too close for comfort, and I would despise someone invading my personal space under normal circumstances. But with him, it felt strange, considering he was a complete stranger. His attire seemed oddly out of time, reminiscent of what European royalty might wear. No one dresses like a duke, or rather, a king, in this day and age.

“No,” he answered gruffly, scanning our surroundings. His eyes shifted in color, uniquely blending golden and reddish hues. “You are coming with me, human,” he declared.

I blinked at his words, instinctively stepping back and preparing to run. But he caught me before I could create any distance between us, blocking my path. Surprised, I screamed and stumbled backward, my ankle twisting painfully beneath me. I fell, unable to stand, my ankle throbbing.

“Who are you?” I managed to ask, looking up at him.

“Clyde Reyes,” he responded coldly, lifting me into his arms. I struggled against his hold, my attempts to free myself only resulting in a painful strain on my hand.

“Help! Someone, please!” I screamed into the void.

“No one is coming to help you, human,” he said, his voice devoid of warmth. As he spoke, stormy winds filled the air, and then, before my eyes, a vortex appeared. It revealed another world on its other side, and terror seized me at the sight.

“Please, let go of me,” I pleaded, my voice cracking with fear. I wiped away my tears, determined not to show Clyde any satisfaction. It was crucial to keep myself composed.

“I cannot let you go, human,” he replied as the stormy winds enveloped us. Dizziness overwhelmed me. My body felt pulled in different directions, and my vision blurred. Despite my confusion and fear, I noticed Clyde, my captor, staring into the distance, seemingly lost in thought. Oddly, the scent of oranges from him offered a bizarre sense of calm amid chaos.

“Where are you taking me?” I managed to ask, pushing through the disorientation.

“To the my home,” he stated plainly.

“Are you kidding me?” My disbelief momentarily overpowered my fear.

“I do not jest, lady,” he responded, notably not referring to me as ‘human’ this time.

“So, I’m to be your meal, then? To die and become a cold corpse?” The words left my mouth before I could stop them, and his intense gaze silenced me. I quickly averted my eyes to the blurry surroundings, the spinning sensation intensifying.

“I wish I could do just that and leave you back in the snow-covered forest,” he said coldly, and I felt a shiver of fear. “But I cannot kill you. Not yet.”

“Why?” I asked a surge of bravery cutting through the fear his death threat had instilled.

“Complicated human,” he muttered, his annoyance palpable. Yet, beneath his irritation, there seemed to be a reluctant fascination.

“I have a name,” I countered, asserting some dignity despite the bizarre circumstances. As he carried me, the environment shifted into a snowy landscape, unlike any snow I’d ever seen. The air is tinged with a sense of power, perhaps magic, making the atmosphere feel charged with otherworldly energy.

“What is your name, human?” he asked, briefly returning his attention to me. The wind whipped against us harshly, and I realized we were moving at an inhuman speed, held securely in Clyde’s grasp. The surroundings blurred into an indistinct whirl of colors and shapes until we abruptly slowed, arriving at an ancient-looking manor.

Entering the manor, I immediately felt the weight of many curious—and some predatory—gazes upon me. However, these gazes were swiftly extinguished under Clyde’s stern glare, directing everyone to avert their eyes from me. He then unceremoniously dropped me onto a bed, causing me to bounce and moan in pain as a sharp pain shot through my ankle. I glared at him, my frustration growing.

“You will stay here,” he stated matter-of-factly.

“My name is Christy,” I snapped, my patience wearing thin. “And I am not staying here.” My defiance did not affect him; he merely gave me a blank, cold stare before shutting the door behind him. I attempted to stand, pain flaring in my ankle, and banged on the door, screaming for my release. Eventually, defeated, I slumped back into the room. After half an hour, a door opened, and another woman followed Clyde. “What do you want from me?” I asked Clyde.

“Don’t want anything from you weak human. I am keeping you here because you are my mate,” he stated, his voice laced with annoyance and disdain. “You cannot leave. Understand that no amount of crying or pleading will allow you to set a foot outside this place.” His stern warning made me gulp. “Treat her ankle and ensure she sleeps; her presence is giving me a headache,” he commanded, then left me in the care of a vampire physician. Dread and sadness washed over me as I processed the gravity of my situation.

Chapter 2

Clyde – POV

I paced back and forth in my office, anxiously awaiting Jason, my advisor and best friend I had brought back from the dead. The Vampire clan had revived me to battle a Hybrid Vampire with wolf genes—a real nuisance. Slaying these Hybrids had been a thrill; their silence after their defeat marked a hard-won peace. “What’s the emergency?” Jason breezed into my office. “Calling me back from vacation, huh?”

“My life’s a mess,” I said through gritted teeth.

“Missing the thrill of the hunt?” Jason teased, a smirk in his voice. “Maybe take out a corrupt clan member—you always liked that.”

“Are you finished?” I glared, frustration evident. Jason closed his mouth, sensing my mood shift. “I’ve found my mate,” I revealed, voice heavy with dread.

“What the hell!” Jason’s shock was palpable. “Isn’t she the one destined to end you? By returning, you accepted Hades’ condition—freedom for vulnerability to your mate’s hand.”

“As if I need reminding,” I


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