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The Rogue's Defiant Venus

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Have you ever wondered how your life will be when everything you know just changes and the person you used to be changed in a way that makes you very scared even afraid of yourself? She wasn't a saint, not a good person, and made a lot of wrong choices in life. Her choices led her to a place that made her get enlightened and review herself for the better. When she wanted to end it all and make it up to those people that she wronged, fate had something entirely different from what she had imagined. All it took was a bite and her life was changed forever. He lost everything at the hands of the greedy people in his pack. He vowed to get his revenge and pay them back one hundred-fold. He fulfilled that vow, he got what he wanted but never did he think that he will be cursed to be one without a mate even in his late thirties. He lost all his hope and lived for the sake of the pack that was with him when he was at his lowest. Being a rogue king, having a lot of enemies at his back, he knew that he shouldn't fall. Living in a dark world with no hope of light and pink bubbles, all it took was a bold move from her and he knew that very second that he found her. Bold, defiant, daring, and above all confident. What more could a scarred rogue Alpha like him ask for? His Venus!!!


The sounds of laughter could be heard as people continued to walk up and down the busy roads. There were smiles on their faces although it was a bit cold and everyone was wearing jerseys, heavy coats and covering their heads with woolen hats and scarves.

It was already winter season and this year’s winter was a bit harsher than the previous ones. Winter had started a bit early that people started wearing their jerseys around April and everyone could only grimace about how long this winter was going to be.

It was around June and in some parts of the world, snow was no longer a shocking event. It was a good thing that in this particular city and country, they weren’t subjected to such harsh weather although the cold wasn’t a joke.

With people loitering around and doing their business, in a certain café several people were lining up and buying coffee to warm up their bodies. This was one of the most elegant and expensive cafés in Qophis, one of the biggest cities in Fricai, a beautiful country known for its beautiful culture and many tourist attractions that shocks the world every single time.

In this café, there was a public space and a private space for those who didn’t want to mingle with the crowd.

In one of the private rooms, two elegant ladies were busy sipping their respective coffees and the scene was very harmonious.

As the ladies were seated opposite each other, one could see their definitive features and if any man were to see them, that person will die a happy person. Being able to see two beautiful ladies and each one of them possessing her own distinctive features, was a dream come true for many.

The lady sitting on the right side of the room was fairy-like, her beauty was simply too much and it could topple a nation and cause a world war. The lady had this magnificent midnight-purple hair that was tied up in a ponytail and it made her look like someone from a manga and a fairytale.

Her mesmerizing black eyes were simply too enchanting that one could just drown in them.

On the other side, a lady with this beautiful golden wavy and curly hair that was let down and reached her mid-back made her look like an angel, her brown eyes complimented her eyes deeply and she was just like another alien, a fairy that didn’t belong to this world at all.

It was a gathering of two ethereal beauties and it was quite a wonder how such two beauties got to know each other.

“It’s great to meet you again, I thought that I won’t be able to see you this time!” the lady with midnight purple excitedly spoke.

Her excitement made the lady with the golden hair blush, “I couldn’t keep you waiting after all I will be the one suffering a loss if I don’t meet you.”

This was definitely the truth, these two ladies met because they both wanted something from each other. So, how could they let this opportunity go and not meet each other when a lot was at stake?

“I didn’t think that it will be this fast. So, did you bring it?”

The golden-haired lady smiled as she opened the A.S brand handbag she recently received from her special someone and took out three small transparent bottles that didn’t carry anything special but just water.

“Umm, I managed to get these three bottles. It was quite a hustle and I hope that this is enough but if it isn’t then I guess I need to work hard, but that will take a lot of time,” she answered as she placed the bottles at the table.

The lady with the midnight-purple hair was so excited that she couldn’t hide her excitement at all. her hands were shaking as she picked a bottle from the table.

The lady with the golden hair looked at this acquaintance of hers with complicated eyes. To be honest, it wasn’t that difficult for her to get this water but as a businesswoman, seeing how the other desperately wanted this water the other time they met, how could she not take advantage of this and get something from this?

“This is exactly what I want! These bottles are enough and there is no need for more!” the midnight-purple-haired lady spoke excitedly.

To her just one bottle was enough, she didn’t expect that the other despite being a hit devious would bring her three bottles. With three bottles she was going to reach even higher, so how could she not be excited?

“I am glad that you like them. If in the future I find something exotic, I will give you a call,” seeing that the other was happy with what she brought, the golden-haired lady was at ease.

“Since I received what I came here for, I won’t go back on my word and give you what I promised,” the midnight-purple-haired lady spoke.

The golden-haired lady was also excited and her anticipation of receiving what had been promised to her was so great that she felt as if time was just standing still.

The other lady didn’t waste too much of her time and took out the black jade ring that she had prepared for weeks in preparation for this day.

“Venus, this is the storage ring that I promised to give last time. Since you have given me what I want, I will hand this over to you.”

Venus didn’t stand on ceremony and took the black jade ring from her acquaintance and began to scrutinize it strongly. To her and anyone else that didn’t know the function of this ring, it simply looks like an expensive jade ring and nothing else.

But to her who now knew that it was a storage ring, the excitement was just too great, she couldn’t wait to see how this works.

“Big sis Juanita, how do I make it work?” Venus politely asked as she looked at Juanita with eager eyes.

Juanita smiled seeing this young lady so excited, to her she had so many of these things and she didn’t mind giving them to others as long as she get what she wanted.

If it was before when she suddenly got blessed and became what she is today, she wouldn’t be going around and flaunting her wealth. But now she was powerful enough to protect everything that she loves and she didn’t need to fear anyone or at least those other powerful beings.

People like Venus were like kids to her, so she wasn’t worried that Venus will do anything to harm her in any way.

Since Venus was eager and she didn’t wasn’t overly bad from her investigations, she decided to help her, maybe in the future they will become best buddies, “for you to use it, you need to ….”


Venus was particularly in a good mood. She couldn’t stop touching her new addition, the black jade ring she had just received from Juanita.

It has been around four weeks since she met Juanita and at that time, she had a small bottle of water she gave to Juanita in her bag. As she loves this water so much, she always kept some by her side. Who knew that Juanita had a dog nose and managed to find out that she had the water?

In order to get some water from her, Juanita wasn’t stingy and promised to give her something great in return. Although she knew where to get the water, she didn’t want to make things seem easy which is why she dragged the issue until now.

And her hard work finally paid off. Juanita had taught her how to use the ring and all she had to do was drop her blood on the ring. When Venus did that, she was greatly shocked to see the huge space inside the ring.

This ring was very special, it had compartments in it and it was like a big house. The rin


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