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The Rising Wolfman Empire

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In a world filled with magic, Cornelius finds himself transported to a fantastical realm, transformed into one of the races known as the Wolfkin. He was originally the son of the chieftain of the Wolfkin tribe, dreaming of leading a simple life and avoiding the burdens of being a leader. However, fate had different plans for him as his father met his demise in battle, forcing Cornelius to take up the mantle of chieftainship once more. Cornelius had once envisioned a life of leisure, far away from the chaos of warfare and political complications. Yet, his father's untimely death left the entire tribe's future resting on his shoulders. The young and inexperienced Wolfkin must endure the grief of losing a loved one while facing the weight of the countless expectations and doubts placed upon him. However, Cornelius is not without a trump card. Secretly harbored within him is a powerful resolve, as he possesses a mysterious artifact—a cheat code! This enigmatic mechanism grants him extraordinary strength and wisdom beyond ordinary individuals. He becomes aware that the land is destined to submit to his rule! Taking on the role of chieftain, Cornelius discovers the heavy burden he now carries. He must protect the entire tribe amidst internal and external pressures, negotiate with other races, and resolve conflicts that arise incessantly. His cheat code becomes both a weapon allowing him to overcome challenges and adversaries, but also a deep chasm separating him from his own true self. In this world teeming with magic and danger, Cornelius experiences numerous difficult choices and trials. He gradually realizes that power is not the sole objective; rather, it is a responsibility intertwined with courage and wisdom. He begins to learn how to govern his tribe with justice and fairness, safeguarding his people, and bridging peaceful coexistence with other races. This is a story about Cornelius finding his role amidst chaos. Throughout his journey of growth, the readers witness his development, bravery, and the transformation of his wisdom. The tale is filled with action, adventure, and emotional clashes, reminding us that assuming responsibility is the key to becoming a true hero in the pursuit of our dreams. The novel will lead readers to explore a mysterious world brimming with magic, as well as Cornelius' quest to fulfill his dreams within this realm. Will he become the Wolf God and reign over the land? Can he find the genuine peace and happiness he seeks within himself? All will be unveiled in this captivating story, leaving readers spellbound.

Chapter 1 Capturing wolf riders

A vast and expansive mountain forest, stretching for thousands of kilometers in the eastern outskirts!

In a small camp, several dozen warriors in armor stand in formation, prepared for battle.

At the center of the warriors stands a lazy young man lying on grass taller than an average adult.

Upon closer inspection, this young man is not human!

He has furry ears, a face resembling that of a human but with a black nose like that of a wolf, and sharp, glinting fangs at the corners of his mouth.

Notably, his hair is white with deep blue streaks, resembling the mane of a lion.

A werewolf!

Indeed, this young man is not human but a member of the werewolf tribe among the beastmen!

The young man is not the only non-human present; the numerous warriors on alert around him are also not human.

Just then, a figure standing close to three meters tall bursts out from the depths of the forest.

Instantly, the surrounding werewolf warriors rise to their feet, but there is no panic. After all, this figure swiftly kneels before the young werewolf and reports, "Reporting, Young Chieftain, we have found the wolf pack three miles away!"


"So quickly?" Ke Wen Nas sits up from the ground, picks up the curved blade beside him, and brushes off the grass on his body.

Ke Wen Nas!

No, he should be called Zhou Hao. Two months ago, he was perfectly fine, touring the Dragon Ridge with his friends, but somehow ended up in this world!

Moreover, he transformed from being a pure-blooded human into a just-coming-of-age werewolf.

However, to his relief, he became the Young Chieftain of the "Silvermane" tribe, effectively the chief's adopted son!

Although the Silvermane tribe consisted of only a little over two thousand werewolves, it was not the strongest nor the weakest among the surrounding tribes.

But for Ke Wen Nas, he didn't know if the tribe was strong or weak. At least he didn't start off as a beggar, which was comforting.

As the Young Chieftain, he naturally had to become stronger!

Because this world had the existence of gods, and even mages, warriors, thieves, knights, and a series of other professions.

When he first heard about this world, Ke Wen Nas was about to go crazy with excitement. After all, as a seasoned fan of these genres, coming to such a world would undoubtedly drive him mad!

Of course, becoming stronger was not so easy. At least in these past two months, he has experienced the difficulties of training!

Today, he arrived at the outskirts of the forest called the Blackwind Mountains mainly to capture several wolf riders!

As a werewolf!

Whether it was a wolf rider or a more advanced frost wolf rider, they were the elite cavalry of the werewolf race.

The Silvermane tribe did have wolf riders, but not many. The main reason was the lack of new populations joining; the wolves within the tribe had already begun inbreeding, resulting in many wolf cubs dying before reaching one month old.

Secondly, they couldn't afford to raise them. Currently, including the mother wolf and cubs, the entire tribe only had a little over a hundred members, and about ninety percent of them were male wolf riders directly under his adopted father.

And this wild wolf pack, he discovered it purely by accident over a month ago.

Because the Blackwind Mountains stretched for thousands of kilometers and housed many monster groups, including legendary-level monsters, this was a dragon's lair and tiger's den, and he wasn't foolish enough to risk it!

If it weren't for this wolf monster group lingering on the outskirts, he wouldn't take such a risk.

"How many are there?" Zhou Hao asked.

"Approximately 120, including the cubs!" the werewolf guard respectfully replied.

"Not bad in terms of numbers, but it's strange that the leader is only a third-tier wolf rider!" Zhou Hao said.

A wolf pack with over 120 members was already significant in scale, but the fact that the leader was only a third-tier wolf rider struck him as odd!

However odd it may be, he wouldn't pass up such a good opportunity!

"Everyone, be ready and follow me immediately!" Zhou Hao didn't hesitate and commanded the fifty or so werewolf warriors surrounding him.

These werewolf warriors were not ordinary beastmen; Zhou Hao himself was already a fourth-tier warrior, and the rest of the werewolf warriors were at least second-tier warriors, so their speed was incredibly fast.

In just a few minutes, Zhou Hao and his group were less than two hundred meters away from the wolf pack.

"Spread out carefully, try to capture the mother wolf and the cubs!" Zhou Hao quietly instructed, and soon all the werewolf warriors understood and discreetly dispersed.

The reason he wanted to capture the mother wolf and cubs was mainly for breeding purposes, especially the cubs. Raising them from an early age would be highly compatible with werewolf warriors.

Taming an adult wild wolf would require some effort, but the tribe had beast tamers, so they were not worried!

However, capturing adult wolf riders would significantly reduce their chances of success.

"Young Chieftain, look, that's the leader wolf!" a warrior cautiously pointed it out to Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao glanced at it.

"Monster Name: Wolf Rider (Leader)

Tier: Third

Attribute: Wind

Skills: ............"

Soon, the information about the leader wolf appeared in his mind!

"This leader wolf is so weak. If we can capture it, maybe we can take the entire wolf pack!" Zhou Hao said.

"Give me the advanced beast-capturing net!"


The werewolf warrior promptly handed a capture net to Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao looked at the net in his hand. The advanced beast-capturing net could capture fifth-tier monsters, so it was more than enough to deal with a third-tier leader wolf!

Without sensing the danger around them, the wolf pack several hundred meters away continued playing with the cubs, while the leader wolf lazily rested on the ground.

Suddenly, a figure leaped over the large trees and swiftly arrived above the leader wolf. At the same time, figures appeared from all sides.

The leader wolf immediately stood up, ready to howl, but a large net descended from above. The leader wolf tried to escape, but the net fell too quickly, as if carrying the weight of thousands of pounds, instantly covering the leader wolf.

Simultaneously, one net after another landed on the cubs or other wolf riders' heads.

"Don't waste your efforts; this net is not something you, a mere third-tier monster, can break free from!" Zhou Hao said as he jumped from a tree and approached the leader wolf.

Just then, several wolves that had narrowly escaped lunged viciously at Zhou Hao, clearly trying to save the leader wolf.

"Hmph, a group of second-tier wolves shouldn't attack but run for their lives. They're simply seeking death!"

Zhou Hao threw a punch, instantly sending one of the charging second-tier wolf riders flying with a miserable howl.

At the same time, Zhou Hao's feet turned into afterimages as he dodged two other wolf riders attacking from the side, and they, too, were sent flying with agonized yelps.

Chapter 2 Dad is dead?

Not only did Cowenas encounter a wolf attack, but there were also numerous male wolves assaulting the surrounding werewolf warriors. However, these were just a group of second-tier wolves. Although they posed a threat, animals were after all, animals. There was definitely no werewolf warrior who would cooperate with them.

Therefore, it didn't take long for a large number of wolves to be beaten miserably, and the werewolf warriors acted in perfect harmony without causing fatal harm. Though it took time to tame these adult wolves, once they were tamed, they would become excellent wolf riders, which would greatly strengthen the tribe's power.

"Hmm, are you injured, you beast?" Suddenly, Cowenas crouched down because the head wolf, whose abdomen was being fiercely torn apart by the trapping net, was covered in blood from several wounds caused by other creatures' attacks, blood dripping everywhere.

Although the head wolf con


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