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  • Author: Eartha
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 273
  • 7.5

In a world filled with magic, Cornelius finds himself transported to a fantastical realm, transformed into one of the races known as the Wolfkin. He was originally the son of the chieftain of the Wolfkin tribe, dreaming of leading a simple life and avoiding the burdens of being a leader. However, fate had different plans for him as his father met his demise in battle, forcing Cornelius to take up the mantle of chieftainship once more. Cornelius had once envisioned a life of leisure, far away from the chaos of warfare and political complications. Yet, his father's untimely death left the entire tribe's future resting on his shoulders. The young and inexperienced Wolfkin must endure the grief of losing a loved one while facing the weight of the countless expectations and doubts placed upon him. However, Cornelius is not without a trump card. Secretly harbored within him is a powerful resolve, as he possesses a mysterious artifact—a cheat code! This enigmatic mechanism grants him extraordinary strength and wisdom beyond ordinary individuals. He becomes aware that the land is destined to submit to his rule! Taking on the role of chieftain, Cornelius discovers the heavy burden he now carries. He must protect the entire tribe amidst internal and external pressures, negotiate with other races, and resolve conflicts that arise incessantly. His cheat code becomes both a weapon allowing him to overcome challenges and adversaries, but also a deep chasm separating him from his own true self. In this world teeming with magic and danger, Cornelius experiences numerous difficult choices and trials. He gradually realizes that power is not the sole objective; rather, it is a responsibility intertwined with courage and wisdom. He begins to learn how to govern his tribe with justice and fairness, safeguarding his people, and bridging peaceful coexistence with other races. This is a story about Cornelius finding his role amidst chaos. Throughout his journey of growth, the readers witness his development, bravery, and the transformation of his wisdom. The tale is filled with action, adventure, and emotional clashes, reminding us that assuming responsibility is the key to becoming a true hero in the pursuit of our dreams. The novel will lead readers to explore a mysterious world brimming with magic, as well as Cornelius' quest to fulfill his dreams within this realm. Will he become the Wolf God and reign over the land? Can he find the genuine peace and happiness he seeks within himself? All will be unveiled in this captivating story, leaving readers spellbound.


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