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The Luna's Salvation

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Gods and Demons, Werewolves, Elves, Vampires and many others creatures you couldn't possibly dream of exists in this world. It is total chaos for evil has risen to cast a shadow on all who live. As the world approaches a new age, four individuals must awaken the powers hidden within them to stop this darkness. But what happens when they learnt of the choices they need to make to ensure everyone's safety? Will they follow the path that destiny has assigned for them, or will their own imperfections serve as a boulder, preventing them from fulfilling their destinies? Stay and find out!

Chapter 1: Prologue

(Some thousands of years ago, in the realm of the gods.)

"There is nothing we can do to stop him. His power grows by the day. He is destroying all we have created and we are too powerless to keep him under control."Bell, the goddess of the vampires said. She was worked up and so were the other three gods pacing in the court. From where they stood, they could see dozens of worlds collapsing to the dark one's effect. He was a nuisance. He was their nemesis."

But we cannot give up now. There has to be a way for us to keep him under control."

Tim, the god of the elves stated. He was less stressed than others and his long, pointy ears which simmered with a golden radiance filled him with such awe.

"I'm afraid it is left to the mundanes to keep themselves safe. We cannot dwell in their realm. We will die if we go there and the dark one knows this. But what if we create champions fused with our power? Champions strong enough to defend their world from him? What if we make chosen ones?"

The moon goddess suggested. She was in wolf form when she spoke and her fur was white. But then she shifted to her human form."How do we know it will work?" Zik, the god of the humans asked."We don't. But we have to ensure it does. It is the only way the universe isn't plunged into chaos. We must give them all they need. It is worth the shot." The moon goddess pressed on. The other gods shot glances at themselves. They seemed to buy her idea."What do you have in mind?" Bell asked her.

The moon goddess sighed and gazed at the other gods.

"We will make the chosen ones..."

She stated, and when she did, there was a loud rumbling from the distance. More worlds were getting destroyed.

Chapter 2:

BLUE'S POV(On the night of the Wraith's attack-Eastern Continent)

Roars!Fire!Growls!I felt a tingling in my ear as I looked around the heat of the battle I had found myself. One of the wraiths had smacked me on the face, causing me to crash to the ground. It took a moment before I recovered, standing feebly on my feet as I supported myself with my sword.It was a dirty attack, the most horrific we have had in years.All around me, werewolves jumped around, trying their best to rip off the heads of the wraiths that kept plunging in like a wave.I still stood disoriented for a while and my ears kept on ringing, but then, someone bumped into me, snapping me right back to my senses, just in time to see the wraith coming my way.I swung my sword as the creature hurled at me. I cut off its arm but the creature was relentless.It came right at me, snarling as it did. I quickly twisted my sword and attempted to cut off its head but the


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