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The Hidden Twin Babies Of The Alpha

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Amara suffered a terrible fate after she was trapped by someone and sold to a powerful Alpha of the Welray Moon Pack. The cruel and arrogant Alpha just wanted to have fun without wanting to make the Omega his Luna. Amara went to another country after the Omega girl's life was saved by a middle-aged man, an ordinary human who owned several businesses and companies in several countries. Amara's life became happier when she gave birth to four twin puppies descended from Alpha Marco, who only wanted to make her a breeder to satisfy his heat. How can Amara avenge herself after her life is drastically changed? Is Alpha Marco the fate mate that the Moon Goddess destined for the stray girl?

Chapter 1

Amara's POV

It was an exhausting night. Despite feeling the fatigue all over my body after finishing my daily household chores, I had to stay strong and push my small, skinny body to do my main job after graduating from college three months ago.

I work as a housekeeper and felt a shiver run down my spine as I arrived at the Rose Andira Hotel. This luxurious, star-rated hotel is where I work to support my family after my father became paralyzed.

I live with my stepmother and two lazy siblings. I couldn't resist the pressure to provide for my family in place of my father. Right now, I have to be on the 21st floor, a place notorious for the terrifying things that often happen at night.

"Why did Jordan put me on the 21st floor, the one I've always avoided? It really scares me with the looming shadows," I complained while hugging myself.

Even though there is courage of my wolf soul inside this body, I can't deny that half of the human in me feels scared.

As I started to approach room 315, I caught a glimpse of someone's shadow in the far distance, peering at me.

"Who's there?" I shouted. I was terrified, but I mustered the courage to step forward and find out who had been spying on me and scaring me.

Shortly after, I heard the sound of a message notification on my old phone. I immediately looked down and grabbed the phone from my small black bag that I was holding.

"Who is it? Only adding to my fear!" I grumbled, feeling annoyed by the message notification.

As I read the contents of the message, it turned out to be a message from Jordan, my friend. He asked me to clean room 326, which was at the far end of the hallway on the 21st floor.

"This night is truly cursed. What can I do as a mere cleaner, unable to resist and refuse. I still need this job," I said, feeling frustrated.

My wolf blood boils, and I feel warmth and tranquility. Although I can't communicate with the wolf inside my weak body, whenever I feel alone, it feels like I can find comfort and courage to do everything on my own.

Suddenly, someone covers my mouth with a cloth. I lose consciousness afterwards.

When I opened my heavy eyes, I was shocked. I was lying on a bed in a hotel room that was familiar to my sight.

"This is room 326, who brought me to this room?" I whispered half-heartedly. I couldn't speak much, while my mind was currently strategizing and thinking about something bad that was about to happen.

As I scanned the room, a shadowy figure sitting on a sofa stared at me from the darkness.

"Who are you?" I asked, mustering my courage. I, who was in trouble, couldn't speak with the wolf inside my body. Because I was cursed since childhood, the duration of which I never knew.

The shadowy man I spotted with my eyes remained silent and calm. I grew more restless, getting up from the bed and stepping back.

"Just stay quiet and enjoy, I don't like resistance," the man said in his baritone voice.

Hearing the emphasis from this stranger, I bowed my head, gripping both sides of my knees.

The stranger then took off his jacket and threw it to the floor. In the dimly lit hotel room, with only moonlight streaming through the cracks of the glass window on the balcony, I restrained my desires and swallowed my saliva as my gaze couldn't be diverted from the exotic body shape and muscular curves of the tall man's arms.

"Don't do this disgusting thing, I am still a virgin!" I said, trying to explain that I was still a virgin and a decent woman.

"Ha...Ha...Ha... I don't care," he retorted.

As the man started approaching the bed, I caught a glimpse of someone's shadow outside the hotel room door. But when I looked again, the shadow had disappeared, with a figure resembling that of a woman. I could faintly hear a small chuckle that grew farther and faded away.

"Serve me well!" he whispered. This muscular and masculine man lay on the bed right next to me.

The sound of whispers and soft moans echoed in my ear, and even heavy breaths were blowing, causing goosebumps as I imagined something.

Slowly, this man who had rendered me helpless like a captured bird began to restrain and position himself right above my petite body.

"Please, let me go. I will obey any of your desires, but please don't do this dirty thing to me." I pleaded. With all my strength, I tried to struggle and free myself from his grip.

Although I had used all my strength to break free from this man's clutches, I couldn't overcome the strength of a man. His face came closer to mine, and I was shocked.

"Lord Marco, please release me, Lord Marco! I will obey any of your commands. But don't do this to me!" I pleaded for his forgiveness.

"I have bought you, don't argue with me!" he said.

"But, who sold me to you. What did I do wrong? Please give me a chance this time, please let me go." I pleaded. With tears streaming down that I couldn't hold back anymore, I didn't want to lose the purity that I had kept for an alpha that the Moon Goddess had destined for me.

"SHUT UP..." he yelled.

I was startled, holding my chest, which felt thunderous. I, who had been sold, could no longer fight back, but could only remain silent and accept the mistreatment from Lord Marco. I knew him from the news that circulated out there, that he was a cruel alpha from the Welray Moon Pack who liked to change women frequently.

Lord Marco held both of my hands. He trapped my movements above his head so that I couldn't move or struggle back. Roughly, Marco bit and traced down my neck to the cleavage of my chest.

"Ah... Don't..." I protested while gasping. I didn't know why it felt so pleasurable and made me float in a new feeling that I had never experienced before.

"Just enjoy it!" he insisted with his heavy and hoarse voice.

"Isn't there any forgiveness for me? I'm willing to become an omega in the Welray Moon Pack. I will do whatever you command!" I said, trying to offer my purity.

"Don't act up, you're just a slave I've just bought. Don't think you can get away from me," he said with a tone full of emphasis.


Before I could finish my sentence, this cruel man slapped me hard on the right cheek. I held my cheek that felt painful and cried silently, accepting his mistreatment.

"Don't misbehave again!" he warned, pointing to my face.

I couldn't do anything. I could only turn my face away, accepting all his actions towards me. My body felt numb with his rough touch, as if he were a wild animal enjoying his prey.

Marco started removing the rest of his clothes. Now this man was completely naked, without a single piece of clothing on me. Roughly and without any emotion, Marco tore off my clothes one by one. I just stayed silent, refusing to look at his face.

"You will regret this, Marco," I said in my heart.

Marco, filled with desire and lust, the alpha of the Welray Moon Pack, engaged in intimacy with me without any feelings or affection. He did it as if he were raping a promiscuous woman.

As I looked at his threadless body, I couldn't hide the strange feeling that invaded me. I stared at every curve and shape of Marco's stomach, which resembled torn bread.

"Can his stomach be that exotic?" I asked myself.

However, when my gaze dropped further and settled on a lump of flesh with protruding veins that stood straight up, I swallowed my saliva without another word.

"That... that must be Marco's p*n*s," I muttered in a half-whisper.

Marco just smiled wryly, lifting his upper lip as if to mock me.

"Will a man's genitals the size of an eggplant fit into the small paradise of the world?" I thought, stricken with worry. This was the first time I had ever seen a man's genitals in person.

When Marco was already on top of me, this man prepared to bring 'Marco junior' closer to 'little Amara'. I could only close my eyes. Before long, a hard blow broke through forcibly. I felt a mixed pain. Stinging, yet so delicious, it was as if my body was electrocuted by a stream of feelings that I could not describe in words.

"Enjoyment! This is the first time I've enjoyed a breeder as beautiful and virgin as you," he moaned.

This man enjoyed every part of my body, while I only felt immense pain. I, who had dreams that when I turned 20 and met my fate mate that the Moon Goddess had destined, then I would experience something that I desperately wanted to feel with the werewolf man I loved.

I cannot deny it, a sense of comfort permeates every corner of my heart. I feel calm, happy, and comfortable being under this cruel alpha.

"Is Marco the mate that the Moon Goddess has destined for me?" I whispered to myself.

I shook my head. It's not possible that this cruel alpha is the soulmate I've been dreaming of all this time.

After a few more hours...

I am exhausted and unable to move much. It feels like the bones in every inch of my body have come loose from their place. I squirm as the shadow of the cruel man picks up his clothes from the floor. Without many words, he puts his clothes back on and abruptly leaves the hotel room.

"D*mn, why did I have to meet him!" I curse the man who has defiled the purity I've been guarding all this time.

Chapter 2

Amara's POVAmara's POV

After Marco disappeared from my sight, I got up and wrapped a blanket around my body. The pain I felt made me walk unsteadily. I got off the bed and picked up my clothes. I could see traces of blood on the white sheet, blood stains that might be evidence of my lost virginity.After Marco disappeared from my sight, I got up and wrapped a blanket around my body. The pain I felt made me walk unsteadily. I got off the bed and picked up my clothes. I could see traces of blood on the white sheet, blood stains that might be evidence of my lost virginity.

"Oh, Moon Goddess, why is my fate so cruel? I never imagined losing my innocence like this."

I put on my clothes again. With cautious steps, I sneaked out of the hotel room that was unguarded by Beta, who was assigned by Alpha Marco to watch over me.

I looked disheveled, with torn clothes and bruises on my face from the harsh slap. As I stepped out of the elevator and onto t


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