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The demon wants my soul

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Emma is an eleven-year-old whose soul and heart are writing, when Emma starts to write a new book she decides to use her the name of her hometown. Soon, an incident occurs and Emma relocates to her hometown Basin, but what happens when she realizes that every chapter of hers is a reality in Basin? ** Still in shock, tears rolled down her cheek, Emma looked at her with sympathy. Her mom never thought that a day like this will come. She looked down at Emma before she turned around and looked at Ruth. She said something under her breath which wasn’t audible enough for non of them to hear. "Mom please say something," Emma said, her tone sounding whispery. Emma’s mom gulped as she turned back and looked at Ruth "Kevin" She breath out

Chapter 1

A strong wind blew through the window, the curtains glided as it covered Eleven-year-old Emma’s face, she nudged the curtain away and continued writing.

Emma was in love with writing, she could write all day long. She was inspired by her late grandmother who was a fiction writer although Emma wasn’t interested in fiction as her main interest was non-fiction. She loves to write about demons, witches, ghouls, devils, and other supernatural creatures.

"It happened on a rainy Morning evening, he was sited on his chair working on the computer when suddenly he walked towards the window he jumped out of it. All the staffs were shocked, no one knew what happened or why he did that." She mumbled as she wrote in the book.

She stared out the window when a strong wind blew on her face "He was the one that got into…." She paused as she heard her mom’s voice coming from downstairs, she ignored the voice as she tapped her chin and continued writing

"I have to cancel this part" she whispered to herself.

"He jumped from the last floor of the building, no one witnessed him doing that but when they heard a sound.." she mumbled as she wrote

"Emma, dinner is ready, come downstairs now" she heard her mom’s voice from the living room

"Will be there in two minutes mom" she yelled as she kept the pen and closed the book. She was about to leave the room when she rushed back to her study desk, opened the book, and instantly drafted an idea

"Emma, I’m still waiting for you," her mom said, she could hear the sound of footsteps coming from the corridor and was nearing her room

"Emma, you said two minutes," her mom said immediately as she opened the door

"Mom, I’m just drafting an idea"

"You can do that later my little writer, now come let’s go dad is starving," she said as she grabbed Emma’s hand and walked out of the room

"Why didn’t he just start eating mom, I mean he’s hungry right?"

"He is honey but like grandma always says, eating together makes the bond stronger," her mom said as they walked down the stairs

"Dad was that lobster roll you were chewing," she said as she walked closer to him and sat on the chair next to his

"Hmm…What are you talking about honey?"

"You were eating a lobster roll weren’t you?"

"Hey! I was hungry and couldn’t wait longer"

She glanced at him as her mom served her some lobster rolls and cornbread.

"Do you want some side salad, honey?"

She shook her head in disagreement

"So tell me how was everyone’s day?" her dad said as he took a bite of lobster ball

"It was good dad, I just started writing a really interesting story"

"Wow! That nice honey, what’s the title?"

”The demon wants my soul," she said as she dropped the fork and used her hand to indicate how creepy the demon looks like

"Dad, I’m thinking of making it a bit more realistic which is why I used the name of a real town, wanna guess what town I used?"


"Come on dad, that’s not a town" she chuckled "I’m using Basin, you know since it’s my hometown and I know a lot of places" she continued as she took a sip of orange juice

"That’s great honey, I love your creative imagination"

"Thanks, dad"

"Do you know what’s for dessert today?" Her mom asked

She tapped her chin for some seconds and was about to speak

"Apple pie" her dad instantly said

"Great, that was supposed to be Emma’s answer"

"Seriously an apple pie for dessert," she excitedly said after she took a sip of orange juice "Did you make it along with a homemade ice cream?"

"Of course, what’s the use of making an apple pie if I’m not gonna make our homemade ice cream to go with it"

"Thanks, mom, it’s been forever since we had apple pie and ice cream for dessert"

"If you’re done with the cornbread you can help me grab the ice cream from the fridge"

She followed her mom to the kitchen and helped her with the plates. Emma has been a lover of apple pie, she loved her grandma’s dessert recipes.

Soon after eating dessert Emma took her plate and placed it in the sink.

"Emma, bedtime now" she heard her mom from the living room. She grabbed bottled water before she exited the kitchen.

"Good night dad," she said as she gave him a hug

"Good night miss writer" she looked at him as she chuckled.

As she held her mom’s hands and was about to head upstairs, her mom got a call

"Hey, Jana how have you been? Oh lord, are you serious?" She said as she walked closer to the center table and picked up the remote

"Yeah I just turned on the news channel" she continued

"Jacob come see this"

"Mom is everything okay?" she instantly asked as she sensed tension from her mom’s voice

"Yeah, honey, just go to bed, I will be there in a minute"

She walked to her room thinking why her mom was tense, as she held the door handle she heard her parents talking about her uncle, she instantly tiptop and peeked at them when she noticed the news


An average worker fell from the last floor of his office building, reporters and officers are yet to find out what exactly happened that led to this painful tragedy, it was declared that when the incident occurred no one witnessed it. Is this a suicide or a murder case?

"Oh lord, what was that," She thought

She was standing in the corridor when she heard her mom’s footsteps coming closer she instantly entered her room and lay on the bed before her mom walked into the room and gave her a good-night kiss

"Sweet dreams honey" mom whispered as she walked towards the door and turn off the lights, she was about to leave when Emma spoke

"The news! Is everything okay?"

"You watched the news?? this is exactly why I don’t like it when you watch the news, honey it was just an accident that occurred at your uncle's office, you don’t have to worry about anything, your uncle is fine" she said

"Are you sure?"

"Yes honey I'm sure, I will get him on phone tomorrow so you can talk to him, don’t worry uncle Shan is fine"

Emma smiled at her before she closed her eyes.

"Sweet dream sweetie," her mom said before she closed the door

Chapter 2

Her eyes flutter open as the sound of her alarm gets louder and louder, the ray of sunshine peeps through her curtain, and she reached to turn off the alarm. As she sat on the bed, stretching out a loud yawn escapes her mouth.

She turned around and grabbed her notepad, she had thought of a really great idea and didn’t want to forget it. As she began jotting down the idea, she heard a knock on the door before she could say anything, her mom opened the door and peaked her head in "Emma." She said

"It’s almost time for school, get ready and head down for breakfast." Emma finished the sentence.

Her mom smiled at her and was about to leave when she turned back and looked at Emma "Good morning mom." Emma smiled

"Good morning, now go Emma! You can continue writing later." Mom said closing the door behind her.

Emma sat back without moving an inch, she knew if she enters the bathroom now she will eventually forget the id


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