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The CEO asks for hugs every day

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Xu total wide shoulders long legs, handsome face gold, no problem a golden male god. If it wasn't for the cold face every day. His cold, and other people's cold and proud is not the same, everywhere through the "your ancestors owe me 58 million" kind of debt like sullen. He's got big rules, bad personality, sensitive and messy. At a time when the masses thought Xu was destined for a lonely life, He actually reached out his hand to a certain actress in public and said a word coldly -- "Hug." An actress said: really want to turn around and go! Easy to pet each other, no glass

Chapter 1

It was the height of summer and the midday sun was blazing.

A piece of sand in Linxi Film and Television City is burning hot, like being spilled a layer of freshly boiled hot oil, Cheng glass wearing a ragged dirty costume lying on the top, the skin exposed was burned red and painful.

She vaguely smelled the smell of barbecue on her body, not bad, and a little fragrant.

After a series of high-intensity action scenes, she was hungry and wanted to chew on her smoking arm, but her mind was still highly awake, according to the script, the right time to turn quickly, avoid the whip, secretly grabbed a hot sand, and hurled it hard at the general on the horse.

Cheng glass even if hungry again hot, will not affect the shooting effect.

The director clutched the edge of the table with both hands and stared at the monitor, holding his breath.

On the HD screen, the general did not expect the evil female prisoners who were covered in bruises to dare to take sand as a dark weapon, and were accidentally blinded, the female prisoners seized the opportunity, stumbled up, and desperately ran forward.

However, she had no way to escape, and was soon caught up with, and the high, strong whip was hurled at her back with a loud "crack".

"CUT! This one's over!"

Cheng glass, such as amnesty, showing a smile more uncomfortable than crying, this smile does not matter, her dry lips live pulled out of a blood sl*t.

Over there, the director has picked up the small table where the monitor is placed, and is ready to retreat quickly, afraid of disturbing someone like, pressing his voice to tell: "Cheng Cheng! You must clear up the sand quickly, do not affect the progress of the other people's production!"

Cheng glass mouth pain, can not speak, compared to him a "rest assured" gesture.

Not far away, a few giant umbrellas stand, a group of stars wearing sunscreen clothes, stuck in large sunglasses, reclining on comfortable loungers, enjoying the assistant's small iced juice fan, while peering over the sunburned sand.

Bored, rolling his eyes behind the sunglasses, lip Angle and then a contemptuous smile, even if it is the impression of the play just now.

Under the umbrella, a staff member shouted to Cheng Li: "Move quickly! Just borrow your place, don't dilly-dally!"

Cheng glass squatting, is manually smoothing out the trampled sand, smell sound back, under the umbrella of the stars swept a few eyes, did not speak, continue to work hard.

"It's so bullying! Cheng Li's personal assistant cloud Ying rushed over with the cup, put the straw into her mouth, fed a few mouthfuls, and then accompanied her to wipe the sand, hot palm red, "Clearly they are too hot, rest at noon, agree that we borrow this venue to two points, it is less than half past one to start driving people!"

Cloud Ying for cheng glass grievance, continue to recite: "There is this sand, must use the hand to smooth, do not know how hot?" Why don't you just swing your shoes on it?"

Cheng glass face sweat, along the sharp and slightly warped chin drops, the back is also soaked, soaked just by the whip mistakenly swept to the position of the burning pain.

Uncomfortable to uncomfortable, her tone is still calm, "the site is the other crew, see us finished shooting, they must urge."

"As for sand," she said, licking the congealed blood on her lower lip, "shoes leave a shoeprint. No other tools are available at present. Hands are the most convenient."

Yun Ying heard the words of comfort, eyes fell on her original white jade like delicate cheeks, at the moment covered with fine sand, was sweat mixed into stains, mottled through the steaming red, could not help but love to ask: "Cheng Cheng sister, you look so beautiful, acting is good, there is no unwilling?"

"Yes," Cheng Li frankly raised her long eyebrows, "but it's useless to complain, want to be respected, have status, shut your mouth, work harder, and strive for more red than those people under the umbrella."

Such as to deal with the sand, and was condescensively picky, Cheng glass followed a few staff members of their own crew back to the original territory that belonged to them

The whole west film city, the most remote and dilapidated a house.

Meal point has arrived, way other cast, the actors are in the lead of the steaming box lunch, only their house, the boiling water is burning, the ground with a row of the same taste of instant noodles.

Yun Ying picked up one of the boxes, the lid turned back to look at the tear, the eye ring was red, "I knew it was fast expired, special promotion!"

Cheng glass used to, touch the head of the little assistant, pinch on her cheek, "no crying."

Yun Ying is very obedient to hold back.

In fact, really dont blame cloud ying want to cry, cheng glass himself would like to wipe a bitter tears, she officially entered the line for three years, large and small cast into a lot, or the first time in such a difficult situation.

No, poverty doesn't even begin to describe it. It's destitute, destitute.

Everywhere to ask people to borrow the venue, no money to call box lunch this kind of thing often happens, not to mention, said the day before yesterday that the play, the plot progress to her evil female master was killed, need to use a package of toxic powder, the director even the small hotel presents instant milk tea are reluctant to use, directly in the corner pinch some soil, hard to let her swallow.

Poor enough to eat dirt feeling, sour enough.

"Too suffer," Yun Ying think about the days since the group is bad, hate to pour boiling water into the bowl, whispered, "really do not know how Xu Zong think, you just signed in, do not give good resources even, but can not pick up so poor drama ah."

General Manager Xu?

Cheng Li good ear, heard, stretched thin legs, no image sitting on the steps, funny oblique her glance, "Say what?" I am such a small shrimp to take the scene, how can bother Xu's authority."

Yun Ying remembered many rumors about the top boss, can not help but be curious, gossip to ask: "Cheng Cheng sister, you have signed for nearly two months, have you seen Xu Zong?" I heard that he is in great shape, and his face is more handsome than those hot young meat! But..."

But, uh, character is indescribable.

It's supposed to be normal to meet the boss.

But into the film Xu general, is a wonderful flower, the circle is well known Gaoling flowers, he is unsociable, inaffectionate, hate public appearance is no secret, it is said that partners want to see him with their own eyes is not easy, the company has not seen his true appearance is everywhere, let alone batch in the 18 line new it.

Cheng glass signing time did not see, I know later more no chance.

She also secretly speculated, maybe "Xu general face handsome body good" is a rumor, in fact, his appearance obstructed viewing, will refuse to expose.

But who knows? It's out of reach.

Xu probably doesn't even remember that she's the new person in the company.

"How could I have seen him," Cheng glass stall hand, jokingly promised with cloud ying, "and so I which naive big red, maybe have the opportunity to be summoned Xu, then peep at the day Yan, secretly photographed, give you see enough."

Big red, Cheng glass casually said, according to her imagination, how also have another 5678 years.

But she never expected that the popularity of this thing, sometimes only in a moment.

For example, the gossip fell from the sky, inexplicably hit her head.


The little assistant said that the "character is indescribable" Xu general manager, is bathing in the thick California sunset, a calm face to smooth lines of silver sports car screw the fuel tank cap.

The gas station was out of the way, with very little traffic, except for a rugged SUV parked not far behind.

In the car, two blonde beauties were staring at him intently, completely attracted by the tall and tall Oriental man, their eyes full of interest, and repeatedly lingering on his neat and supple arms and legs.

The beauty looked at the heart of the itch, seize the opportunity to jump out of the car, warmly said hello, the man as expected too much.

His complexion was very pale, his eyes and eyebrows were deep, his nose was high and straight, and his lips were light, thin and tight, shaped like a bow.

So handsome and attractive face, but scared her back two steps.

The features are really impeccable, but the look is cold, gloomy, and a light eye sweep over, it is fierce like a loan shark with a knife to the door, not to money or life.

'What is it? He asked in fluent English.

The tone was as deep and cold as the expression.

This man, with the charming indulgence does not match the side, far view beautiful meal, close to see the legs tremble.

Beauty again enthusiastic also feel a little afraid, decisive apology, back to the car, pulling a female companion quickly away.

Xu Zyao impatiently light, open the door to sit in, the car was orange red sunset wrapped in a layer of thick syrup, almost dyed into a gorgeous painting under the sky, galloping on the road.

I didn't get far before my cell phone rang.

The caller's on the screen, bro.

"What script can be so important that you personally go abroad to talk, but also stay more than a month not to come back," Xu's brother's magnetic voice in the audio some distortion, "the company regardless of it?" You have not easy to sign in Miss Cheng is also free range?"

Xu Zyao unmoved, dark eyes looking straight ahead, "gave her a new play, in shooting, not free."

"In the movie and television city every day the network drama crew, is you to her carefully selected signing gift?" Xu's brother marveled, "I underestimate you, the way to pursue women is really unique!"

Xu Zyao's perennial locked brow tightened, "What happened to the network drama, the script is good, the investment is enough, can still be red."

In order not to let Cheng glass perceive, he specially signed several new people at the same time, also in order not to let cheng glass perceive, pick out not eye-catching, but enough potential network drama female number one, mixed in a variety of resources, without traces to her.

He did not even dare to invest behind the scenes, worried about being involved with himself, by the process glass to find.

"Enough investment? Several investors withdrew more than half of the production before the start of production, and now the crew is poor, you don't know?" Xu's brother gloated and cold hem, "Look at your courage, signed someone else, even dare not meet, afraid of meeting in the company, actually hid directly abroad, now well, the crew is outrageous, the beauty is hard, someone took the opportunity to gallantly, gossip is fast sitting down!"

The word "gossip" is like a steel needle, suddenly tied in Xu Zyao's sensitive nerves, his hand holding the steering wheel tightly clenched, the blue veins on the back of the hand are raised, "What gossip? "

Fierce tone let Xu brother dark cool unceasingly, he cleared his throat, deliberately said: "I send you, see yourself, you don't come back, Miss Cheng is someone else's girlfriend."

This unfortunate brother, without good stimulation, chasing women are too timid to open his legs.

Brother starting point is good, but really did not expect, this time the wrong time, stimulate big.

Xu Zyao is driving, near the edge of the city, the lane is gradually narrowing, his mind is buzzing, all the plans are in chaos.

When the message sounds, five or six photos are loaded.

The first is a screenshot of the gossip on the page, "Popular young boy pursuing unknown actress? ! Sweet food delivery on set, kiss whispering!"

The next few photos are candid photos that appear in the gossip, on the screen, the man with soft eyes or sitting or standing, and the woman in front of him is extremely intimate, and the last one, he bends close to her, the woman shows a small half of the side face, cheeks to neck are red.

The woman's face did not appear at all.

But Xu Zyao is recognized, even if only give him a back neck, a figure, he will never see wrong.

That is Cheng glass, he thought of people day and night.

Even if it's a photo, she's too shy to fake it.

Xu Zyao's last chance was completely shattered, and his already gloomy and fearful expression was even more frightening, his eyes faintly red, his teeth clenched, and his reason lost.

The car speeds up.

It was dark, and the guardrail stretched on the side of the road.

Until there was a loud bang.

Chapter 2

When Xu drove into the guardrail, Cheng glass was hiding in the corner of the set, flipped the gossip photos back and forth a few times, played a light and pleasant snap of the fingers, seriously commented, "Explosive! Eye-catching! That's exciting!"

"But," she said, looking at the excited Yun Ying, "are you sure it's me?"

Yun Ying fiercely lit the enlarged picture on the mobile phone screen, desperately repressed the excitement, looked around and no one was close, and whispered to emphasize: "Of course it is you!" He was photographed yesterday when he came to bring you a nutritious meal!"

She held Cheng glass wrist shake, "when he came over I was thinking, is not like you ah, otherwise how so intimate, the original really --"

"Really, your first day in showbiz?" Cheng glass holding his chin, ha ha sneer, "I am not even nodding friends with him, when filming on the sand, he sat in


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