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Shut Up Or Die

Shut Up Or Die

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A lottery game that can take someone's life, whoever becomes the ultimate winner, their life will be taken away after getting the main prize, namely visiting a luxurious mansion that can grant all the wishes of the winner. Elise and Yessy, two people who have won the lottery and won the same main prize, namely going to a luxurious mansion where they will both get everything they want. Yessy and Elise, two girls who both have the same background in life. Namely, they both hate their mother. At different times, the motives for the murders and everything in the mansion are similar. Yessy was a close friend of Elise and (she) was reported to have died after winning the main prize in the lottery three years after Elise died. They both died in tragic circumstances. Whoever has entered the mansion, everything (he wants) will be obtained, there is no need to say what the winner wants because the prize will come by itself. However, the payment after getting the gift is their own life. Two girls who both hate mother figures in their lives and both want to get abundant wealth after getting it all, they both have to (pay for it) with their own lives. This news is very shocking because no police have been able to find out how the murder process took place, because when the police wanted to search for the mansion, it suddenly disappeared and could not be found. This curiosity reached the four college students, namely Damon, Erick, Joy and Liana. Damon, a vlogger who already has thousands of followers, he is a vlogger who deals with mystical things and things that smell of ghosts, magic and so on. But, the strange thing that's happening now is that Damon doesn't want to make Vlogger news "lottery disaster" for no apparent reason, he knows if he raises a topic that is currently booming in public, for sure he will be more famous and there will be many once the money will he get. also he will become famous But, Damon refuses for no apparent reason while his three friends really want to make a Vlog about this news, for them this is a very good opportunity to become famous while completing their final college assignment. Damon still refused hard, until in the end it was Joy who persuaded him, Joy asked Damon to do this Vlogger for some reason because Damon really loves Joy, finally he agreed with Joy. But, Damon's agreement made someone very angry and disappointed (with him), he is Erick, a man who is also Damon's best friend, he is very angry with Damon, because he Damon voluntarily vloggers because of Joy, this makes Erick mocked Damon even more, saying that Damon was a bitch because he agreed just because of a woman, actually what happened was Erick was jealous. He is very jealous because Damon is close to Joy while Erick, who has always loved Damon in secret, has never been treated like that by Damon. Due to this misunderstanding, making Damon end having sex with Erick in order to make Erick reconcile with him. As for Joy and Liana, these two women actually love each other but they are hindered by the friend zone making it awkward for them to admit their feelings to each other. The four of them finally vloged the lottery game. From the beginning of the game, Joy felt very uneasy, (she) felt that something dangerous would come to them, because Joy's desire was so paranoid, they finally decided to stop the game first, because Joy was so paranoid that she even got hit fever. After five days had passed, Liana insisted on continuing the lottery game with Damon and Erick, Joy refused to continue making Vlogs, the difference of opinion between Joy and Liana ends in a commotion. Joy insisted on keeping the two (friends) from continuing the vlog (she) said for the sake of their own lives, while Liana still insisted on continuing the vlog. Damon and Erick were both confused about choosing to be on Joy's side or Liana's. Because Damon has promised all his followers on the Youtube channel to do the vlog, he of course doesn't want to lose thousands of followers just because he thwarted the vlog. Finally, Damon and Erick decided to continue vlogging with Liana. None of them sided with Joy and made Joy left alone there while the three (friends) came to the stand where the lottery was held. The three of them also managed to win the grand prize which means the three of them will go to the mansion. One day after winning the grand prize, an old man came to the three of them to take them to the mansion. From the moment they left for the mansion, Damon didn't stop to continue Vlogging with his two (friends), they laughed together and listened to music together, they went to a haunted mansion but it seemed as if they were on an outing because they enjoyed their departure so much. But, it's strange that Damon didn't see any followers commenting on his video, they seemed to ignore Damon's Vlog. Arriving at the mansion, Damon and his two friends were immediately greeted by a beautiful woman who had smooth skin and (her face) was very beautiful.

Chapter 1

Sept. 28, 2004.

I am Elise, dreaming of a place that can make me happy. Like a bed made of soft feathers so that it feels very comfortable, like a fish pond filled with much fish, the spacious house has three strairs, has a large pool to go swimming and a good school. But, everything is just a dream that will never be achieved, because now I was only born from a poor family and have a younger brother who is two years old, both my parents are busy working, my mother said I have a grandmother who is an indigo and looks like a shaman, but I never met my grandmother, because mother said grandmother often traveled to other worlds.

“Elise, daddy has happy news for you!!”

Not usually, dad will come home this soon usually, he man with tons of work piled up. it's still half a day, usually daddy will be home late but why not today?

I went down the stairs and came to dad who was smiling happily with a small paper on his hands.

"What did dad bring?"

"Dad won the lottery and lo and behold, daddy won the grand prize!!"

"What's the grand prize?" I asked.

"Father got a luxurious mansion that has many luxurious facilities in it."

I jumped for joy, I didn't ask further how my father could get this lottery because it's not important, the most important thing for me right now is that I can fulfill my dream by having a luxurious mansion and luxurious facilities in it.

"This is so awesome!!”

I immediately jumped for joy and went to cook dinner, after that I would wait for mom to come home from work.

"Mom, dad won the lottery!"

Mom smiled, but she didn't look excited she only responded to this with a smile and came back to sit with us at the dining table to eat dinner.

"We're moving tomorrow."

I was surprised, seeing mom who looked surprised when dad said that we would move into the mansion tomorrow.

"Does it have to be that fast?"

"Mom, aren't you happy that Dad won the lottery?"

Mother just smiled "I'm happy, but isn't this too hasty by moving tomorrow?" mom keeps taking out her alibi.

"But, the sooner the better."

My mother was silent for a while she continuing her dinner, I returned to feed my little brother dinner.

"Is there something they are keeping secret from me?" I could only ask myself because I was too worried that they would hear me and I would be blamed by them.

"What's wrong Elise?"

I just smiled and shook my head when dad asked me, dad seemed to be more aware of my weirdness seeing my parents.

"Is there something that confuses you, Elise?"

I just smiled and shook my head even though it was very It's not clear, I feel strange with my parents.

"Okay, if you don't want to say Elise."

“AI have to continue my work in the room, thanks for the dinner."

I don't understand, since my mom is working she looks more like a stranger to me and dad, she like not my usual mother.

“Elise, you should finish your dinner.”

I smiled and nodded and finished my dinner.

“A would you really not like it if we moved out of this house?”

I walked closer to my mother's room, heard a voice like a grown man they sounded like they were talking.

"is she have to work in the room? Why not in the main room, to make it more comfortable?”

I walked away into my room to go to sleep, I laid down and closed my eyes.

Last night, I felt a very good sleep making my body fresh in the morning. the most enjoyable sleep because I had a very beautiful dream. I live in a luxurious mansion that can make anything I want come true, whatever I want I can easily get because of that mansion.

"Elise, let's go."

I saw mother who was already in the car, seen from her face, she didn't like it when we all left our house.

"Mom, are you tired from working all night?"


My mother only answered my question briefly making me sit back in silence in my father's old car and stare out at the mountain scenery which looks very beautiful. Our former home was away from the city center but the mansion we were going to live in now was in the city center.

"Already arrived, Elise come on."

My father brought all the things that were in the car. I saw my mother who was just sitting quietly in the car with her eyes staring straight ahead as if she didn't want to leave the car.


Mom turned to me with a look her eyes who looks confused and also sad.

"What is it?" I asked.

Mom just shook her head, she holding my hand tightly, the two of us walked into the gate of the mansion, I saw the four bodyguards who had been standing in front of the gate upright and their lips all smiling widely, it felt very strange.

"Why does it look strange like this?" I asked.

I saw my mother staring at the luxurious mansion with a worried and scared look. Shouldn't a wife be happy if she is given a luxurious mansion like this?

"Mom, let's go inside."

Mother was just silent and we entered the mansion, seeing how large the mansion that will be ours from today, the mansion has three floors, a luxurious dining room, a large fish pond, a large swimming pool with very clear water and a beautiful garden. very large a park that has an arena for playing.

“Welcome, elise!!” dad smiles, he picked me up and led me around the mansion.

"You are happy?" I smiled and nodded happily.

"Very happy, thank you father."

Seeing the father who was very cheerful and the happy smiles that filled the spacious room of the mansion made the strange feeling that was in the mansion disappear.

"Tonight, do you want to eat something?"

I nodded enthusiastically and mentioned the food I wanted.

"Okay, dad will make it for you. We have to celebrate our transfer to this mansion."

I saw my father excitedly going into the kitchen using an apron to cook, then my gaze shifted back to my mother, just silently staring at the entire mansion from place sit.

"Mom, why are you just silent?"

"We'd better get out of here before sunset. Come on, dear. Come with me.”

"Mom, what's wrong with you? why does mom look like she doesn't like it? Dad bought this for you mom, why didn't you feel that happiness at all?"

“He not your father, dear.”

Chapter 2

I laughed out loud hearing mother speak with her gaze serious and face who was pale with fear.

"Come on, we have to get out of here soon."

Of course, I refused my mother's invitation to leave this place. this mansion and all the contents in it, just like what i want, it's a miracle for me that i can't just leave just because my mother is paranoid.

"Mom is too paranoid."

Mother was surprised to hear me speak rudely to her, because I never say harsh sentences, so this is the first time I speak rudely to her because I don't want to let go of this dream mansion of mine.

"Elise, let's eat." Take my father.

"come on!"

I saw that my favorite food was all available on the dining table, all the food I wanted, I immediately ate my favorite food with enthusiasm.

"Thank you dad."

"You like?"

"I really like." I smiled happily and went back to


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