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The Resurgence of Undead in the Apocalypse

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The ordinary freshman college student, Jiang Yuehua, strangely traveled to a post-apocalyptic world during a game and became a thirteen-year-old child. Fortunately, she brought the game interface with her, which gave her the minimum combat power through the skills of the ancient game's undead wizard. Moreover, the enormous game backpack made survival no longer an issue for her. In this dangerous and challenging post-apocalyptic world, Jiang Yuehua met a mysterious skeleton companion. Together, they ventured through the apocalypse, engaging in fierce battles against various monsters and evil forces. Jiang Yuehua gradually discovered that her abilities were not limited to the skills in the game; she also possessed exceptional leadership and wisdom. As the story unfolded, Jiang Yuehua led her skeleton companions to establish a safe haven, attracting more and more survivors to join their ranks. Through their collective efforts, not only did they survive, but they also gradually rekindled the flames of civilization. However, in this post-apocalyptic world, Jiang Yuehua also encountered some unexpected events. She found an "invincible artifact" in her game backpack, which allowed her to walk horizontally through the apocalypse. However, when she excitedly used this artifact, she discovered that its side effect was turning her into a super-sized obese person, and she couldn't revert back. This twist of fate left Jiang Yuehua in an awkward and difficult situation. She had to search for a way to undo the artifact's side effect while continuing to lead everyone in surviving the apocalypse. Through this process, she not only learned how to rely on her own wisdom and courage to face difficulties but also gained many genuine friendships. "The Resurgence of the Undead in the Apocalypse" is a thrilling and humorously twisted story. Jiang Yuehua continuously grows in the apocalypse, using her courage and wisdom to create a new future. This story will immerse readers into a world full of imagination, while also making them deeply ponder the essence of human nature and the meaning of survival..

Chapter 1 Travel through time and become a little girl

In the dry air, there was a faint smell of blood.

A wave of unbearable shackles awakened Jiang Yuehua from her warm dream. She struggled to move her slightly numb limbs, trying to stretch her curled-up body.

The unknown stick in her hand hit something above with a slight "thud" sound. After some effort, she finally realized that she seemed to be curled up in a narrow passage measuring forty centimeters square.

At the other end of the passage, there seemed to be a red curtain hanging. The dim daylight outside emitted a dark red glamorous glow through the thick fabric, carrying a sense of ominousness.

In her groggy state, Jiang Yuehua instinctively shifted her body, trying to crawl towards the direction where the light was emanating. However, in the next moment, she was shocked and completely motionless!

This wasn't her hand!!!

A pair of slightly dirty little hands were placed on the cold marble floor in front of her eyes. Even in this dim light, she could clearly see the elegant shape, well-proportioned joints, silky and delicate texture on the tender skin of these remarkable hands. They were truly a sight to behold.

These were not her own crude and unattractive chicken claws...

Moreover, these hands were too small, whether it was the slender fingers or the charming whirls between the finger joints and palms, they clearly proved that these belonged to a child.

After a short horror, Jiang Yuehua reflexively reached her hand to touch her chest. Sure enough, those pitifully small but better-than-nothing pieces of flesh had completely disappeared, replaced by the flat chest of an undeveloped child... um, a child of at most twelve years old.

Immediately, she also touched her face. Well, indeed, it was no longer her own face. Although she couldn't see what it looked like, she could feel the dense eyelashes and soft lips within reach. Presumably, they were far better than her own ordinary face that was as unremarkable as roadside weeds.

Very well, it seemed that she had successfully joined the already overflowing time-traveling army...

But why did she become an undeveloped little loli... and in this situation...

Taking a glance at the narrow and dark passage that was difficult to move around in, Jiang Yuehua didn't believe at all that there would be a bright future and splendid prospects waiting for her on the other side of the curtain. The details that she had ignored when she first woke up now floated into her mind one by one. The scent of decay and blood in the dry air gave her a foreboding feeling.

Carefully observing her current body, the delicate hands, the smooth and shiny long black hair, the obviously valuable pendant on her neck, the dirty but intricately expensive white princess dress, and the exquisite black boots... all of these indicated that the owner of this body must be someone rich and powerful. However, this princess-level girl, who should have been treated as a piece of art, wrapped in warm fur and expensive toys, was now hiding in a narrow and dimly lit passage that was difficult to move around in... coupled with the wafting smell of decay and blood from outside, all conveyed a dangerous signal. It seemed that something extremely unpleasant had happened.

While pondering, something equally familiar caught Jiang Yuehua's eye. It was the slender stick she had been holding in her right hand, which she thought was a prop the girl sought solace in dangerous situations. But now, upon closer inspection...

The stick, about twenty centimeters long but only as thick as a finger, appeared extremely delicate. The brown wooden body was polished smooth, and golden metal with strange patterns sealed both ends, each embedded with identical red gemstones. Inside the thumb-sized dark red gemstone, an indistinct shimmering constantly refracted, as if it were sealed blood, making people extremely uncomfortable yet emanating a peculiar power.

This thing... why did it feel so much like a necromancer's staff from certain anime? Could the owner of this body be a cosplay enthusiast? The resemblance was truly uncanny, especially those two gemstones. They should be quite valuable, right? However, it's a pity that such things don't actually have any attributes...

Just as this thought flashed through her mind, something even more shocking happened.

A black semi-transparent frame appeared out of thin air below the staff, and a row of familiar instructions was listed on it!!


One-handed damage: 2 to 4

Durability: 15 out of 15

Weapon Level - Fast Attack Speed

+1 to Skeleton Mastery (Limited to Necromancers)

+50% Damage to Undead Creatures

An incredible feeling of dizziness struck, leaving Jiang Yuehua unable to breathe.

Heavens! This! Could this really be usable??

Upon careful recollection, the final memory before her transmigration was indeed... playing a certain Diablo II... although she didn't finish playing...

The release of Diablo III by Blizzard has aroused intense desire in Jiang Yuehua as a gaming enthusiast, but the fact that she couldn't use cheat codes made her, a hopeless player, hesitate. After much deliberation, when she finally made up her mind to download it, she discovered that her computer's hard drive was already filled with various games, manga, movies, and cartoons. While cleaning up the hard drive, she came across a long-forgotten Diablo II, which once consumed her sleepless nights. Thus, prepared to relive old dreams, she habitually opened the cheat codes and created an Undead Mage character that hardly required any effort to play, and equipped it with a +7 super amulet and a Rogue's improved bow.

Familiar opening screen, double-click to enter the character, and then...

Black screen, garbled characters...

Just as she thought it was a version error, a strange sensation of dizziness struck her, followed by a profound darkness...

After a brief moment of reminiscence, Jiang Yuehua attempted to call up the control panel. Sure enough, a familiar interface appeared out of thin air. At the bottom was a row of familiar toolbars, with two large orbs representing health and mana at each end. In the skill slots on the left and right sides were normal attacks and summoning skeletons.

However, the nearly depleted red health orb gave Jiang Yuehua a bad feeling. With a thought, the words "Health: 3/15" appeared on it.

Startled, Jiang Yuehua clicked on the character attribute panel, and the values that met her eyes made her feel helpless.

Jiang Yuehua


Level: 1


Next Level: 500

Strength: 1

Agility: 2

Stamina: 2

Energy: 10

Attack Damage: 2-4

Attack Rate: 10 (Average hit rate 30%)

Defense: (High chance of being hit 99% of the time)

Endurance: 2/5

Life: 3/15

Mana: 10/10

Fire Resistance:




These attributes seem a bit exaggerated, don't they? There is almost no strength, agility, or stamina, and only a pitiful 15 points of life. Only the mana is somewhat acceptable, with 10 points... These attributes are just like the legendary weak battle power of 5, right?

I distinctly remember that the initial attributes of the undead mage in the game were not like this. It seems that it is linked to this immature body in the real world...

However, having cheat codes is better than having none, even if it's like this, it's still impressive. I hope that the attributes will grow the same way as in the game after leveling up!

But how do I obtain experience points? Will there be monsters in this world for me to fight?

While thinking this, Jiang Yuehua clicked on the skill panel. Three pages of skill trees that are the same as in the game made her feel relieved. Thankfully, the skills are not reduced, and on the page of summoning spells, one of the skills is now displayed in blue.

With a thought, a translucent black box displayed the relevant properties of the skill in front of YueHua.

Resurrection of Skeletons

You have not learned this skill yet. You have acquired this skill from an item.

When cast on a dead monster, it will revive a skeleton warrior from the ground to fight for you.

Damage: 1-2

Current skill level: 1 (Item)

Attack: 20

Defense: 20

Life: 21

Total skeletons: 1

Mana cost: 6

Next level

Attack: 35

Defense: 35

Life: 21

Total skeletons: 2

Mana cost: 7

It seems the same as in the game. However, with my current mana, I can only summon one skeleton.

Thinking about it, YueHua opened the item panel again. What she saw was the same character equipment system and backpack slot as in the game, but with some differences.

In the character equipment system, there was no staff that she currently held in her hand. Instead, all equipment slots were empty. YueHua thought for a moment and pressed the staff towards the weapon slot.

"Clang!" After a short sound, the small staff actually went into the weapon slot, and YueHua's hand was empty.

Quickly switching to the status bar and skill bar, the attributes brought by the staff were still there. YueHua felt a wave of joy, it seems that she won't have to carry strange staffs every day in the future. But she wondered, if she holds another staff, would there be a stacking effect?

Thinking about equipment, YueHua couldn't help but glance at the inventory slot. Perhaps because of the changes in the real world, the inventory slot was no longer in the form of grids like in the game, but instead became a dark and deep space. With a thought, two items appeared in front of YueHua. One was the huge bow and the other was a small golden oval-shaped talisman.

The bow is definitely useless, YueHua looked at the small talisman shimmering with red light and sighed.

Sturdy Small Talisman

Required level: 3

+7 to all skills

461% experience conversion rate

But she still couldn't use it... If only I knew that I would bring skills while crossing over, I would have stocked up on better things! But one should not be too greedy. This is already very OP. Level 3 should be reached soon!

While consoling herself, YueHua suddenly felt an uncontrollable weakness, her vision darkened, and a string of chaotic golden stars reminded her of her current life of 3/15. Suppressing her dizziness, YueHua looked at the red life orb again and was shocked.

2/15! The burning sensation in her stomach made YueHua realize that this body was on the verge of starving. If she doesn't take action soon, she will never have a chance to experience the cheat code of this game.

With determination, YueHua supported her weak body and slowly crawled towards the red glow. No matter what's happening outside, since this body has been hungry for so long, it should be over......

Chapter 2 zombies and skeletons

Rising from the table next to her, Yuehua suddenly realized that she was in a huge restaurant. The restaurant was divided into square compartments by tall red-backed chairs, and the narrow passage she was previously in turned out to be under one of the chairs.

The restaurant was in complete disarray, with fallen decorations and broken dishes scattered everywhere. The huge French windows had torn crimson curtains, and several glass panes were shattered.

Outside the windows stood towering skyscrapers belonging to the city. However, they appeared strangely dilapidated and chaotic. The low-hanging cloud cover pressed down on the city, casting a dim light that revealed dry air and the interplay of gray and white between the steel and cement, making it feel as though one were in a painting.

Amidst the silence, Yuehua's attention was drawn to a faint rustling sound. After a moment of hesitation, her survival instinct finally overcame her fear. Lifting her snow-whi


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