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About me

I am a senior online novel writer, specializing in creating various types of novels including romance, fantasy, martial arts, and science fiction. My writing career began in 20013 and I have accumulated 16 works to date. Throughout my creative process, I have been dedicated to providing readers with unique reading experiences. I excel in using delicate words and rich emotional descriptions to shape vivid and memorable character images. My plots are gripping, filled with surprises and twists, keeping readers immersed and unable to break away. My representative work, "Dragon Blood Warrior," tells the story of a young boy on a fantasy journey possessing the "Dragon Ring." The "Dragon Blood Warrior" is one of the four ultimate warriors in the legends of Earth, but has not appeared for millennia. The family with the bloodline of the Dragon Blood Warrior is gradually declining, until the protagonist accidentally discovers a magical ring from his ancestral home, embarking on a journey of dreams. This novel has gained high click rates and praise on the internet. Additionally, my other works have also garnered attention and love from a wide range of readers. Aside from writing novels, I actively participate in various literary activities and exchanges, sharing my insights and experiences with other writers and readers. I believe that literature is a force that can touch people's hearts and convey beautiful values. As a senior online novel writer, I will continue to adhere to my creative philosophy, constantly explore new subjects and styles, and bring more excellent works to readers.


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  • Author: Macbeth
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 119
  • 7.0

The ordinary freshman college student, Jiang Yuehua, strangely traveled to a post-apocalyptic world during a game and became a thirteen-year-old child. Fortunately, she brought the game interface with her, which gave her the minimum combat power through the skills of the ancient game's undead wizard. Moreover, the enormous game backpack made survival no longer an issue for her. In this dangerous and challenging post-apocalyptic world, Jiang Yuehua met a mysterious skeleton companion. Together, they ventured through the apocalypse, engaging in fierce battles against various monsters and evil forces. Jiang Yuehua gradually discovered that her abilities were not limited to the skills in the game; she also possessed exceptional leadership and wisdom. As the story unfolded, Jiang Yuehua led her skeleton companions to establish a safe haven, attracting more and more survivors to join their ranks. Through their collective efforts, not only did they survive, but they also gradually rekindled the flames of civilization. However, in this post-apocalyptic world, Jiang Yuehua also encountered some unexpected events. She found an "invincible artifact" in her game backpack, which allowed her to walk horizontally through the apocalypse. However, when she excitedly used this artifact, she discovered that its side effect was turning her into a super-sized obese person, and she couldn't revert back. This twist of fate left Jiang Yuehua in an awkward and difficult situation. She had to search for a way to undo the artifact's side effect while continuing to lead everyone in surviving the apocalypse. Through this process, she not only learned how to rely on her own wisdom and courage to face difficulties but also gained many genuine friendships. "The Resurgence of the Undead in the Apocalypse" is a thrilling and humorously twisted story. Jiang Yuehua continuously grows in the apocalypse, using her courage and wisdom to create a new future. This story will immerse readers into a world full of imagination, while also making them deeply ponder the essence of human nature and the meaning of survival..


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