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Redwood Cove

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A fifteen years old girl, Isabella White finally leaves the confines of the orphanage to her new home... She is excited to make new friends and new memories in her new home and she feels that life is finally being fair to her once again; but what she doesn't know is that a lot of scary and deadly events await her... Isabella learns more about the voices of the dead, the carnivals, the constant nightmares and how they are connected to the death of her parents. She must also learn to escape death, especially when she is the target of a bloody ritual...

Chapter 1: Welcome Home (1)

"Welcome to Redwood Cove..." a dreamy, yet firm feminine voice sounded in the moving car.

She smiled to herself while thinking of the beautiful name of her new home.

Isabella White turned to gaze at the slowly retreating sign. "We're finally here..." After so many weeks of anticipation, she was finally here.

You could see the happiness glowing on the face of the fifteen years old girl.

Isa was more than happy to leave Corebright city and its memories behind. Memories were very dear to Isa but well...she couldn't say she had fond memories there. She scrunched up her nose just thinking about those times.

However, she was looking forward to making good ones here in Redwood Cove.

She shut her ocean green eyes as the evening breeze brushed her face, lifting her long black wavy hair and exposing her beautiful face clearly. Yes, she was a very beautiful young girl that made heads turn more than twice. She felt a warm greeting from her new home as the evening sun kissed her fair skin.

God she loved this place!

"We haven't gotten home yet and you already look like you'll melt" Aaron White said after observing Isa for a while. His sister looked like she would soon float on clouds.

Aaron was Isa's big brother. Eighteen years old with dirty blond hair, blue eyes and a light stubble.

He had a four o'clock shadow cast on his face which gave him an endearing look with his calm demeanor which could make any girl melt into a puddle. In other words, he was really handsome.

"At least I'll melt in a beautiful environment with the best big brother in the world" she held Aaron's firm hands in hers. "But I would love to see our house and check out the grounds first before I consider that, don't you think Lucky?'

Lucky the white Samoyed dog was her pet and best friend since she could remember. Lucky had just three good legs; the forth one was mauled by a bigger dog.

Despite that, he could run faster than most dogs she met.

Isa thought that was painfully awesome.

She had gone through a lot in the orphanage and so had Lucky...maybe that's what brought them together.

The dog gave two enthusiastic barks to her and she winked at it and grinned at Aaron.

"I wonder how life's going to be here Aaron. It's been so long since we left... everything's going to be different" she rubbed Lucky's head, "everyone's going to be different..."

It scared her to think that she would have to face them.

"Well you'll just have to fit in" Aaron casually replied like Bella didn't just state a serious fact that could have a major impact on them.

"But what about school, I'm going to have a hard time fitting in. What if they don't like me?"

Aaron raised an eyebrow at that "how can they not like you? you're an amazing girl"

Isa frowned "those in my old school didn't think so…"

"Well then, they're idiots for thinking otherwise" he smiled and ruffled her hair.

He found it cute whenever his little sister complained of little things. He knew what his sister went through at the orphanage wasn't ok but it made her stronger.

He wanted her to accept it.

Isa rolled her eyes and slapped his hands away and began to fix her hair. She didn't like when people messed with her hair... especially Aaron.

"Mr Gilbert is an angel..." Isa said after a while.

Aaron looked at her like she had grown a second head. His sister called a middle-aged man an angel!


She turned to him and smiled "he's an angel"

The lawyer, Mr Gilbert, was a not so tolerable man. He was short, bald and always sweating even in an air conditioned room and most of all, he was clumsy and smelt like hot dogs.

One time during his visits, he sweated so much that Bella offered him a bit of advice to loosen his tie.

But that didn't end well as he almost choked himself to death with his tie!

But ever since Aaron turned eighteen, he'd become less unpleasant and when he finally released their parent's property documents...well, Isa saw him in a different light.

"You just called Mr Gilbert an angel Isa. That's disturbing" Aaron pointed out.

"No it's not! He's been of great help and you know that. He's nice" Isa defended.

"It's his job, Isa. It's what he's supposed to do" Aaron said. She thought about that for a while and decided it was true, he was only doing his job. Still it was really nice of him to help them.

Isa resumed observing her new environment.

The sun was just at the horizon and made the sky look golden which made the houses and trees look really beautiful.

The houses looked almost the same. Just a few extra structures in a few houses that told the difference.

There were a few people on the streets. Mostly teenagers and a few elderly persons.

Some were taking walks in the park, some in shops and others randomly strolling. Isa thought that Redwood Cove was a small town as they smiled and talked like they knew everyone here. A few even waved at them.

They probably knew they were new in town...

The truck slowed down in front of a nice duplex.

It was painted in a nice shade of grey. Her parents' house...

Aaron and Isa got off the truck while Lucky ran off to the backyard.

The balcony looked cozy and the porch was great. Isa had seen a lot of beautiful houses back at Corebright city but her new house was the best for her. She could remember running around the house as her dad chased her when she was little.

The grasses were clean and cut and there was her mother's garden as well. She could remember her mother taking care of the garden every morning and after grooming the flowers, she would make a flower crown for Isa which she wore until the flowers withered and Aaron threw it away.

They stood beside each other. Both of them, immersed in their own thoughts and walking through memory lane.

Aaron hugged his little sister warmly,

"welcome home Isa…"

Chapter 2: Welcome Home (2)

"C'mon, let's go in," Aaron said in a low voice.

The atmosphere had changed. It was more solemn, now that the two went through their childhood memories in their home.

They were happy memories but it had a sad ending that the two thought best not to talk about.

The two entered into the hallway with Lucky trailing behind them and sniffing at every corner. He had somehow sensed the calm environment and decided not to make a fuss.

Aaron pulled their luggages across the shiny wooden parquet. The house smelt of fresh paint and floor polish because it was renovated.

"I'll take this stuff upstairs" he grunted and dragged the heavy suitcases up the stairs. "Ok. I'll just look around then" she shouted after him and took off to explore the place.

It had been so long since she saw her home that she could barely remember what was in it.

The living room had comfy looking cushions and a wooden coffee ta


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