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About me

I'm glad to do something I love. Writing is my passion, and my own kingdom, where I decide the future of my subjects with my mind and pen.


Violet: The Lycan King
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Xavier opened his eyes after a while, breathing heavily as he thought of how unfortunate he had become. He felt compelled, even controlled by this little thing in front of him. Her scent, her body, her reactions all drew him into a vortex of desires he despised. "I didn't want a mate," he said in a gruff voice, "and you gave me one, you damned goddess!" He punched another hole into the wall and Violet whimpered fearfully. Xavier turned his attention to her, and his eyes clouded with anger as he bit out, "I should kill you now and make my life less miserable than it already is. The very idea of having you as my mate disgusts me on so many levels." *** The alpha of blood moon pack is as ruthless as they say he is, torturing his enemies till they beg for death, attacking packs and killing their alphas to expand his territory. Xavier, the ruthless alpha, wants no mate. He calls it a curse rather than a blessing from the moon goddess. His whole world was just darkness until he met her... Will Violet become one of fate's cruel victims?Will Xavier let his dark past affect his heart?Will the two accept each other and be together till the end?

Redwood Cove
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A fifteen years old girl, Isabella White finally leaves the confines of the orphanage to her new home... She is excited to make new friends and new memories in her new home and she feels that life is finally being fair to her once again; but what she doesn't know is that a lot of scary and deadly events await her... Isabella learns more about the voices of the dead, the carnivals, the constant nightmares and how they are connected to the death of her parents. She must also learn to escape death, especially when she is the target of a bloody ritual...


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