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MY DEMON MASTER- He Owns My Body And Soul

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He is looking so upset and he doesn't want to say why. He just pinned me to the wall that moment and looked into my eyes saying to me. “...I have no intention to cause you any pain but today l have to do that. You can call it selfishness or whatsoever you choose to call it but l don't have a choice". Once he said these words to me l began to shake in fear. Although l didn't know why but l knew something bad was about to befall me. What could it be though? Immediately he showed me the collar l didn't just assume any longer l was sure now. He put the collar around my neck and made it very tight. Lord Ethane never makes me wear my collar when we are alone. I almost broke down in tears but l knew a day would surely come when he would do this to me but I really didn't expect it to be on my second day with him. It really is too soon.

Chapter 1

Roosevelt's POV

I sat in my cage thinking about how l found myself in this condition. How did l end up like this? I could remember l was on my way back from school when a certain guy stopped me on the way to ask me for directions.

l really didn't know what happens next but l saw a flash of light a very bright light.Then l saw the most ugly looking thing. It had 3 eyes, it was red and had a hunch back. It teeth's were long and it had a long tail.

I began to scream not knowing where l am. It began to drag me "please let me go please. l beg of you" l said and pleaded over and over again but it didn't listen to a word l said. It kept dragging me until we got to what seemed to be it's house.

The house really wasn't big or small it was just ok.It was normal for a person living alone. As we began to walk down the hall of this moderate house l saw humans, women to be precise in a cage. I looked at the beast and wondered what my fate was.

The beast began to change form and it attained a human form. I could now look at him properly without averting my eyes every minute like l did.He ordered me to get into the cage and l refused saying l am not an animal but he hit me on my back and forced me into the cage and I was powerless to fight back as it was very strong….

Later that night he came back and brought me out of the cage. He took me to his bedroom

"Please don't please, I'm just 17 l can't handle this". He didn't listen to me and l tried to resist him but he slapped me and pinned to the bed

He brought his mouth close to my neck and licked it but he drifted away from me immediately and his nose came close to my neck.

"Are you are virgin?" he asked me.

"Yes please don't kill me. Please take me back home to my parents please," l said while shivering.

He just laughed at me and said "I have caught a very special fish. She will make a wonderful pet.She will make me rich by the time l sell you off to a Lord''.

His words frightened me to the bones.

Sell me off? What??!!

He sent me back to my cage and gave me food. He will often come to check up on me and the other humans.

Back to reality now I'm in the market in my cage. "My master" as he always made me call him. He would always punish me either by flogging or hitting me if l dared to call him something else.

"Heii pet, come out," he said as he was opening the cage

I came out at once as l dared not to disobey him "Now sit on the table. Today Lord's from various kingdoms will be visiting this market and l want to sell you off quickly.

“It has been one month since l caught you and l haven't been able to sell you. I wonder if you are such bad luck. Better pray to your gods that you are bought today. If not I will give you such a punishment that you will never forget" he said in a threatening voice that made me swallow.

I really cared less about someone coming to buy me. I really didn't want to be sold because they say "the devil you know is better than the one you don't know". I really don't want to go from bad to worse as l do not know how my new master will treat me but I'm sure he will rape me and punish me.

As for my master punishing me if they do not buy me today l rather take the beating then be bought. As l sat on the table l felt a little free in the bunny dress I was wearing. Well at least now I'm no longer in the cage like the rest of the girls.

Sometimes l wonder why my master treat me separately from the rest? Maybe he feels I'm have more worth than them. But on the other hand he really treats me badly. I can remember a particular way he came back from the market and did not sell anything.

He whipped me and starved me throughout the rest of the day. I remember how he woke up multiple times in the night to come and beat me up. I know if not for the fact that I'm a virgin and probably worth alot of money he will rape me on a daily basis.

Sometimes I ask myself what l have done to deserve this kind of treatment. I will be in my cage and hear how he was either beating up or raping the other girls.

Ethane's POV

As l came to the pet market to decide on which pet l will buy next. I came across a certain store and found a beautiful girl in a bunny dress on the table.

I really wonder what a girl like her is doing here. She is too young to be a pet. The demon that took her is really heartless l presume.

"My Lord is there anywhere else you would like to check for a pet. Maybe that store you have been staring at for a long time" one of the maids who accompanied me to the market said to me.

"No" I told her and she bowed respectfully.

For some reason l couldn't take my eyes off that girl in the bunny dress. One part of me wanted to take her home with me as a pet because I know she will be delicious and the other part didn't want to suffer her more than what she was already suffering.

I watched as 3 other demons headed towards the shop and they also started taking interest in her. "2 million South Korean won," one of them shouted

"10 million South Korean won," another said

"50 million South Korean won," the last demon screamed.

These demon seem to be very rich. I watched the poor girls expression and noticed that she was not happy. She is already in tears probably because she knows what these demons will do to her when one of them finally buys her.

"50 million is going.This pet is going for just 50 million now. Does anyone else have a better offer?" Her seller screamed. No one else could go beyond 50 million. The moment she was about to be sold for 50 million l wondered why l went closer and said "200 million".

What the hell?. Did l just offer to buy an ordinary pet for as much as 200 million?

Rosevelt's POV

The moment l heard a demon say he wanted to buy me for 200 million South Korean won. I knew that l was going to leave my master.

"Oh no she is more than unlucky. I heard that the demon who priced her for 200 million is actually Lord Ethane.

He is the Lord who takes pleasure in killing his pets. I'm sure she won't last 3 months with him and she is so young". I heard a girl in the cage say from behind me.

Does he really kill his pets? I know my life isn't good right now but l don't want to die. I'm just 17 l still want to live. My master was so happy that finally he is going to sell me off for a good price.

"I know keeping you untouched will make you bring me a fortune. Well l guess this is goodbye pet. You were good but now is time to use you for what l really brought you here for," he said to em with a happy expression.

To be honest l have never really seen my master so happy before,he is such a greedy demon. At this point l began to think about my parents. How they are doing.

They just lost their 17 year old only child. My mum must really be devastated. I really miss her cooking. Since l came to this demon world they have not given me anything good to eat, my master doesn't even give me food sometimes.

Ethane's POV

As l came closer to her l began to use my vampire powers to read her mind. I was right she isn't even up to 18 yet.

This demon is really heartless, he doesn't even have a soul. I watched as he gave me a leash which l was meant to attach to her collar and take her home with me.

I saw pain and misery in her eyes. By the way her master covered her up with the bunny dress. I'm very sure she has a lot of bruises on her body. She looks unfed.

She doesn't look like she is in a good shape at all. I could tell by the way her face looked so pale. Although her face looked so pale it still looked very beautiful.

She might be the most beautiful woman I have seen so far. With her fair skin ( I only saw her face because the bunny outfit covered her entire body leaving only her face but l know she is very fair).

Her heart-shaped pink lips, her naturally carved eyebrows. Her pointy nose and her oval shape. She had so many amazing features.

I hope l don't misbehave with her on the first day.

Chapter 2

Ethane's POV

It seems my new pet is a little lost in her own thoughts.I really don't need to read her mind to know what she is thinking. I overheard her fellow pets telling her that l kill my pets for fun.

To be honest I am really not surprised because this is just one of the many rumors people spread about me and I am used to it by now.

So in order for me to get her attention l pulled the leash on her collar a bit and it seemed to have worked because she turned to look at me.

I began to walk her towards where I parked my car. As soon as we got to where my car was parked, my driver Damian came to open the door for us.

“Welcome sir," he bowed his head.

As soon as we were inside the car I took off her collar. I knew it was very uncomfortable for her. I needed her to have a little freedom, at least breathing space but she still looked nervous and fearful of me.

I don't blame her tho


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