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Mated To Two Alphas

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Blurb In a world where magic collides with the supernatural, where the supernatural and the mundane intertwine, where the enigmatic celestial guardian of the night (the moon goddess) holds her grip tightly, Freya Embermoon, a rejected orphan werewolf, stumbles on a destiny she had only dared to dream of. Mated to two selfish and power-hungry Alphas, (Thane Ironfang, who earlier rejected and humiliated her, but now wants her back, and Leon Wolfsong, who accepted her during her time of dire need, but harbours a very dark secret she might never reconcile with). She unveils a prophecy that holds the key to unlocking her dormant powers bestowed on her at birth. Torn between love, and hate, pain and betrayal, lust and pleasure, Freya Embermoon becomes a broken chess piece, finding her true roots and powers in this world of dark romance and luxury. What would become of her fate? Who among the two powerful Alphas would become her mate? Find out in this gripping tale ‘Mated to Two Alphas’.

Chapter 1: My Wolf Part

Freya's POV

My Wolf Part

The music was playing just like every other day, but the atmosphere was totally different from that of a normal day. Everyone had their best clothes on–today was the mating ceremony.

There was something very different about today. My heart was filled with anticipation. I was hoping to find my mate. My mom would always say, finding your mate is like finding the piece that completes you.

I have been to many mating ceremonies. I have watched the turn of events. All thanks to the moon goddess, I had gotten my wolf yesterday. Hopefully, I will find my mate today.

Talking about my wolf, yes, I met with my wolf part yesterday and she is such a nice wolf, very very reserved, but she was still caring and fun to be with.

Oh, sorry, I never introduced myself, forgive my manners, I can be a little clumsy sometimes. I am Freya Embermoon. I would like to say that I am part of the Frostbite Pack, but for a fact, I am someone with an unknown origin. Wondering why I said so? Let me explain. I am alive, all thanks to the kindness of two lovely couples who took me in as a child. My foster parents are omegas in this pack. They loved me and taught me all there is to know about this pack. I had no idea who my biological parents were or why they died, or where they were even from. A part of me wanted to know all this because, amid this place I call home, there is this strong grip of loneliness that has become a very crucial part of me.

Hearing the door open behind me, I turned around to look at who it was. “You should be at the town square by now, what are you even still doing at home? Get going!” My mother said, dragging me out of my thoughts.

I sighed. “Mom, I am getting cold feet, you know how badly I get treated around this pour Pack. I think I have had enough of the bullying. Mon, trust me, If anybody messes with me today, I will retaliate without thinking twice.” I said in anger.

“That wouldn't make you any different from them. Just stay away from trouble. You are attending the ceremony just to find your mate, so bear the taunts. It's just for a while. All their taunts will stop when you find your mate. He will protect you.” My mother said, walking up to me. She ran her hands through my hair. “Now you look more presentable,” she added with a smile. Holding my hands, she led me outside the house. “Get going. Don't be late.” She said.

Giving her a tight hug, I left the house, heading towards the hall where the mating ceremony would take place. Just like my mom had said, all I had to do was to ignore those bullies and face the reason I came here.

The hall was already so crowded. Sure enough, other members from different packs were here to find their mates as well. “Have you sensed anything yet?” I asked Lena, my wolf spirit. I was so curious and a bit anxious. “Nothing yet. He isn't here. Let's wait for the right time. Soon enough, the moon will emerge fully.” Lena said. I only met Lena yesterday, but we have bonded so well, almost like we have been together since birth, as a matter of fact, she is already my best friend, not like I had any much friends.

Being an introvert, I isolated myself from the rest of the crowd. The alpha was yet to come, so the ceremony had to be on hold until he arrived. I looked around the whole place. “All I want right now is to find my mate,” I muttered. For quite a while, since I got into puppetry my dream had been to find my mate, that man who will be my Knight in Shining armor, one who will save me from this lonely life.

Looking at the moon, it was still halfway behind the cloud. “Moon Goddess, bless me with my mate, please, I beg of you. I have had enough of all this pain and suffering. Even though I belong to the lowest rank in the pack, I am still a werewolf. My mom said finding my mate would end all the pain I'd gone through. Please, let me find my mate.” My words were so sincere and somewhat hurting. Tears streamed down my face, and I quickly wiped them off. “Stop overthinking. We will find him.” Lena assured me.

The crowd in the hall was increasing. I couldn't bear the chattering and laughter. I morphed into my wolf form and charged towards the forest. Thank goddess, today's transformation wasn't as painful as yesterday's.

D*mn! The feeling of yesterday was something I would rather not remember, the pain was severe and excruciating.

I ran deeper into the thick forest, embracing nature, basking in the silvery glow that shone from the moon. Even though the moon was yet to be fully out, I could feel a strong sense of power and energy. If I was this way now, sure enough, my strength would be at its peak when it's full moon. I felt the rustling sound of dry leaves and trees, and the wind blew so strong, giving me a good soothing feeling as it penetrated the pores of my fur. This feeling had a way of calming down the tension I felt.

Looking ahead, I shivered in fright–Lena was about to charge forward into the river, and my heart skipped a beat. “No! I can't swim.” I cried out. “You can't but I can, we are two different beings, too bad the moon goddess merged us as one,” Lena said with disdain, rendering me speechless. “But when we find our mate, everything about you will sit right, Freya, you are stronger than you think.” Lena continued.

I scoffed, “That's what everyone has been saying but nothing scares me more than water. I'm hydrophobic. Please don't get into it,” I begged, I was already shivering in fear. For a fact, Mom will always say that I am stronger than I think, but trust me, if you are talking about strength, I am the last person to call, I think I should be winning the award for weakness, but too bad, there is no award like for that.

Lena scoffed, “What an idiot! You are not hydrophobic, you have Aquaphobia. You don't even know the exact type of phobia you have.” Ignoring my pleas, Lena jumped into the river. It felt so cold and icy, after all, it was the time of the night when the wind tended to find its resting place and settle down, blowing the face of the earth before it went to sleep.

Lena was happily diving into the water, splashing it all over. I wondered why she was this happy. “I can perceive a strong scent of an Alpha female,” came a baritone voice, sending shivers down my spine, and disrupting my heartbeat. Lena highlighted our senses and she couldn't help but frown. “Rogues!” she said in anger after perceiving their scent. Using my vision, they were more in number.

I heard heavy footsteps as they approached the river bank. I was forced to shift back into my human form. This was the only way to survive, I couldn't let them catch me. If they did, I knew I was dead meat. I could feel the tightening of my throat as the water forced its way down my lungs. I was sinking down into the river– it was all over.

Chapter 2: The Alpha's Pride

Thane POV

The Alpha's Pride

Looking at my reflection alongside hers in the mirror I felt fulfilled. A capable and beautiful female werewolf–Elara was beside me. I'm sure she is a match made from the moon Goddess to me. Everything about her sits right with me. She comes from a very strong and influential family background, matching with my status as an Alpha. The best Luna I could ever ask for. The best in making, meeting all standards.

Elara picked up my Silver coated attire putting them on for me, “I pray the Moon Goddess blesses our union, this full moon. That our destiny be intertwined together.” Elara said with a smile.

Hearing this I scoffed, “The moon goddess has no choice, I have chosen you as my Luna and my Luna you will be.” I said proudly.

Elara chuckled, she hit me gently on my shoulders. “You can't say that, we both need to hope that the moon goddess would match us together,” she said.

“Why won't she? I see no reaso


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