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Obiechina Rossi Onyeka

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About me

Onyeka Rossi Obiechina, A Poet, a Novelist, an Artist and an Insurance Salesperson. A reader and a lover knowledge. Best Quote: Those things that appeared to be cheap, or worse, free, are the things you pay more for. Visit on Facebook: @ Onyeka Rossi Obiechina Instagram: @brownyeka WhatsApp: +2349017881400


The Alpha's Puppy
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Violet, a world-class werewolf assassin finds her entire world crumbling after she realises that the man she called father for her entire 19 years of existence was not her biological father, but rather, her father's sworn enemy. With her biological half-brother out for her life, she is forced into a marriage of convenience to a violent Alpha who also is a mafia don. What could be the fate of Violet at this crossroads of violence, passion, love triangle, dark romance, and betrayal? Will she stick to her serial killer ex-boyfriend Alejandro, or will she succumb to the dark sexy and corporate lifestyle of her forced husband Antonio? There is only one way to know. ***Excerpt*** I lower myself to my knees, my hands caressing his muscular thighs, while my lips trail a path of fiery kisses across his body. As my lips reach their destination, my mouth wraps around his throbbing member, sucking and swirling my tongue with hunger. The taste of his arousal dances on my taste buds, driving me wild with desire. I alternated between gentle suction and fervent bobbing, my hands gripping his firm buttocks. "Ahh... Puppy..." he bled out a soft roar. Feeling his desire mounting, I release him from my mouth, my lips leaving a trail of warmth as I rise to stand before him. Oh, Alejo... I need you now..." I cried. With a hunger that cannot be contained, we crashed down in a tangle of limbs and passion. As I position myself above him, his eyes burn with primal yearning. "Yess... Cowgirl..." He growled. With a slow, deliberate motion, I lower myself onto his throbbing erection, gasping in pleasure as we become one. Our cries of pleasure mingled in the air as I let his member glide in and out of my wet hole.


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