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Alex is a straight A student. She does everything right. She never dates because she is afraid it will distract her from school. Her parents died when she was young. So she has planned her future. She never strays away from her Plan until one day she wakes up with a strange mark on her wrist. She doesn’t know what it means but she is determined to find it out. Dameon is a demon more specifically the demon king he has asked his right hand man zek to find the mortal who is marked and kill her so she can be with Dameon for eternity. Will she be found? What will happen read to find out.

Warning !!!

Before you read make sure it is not going to trigger or make you feel uncomfortable what this story will intail


*Self harm

*abusive behavior

*sexual indication


If you are under 18 read with caution I cannot control if you read this but if you do and you are not over 18 please don’t be immature about it because there will be sexual content in this story.

for those who are old enough I know the only reason you are reading this is for the smut but there will be character development and a plot so if you don’t want that go find another story. Thank you for the support and I apologize for the slowness of the publishing of the chapters it might take a while for new chapters to be uploaded because I am a student and I have a job be I will try to upload by weekly. I hope you enjoy the story. I don’t know if you can comment but if you can please do I would like to know what you think of the story and if there are any issues that you have with the story or suggestions to help the story go fa.


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